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March 2012 campaign donations for Barack Obama

Contributions are a key indicator of support for political candidates. The following list of donors represents local people who made donations in March 2012 to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama.

Donations are limited by the Federal Election Committee to $2,500 per general election cycle and $2,500 in the primary cycle, for a total of $5,000. Campaigns have to return any contributions over the limit, but some refunds may not yet be reflected in these numbers.

Allyson Laackman, Chicago, Chief Of Staff To The First Lady at Obama For America: $4,588 ($5,000 total)
John K Hughes, Chicago, Attorney at Hughes Socol Piers Resnick: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Frederick H. Bates, Chicago, Not Employed: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
David W Ruttenberg, Chicago, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer at Belgravia Group Ltd.: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Kathleen F. Haran, Chicago, Homemaker: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Jack R. Bierig, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Nancy G Haller, Chicago, Information Requested: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Suzanne Martin, Chicago, Homemaker: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Craig C. Martin, Chicago, Attorney at Jenner & Block: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Dan B Frank, Chicago, Principal at Francis W. Parker School: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Tracey Patterson, Chicago, Technology Consulting at Accenture: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Andrew Engel, Chicago, Physician at Marque Medicos: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Terrence J Truax, Chicago, Attorney at Jenner & Block: $2,510 ($2,510 total)
Margaret M Duncan, Chicago, Attorney at Mcdermott Will & Emery: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Eugene Kornota, Chicago, Hotelier at Neighborhood Dev.: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Jonathan Medow, Chicago, Attorney at Mayer Brown: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Deborah L Higginbottom, Chicago, Information Requested: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Janet Thompson, Chicago, Domestic Engineer: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Howard Jay Swibel, Chicago, Attorney at Arnstein & Lehr Llp: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Hugh R McCombs, Chicago, Attorney at Mayer Brown: $2,500 ($5,000 total)
Peter Wilkins, Chicago, Founder And Ceo at New Future: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Steve L Merouse, Chicago, Lawyer at Sonnenschein: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Donna Kaner Socol, Chicago, Attorney at Gesler Hughes & Socol: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Mark C Shields, Chicago, Physician at Advocate Physician Partners: $4,000 ($5,000 total)
Joseph Seliga, Chicago, Attorney at Mayer Brown Llp: $2,520 ($2,520 total)
Susan Stone, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Seymour Michael Peck, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Peter C.B. Bynoe, Chicago, Attorney at Dla Piper: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Eric Adelstein, Chicago, Consultant at Adelstein Liston: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Marcus J Nunes, Chicago, Attorney at Chico & Nunes Pc: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Pamela Baker, Chicago, Attorney at Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal Llp: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Dona T Scott, Chicago, Homemaker: $4,950 ($5,000 total)
Peter Gottlieb, Chicago, Finance at North Star Mgmt: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Geri S Hansen, Chicago, Investment Manager at Attucks Asset Management: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Merrill Smith, Chicago, Fundraiser: $2,515 ($2,515 total)
Geoffrey L. Gifford, Chicago, Attorney at Pavolon Gifford Laatsch & Marino: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Juanita Jordan, Chicago, Real Estate Broker: $2,500 ($5,000 total)
Donna L. Johnson MD, Chicago, Physician at Donna L. Johnson Md: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
David Stein, Chicago, Real Estate at Steinco Inc.: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Robert O Graham, Chicago, Attorney at Jenner & Block: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Adam Pollock, Chicago, Managing Director at Grosvenor Capital Management, Lp: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Helen Roper, Chicago, Teacher at Depaul University: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Jerry Burgdoerfer, Chicago, Attorney at Jenner & Block: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Allan J Sternstein, Chicago, Attorney at Dykema Gossett Pllc: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Robert Schwimmer, Chicago, Attorney at Greenberg Traurig, Llp: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Charles B Sklarsky, Chicago, Attorney at Jenner & Block: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Peter Ellis, Chicago, Attorney at Reed Smith: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Ann Liston, Chicago, Media Consultant/Partner at Adelstein Liston: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Terence Moran, Chicago, Lawyer at Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, Lt.: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Jennifer Aubrey, Chicago, Jeweler at Sidney Garber: $2,500 ($5,000 total)
Brenda Grusecki, Chicago, Retired: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Paul Donahue, Chicago, Attorney at Bell, Boyd & Lloyd, Llp: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Jodi Block, Chicago, Real Estate at Jmb Realty: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Donald S Horvath, Chicago, Attorney at Jenner & Block: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Linton Childs, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
William Heinz, Chicago, Attorney at Jenner & Block: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
John R. Schmidt Esq, Chicago, Attorney at Mayer Brown: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
David Glickstein, Chicago, Attorney at Dla Piper: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Matthew J. Piers, Chicago, Attorney at Hughes Socol Piers: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Derrick Wallery, Chicago, President & Ceo at Marque Medicos: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Michael A Duffy, Chicago, Attorney at Kirkland & Ellis Llp: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Steven Catlett, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Josephine B Minow, Chicago, Author: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Mike Kanovitz, Chicago, Attorney at Loevy & Loevy: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
David W Carpenter, Chicago, Lawyer at Sidley Austin Llp: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
David Siegel, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Thomas M. Tully, Chicago, Attorney at Thomas Tully & Assc.: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Barry Hartstein, Chicago, Attorney at Littler Mendelson: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Harry Roper, Chicago, Attorney at Jenner And Block: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Jeffrey P Lennard, Chicago, Attorney at Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Suzanne R Shevitz, Chicago, Retired: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Peter Bensinger, Chicago, Self-Employed: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Jean Christophe Lapiere, Chicago, Mohs Surgeon at Northwestern Skin Cancer Institute: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Andrea S Kramer, Chicago, Attorney at Mcdermott Will & Emery: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Michael Pedicone, Chicago, Attorney at The Law Offices Of Michael Pedicone: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Peter Lieberman, Chicago, Attorney at Greenberg Traurig: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Melinda Kramer, Chicago, Managing Director at Grosvenor Capital Management: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Patricia C Bobb, Chicago, Attorney at Pc Bobb & Assoc: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Ben Smith-Donald, Chicago, Pediatrician: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Brenda M. Shapiro, Chicago, Retired: $2,500 ($5,000 total)
Robert Stein, Chicago, Money Manager at Astor Asset Management: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
David J Chizeiwer, Chicago, Attorney at Goldberg Kohn: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Gregory Schulson, Chicago, Ceo at Burrito Beach: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Joan E Clifford, Chicago, Total Travel at Homemaker: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Michael MacKey, Chicago, Senior Managing Director at Mesirow Financial: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Nancy Peterman, Chicago, Attorney at Greenberg Traurig Llp: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Katrina Veerhusen, Chicago, Attorney: $2,500 ($5,000 total)
James A Klenk, Chicago, Attorney at Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal Llp: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
John T Hooker, Chicago, Exec Vp, Legislative And External Affa at Comed: $2,500 ($5,000 total)
Jeff T. Sharfstein, Chicago, Ceo at Stallion Holdings: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
David Mendelsohn, Chicago, Attorney at Dla Piper: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Timothy Krippner, Chicago, Attorney at Segal Mccambridge: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
William C Bartholomay, Chicago, Insurance Broker at Willis Group Holdings: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Paula Wolff, Chicago, Advocate at Metropolis Strategies: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Daniel R Murray, Chicago, Attorney at Jenner & Block Llp: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Gina Tabacchi, Chicago, Homemaker at Not Employed: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Joel Pelz, Chicago, Homemaker at Information Requested: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Mary L Gorno, Chicago, Executive Recruiter at Hudson Highland: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Samuel Scott, Chicago, Retired: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Gary Miller, Chicago, Attorney at Grippo & Elden Llc: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Patrick J McGarvey, Chicago, M.D. at Grosvenor Capital Management: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Michael Doss, Chicago, Lawyer at Sidley Austin Llp: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Jon Loevy, Chicago, Attorney at Loevy & Loevy: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Mary G Wilson, Chicago, Attorney at Snr Denton: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Robert Wasserman, Chicago, Ceo at Xhedge Llc: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
William E Zopp, Chicago, Retired: $5,000 ($5,000 total)
Charles Wehland, Chicago, Attorney at Jones Day: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Adrienne C King, Chicago, Hr Director at Bain & Company: $2,500 ($2,500 total)
Michael Markman, Chicago, Marketing at Dla Piper: $2,510 ($2,560 total)
Alison K Baldwin, Chicago, Statistician at Norc/Univ. Of Chicago: $2,400 ($2,500 total)
Gail H Morse, Chicago, Attorney at Jenner & Block: $2,500 ($2,610 total)
Kalman Resnick, Chicago, Attorney at Hughes Socol Piers Resnick: $4,750 ($5,000 total)
Chaka M. Patterson, Chicago, Attorney at Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom: $4,650 ($5,000 total)
James Franczek Jr., Chicago, Attorney at Franczek Radelet & Rose: $2,500 ($3,000 total)
Annie Murray, Chicago, Pilates Instructor: $2,000 ($2,500 total)
Robert Riesman, Chicago, Writer: $2,000 ($2,500 total)
Norman Hines, Chicago, Consultant at Ostomy Center: $2,000 ($2,500 total)
Bonnie Barber, Chicago, Retired: $2,000 ($2,500 total)
Alvin W Marley, Chicago, Financial Analyst at Brinson Partners, Inc.: $2,000 ($2,000 total)
Howard C Alper, Chicago, Insurance Broker at Alper Services Llc: $2,000 ($2,000 total)
Eugenia Elliott, Chicago, Musician: $2,500 ($3,000 total)
Janice E Rodgers, Chicago, Attorney at Quarles & Brady Llp: $2,500 ($4,207 total)
David Hoffman, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin: $1,500 ($2,500 total)
Seth Madorsky, Chicago, Information Requested: $1,500 ($1,500 total)
George Robinson, Chicago, Rainbow Push: $1,500 ($1,525 total)
Kevin Hochberg, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $4,000 ($5,000 total)
Laura Mutz, Chicago, Retired: $1,500 ($2,500 total)
Natalie J Spears, Chicago, Attorney at Snr Denton Us Llp: $2,500 ($3,500 total)
Erin E. Kelly, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $2,500 ($3,500 total)
Robert W. Bennett, Chicago, Law Professor at Northwestern University: $1,500 ($1,500 total)
Thomas J Jackson, Chicago, Consultant at The Mosaic Financial Group, Llc: $1,500 ($2,500 total)
David J Bryant, Chicago, Attorney at Katten Muchin Rosenman: $1,500 ($1,500 total)
Walter Weinberg, Chicago, Information Requested: $1,500 ($1,500 total)
Courtney Nottage, Chicago, Lawyer at Fletcher O'Brien, Kasper & Nottage: $1,500 ($1,500 total)
Diana Chafey, Chicago, Attorney at Dla Piper: $1,500 ($1,500 total)
Kenneth W Miller, Chicago, Attorney at Katten Muchin & Roseman: $1,500 ($1,500 total)
Lori Kaufman, Chicago, Homemaker: $2,500 ($3,500 total)
Vincent A .F. Sergi, Chicago, Attorney at Katten Muchin Rosenman: $1,500 ($1,500 total)
Iris S Witkowsky, Chicago, Retired: $2,000 ($3,012 total)
Allan D Ackerman, Chicago, Management Consultant at Rnw Consulting Llc: $1,250 ($1,275 total)
Frederic J Artwick, Chicago, Lawyer at Sidley Austin: $2,500 ($3,750 total)
Nicholas J Motherway Esq., Chicago, Attorney: $1,250 ($1,250 total)
Steven Meier, Chicago, Attorney at Jenner & Block Llp: $2,500 ($3,625 total)
Mark Howard, Chicago, Attorney: $2,500 ($3,875 total)
Grace A. Barry, Chicago, President at The Economic Club: $1,000 ($2,000 total)
Jean Golden, Chicago, Attorney at Cassiday Schade Llp: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Elizabeth McRee, Chicago, Attorney at Jones Day: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Terri Madrigal, Chicago, Not Employed: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
David Otte, Chicago, Cio at Sidley Austin Llp: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Robert L. Warden, Chicago, Project Director at Northwestern University: $1,000 ($2,500 total)
Kathleen L Roach, Chicago, Former Attorney: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Peter D Kasdin, Chicago, Attorney at Peter D Kasdin, Ltd.: $4,000 ($5,000 total)
Cheryl Gelfand, Chicago, Physician at Nymc: $1,050 ($1,300 total)
Leslie Jones, Chicago, Interior Designer at Leslie Jones & Associates: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Ricky Edwards, Chicago, Police at Chicago Police Dept.: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Michael Antonucci, Chicago, Executive Producer at Utopic: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Andrew Kang, Chicago, Attorney at Asian American Institute: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Elaine M Taussig, Chicago, General Counsel at Trumarx Data Partners, Inc.: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Andrew Coburn, Chicago, Hedge Fund at Coburn Group, Llc: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Rose L Shure Sr., Chicago, Volunteer: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Roxane Friedman, Chicago, Assistant To The Vp at Food'S Paper Supply Co.: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Gregory Ostfeld, Chicago, Attorney at Greenberg Traurig: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Fay Stern, Chicago, Retired: $1,000 ($2,000 total)
Sandiya Killion, Chicago, Finance at Akuna Capital: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Mohammed M. Elahi, Chicago, Investment Banking at Andes Capital Group: $1,000 ($2,000 total)
Peter Kelliher, Chicago, Real Estate Broker: $1,000 ($4,000 total)
Clare Munana, Chicago, Consultant at Ancora Associates, Inc.: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Priscilla E Ryan, Chicago, Lawyer at Sidley Austin Llp: $2,500 ($3,500 total)
Abraham Palmer, Chicago, Professor at Univ Of Chicago: $1,000 ($1,400 total)
June K Ghezzi, Chicago, Lawyer at Jones Day: $1,000 ($1,500 total)
Nabil S. Hatoum, Chicago, Information Requested: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Sharon Thomas Parrott, Chicago, Senior Vp at Devry: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
James A Shapiro, Chicago, Professor at University Of Chicago: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Carol Willliams, Chicago, Advertising Business Owner: $1,000 ($3,500 total)
Sarai L. Hoffman, Chicago, Development & Alumni Relations at University Of Chicago: $1,000 ($1,569 total)
Adam Hirsch, Chicago, Attorney at Curley And Clayton: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Melissa Widen, Chicago, Attorney at Goldman Ismail Tomaselli Brennan & Bau: $1,000 ($2,000 total)
Bryan Reid, Chicago, Attorney at Dla Piper Llp (Us): $1,000 ($1,150 total)
Thomas J. Murphy, Chicago, Attorney: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Roger B. Harris, Chicago, Physician at Veterans Admin: $1,000 ($1,500 total)
Climentene Jones, Chicago, Physician: $1,000 ($1,620 total)
Gary Metzner, Chicago, Svp at Sotheby'S: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Michael Shackleton, Chicago, Information Requested: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Chad Fitzgerald, Chicago, Professional Services at Teradata: $1,000 ($1,025 total)
Christopher C Cinnamon, Chicago, Lawyer at Cinnamon Mueller: $1,000 ($1,230 total)
John Dangora, Chicago, Consultant at Eps Settlements Group: $2,095 ($2,095 total)
Marc Whitehead, Chicago, Retired: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
James Jerold Smith, Chicago, Institutional Sales at Mfs Investment Managment: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Celestia L. Mays, Chicago, Attorney at Celestia L. Mays, P.C.: $1,000 ($1,025 total)
Stephen Wood, Chicago, Consultant at Optum: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Terrence Kennedy Jr., Chicago, Self-Employed: $1,000 ($2,000 total)
David Slade, Chicago, National Manager at United States Tennis Association: $1,000 ($1,580 total)
Sue Ling Gin, Chicago, Ceo at Flying Food Group: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Jaisen Freeman, Chicago, Managing Partner at Phusion Projects, Llc: $1,250 ($1,250 total)
Belinda I Mathie, Chicago, Attorney at Katten Muchin Rosenman Llp: $1,000 ($2,000 total)
Robert R. Watson, Chicago, Retired: $1,000 ($1,010 total)
Bridget Gibbons, Chicago, Administrator at Northwestern Memorial Physician Group: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Thomas P. McNulty, Chicago, Attorney at Jones Day: $1,000 ($1,100 total)
James Irving, Chicago, Lawyer at Dla Piper Llp (Us): $1,000 ($1,088 total)
Bradley Braun, Chicago, Manager: $1,500 ($1,750 total)
Pamela Taylor, Chicago, Attorney at Jones Day: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Terry E Newan, Chicago, Attorney at Kutten, Muchih, Rosenman: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Gilbert Duhe, Chicago, Information Requested: $1,000 ($1,050 total)
Laurie Regenboger, Chicago, Lawyer: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Darrin Hartzell, Chicago, Doctor: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Sara N. Paretsky, Chicago, Writer: $1,000 ($1,100 total)
Richard Assmus, Chicago, Attorney at Mayer Brown Llp: $1,000 ($1,750 total)
Emily Duncan, Chicago, Attorney at Exelon Corporation: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Mary Reidy, Chicago, Executive at Exelon: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Anne Cardwell, Chicago, Physician at Rush University Medical Center: $1,000 ($3,900 total)
Jenifer Mason Robbins, Chicago, Attorney at Fpl Advisory Group: $1,035 ($1,035 total)
Brian A David, Chicago, Attorney at Sfx Baseball: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Ann Tighe, Chicago, Attorney at Cotsirilos, Tighe, Streicker, Poulos &: $1,000 ($2,000 total)
Jennifer A. Warden, Chicago, Executive at Baird & Warner: $1,050 ($1,150 total)
Larry Huggins, Chicago, General Contractor at Riteway-Huggins Const. Services: $800 ($800 total)
Cheryl Rucker Whitaker, Chicago, Physician at Merge Healthcare: $3,000 ($4,700 total)
Stanley Stevens, Chicago, Retired: $1,000 ($3,250 total)
Martha Ackerman, Chicago, Consultant: $2,575 ($3,220 total)
Sonja R. Luster Munis, Chicago, V.P., Cio at Luster Products, Inc.: $700 ($1,400 total)
Lois Barliant, Chicago, Writer: $2,499 ($4,319 total)
Tim J. Sullivan, Chicago, Veterinarian at Mundelein Animal Hospital: $714 ($4,260 total)
Eric H Steele, Chicago, Sculptor: $1,500 ($3,150 total)
John Genova, Chicago, Paramedic Field Chief at City Of Chicago: $1,000 ($3,110 total)
Marcy Schlessinger, Chicago, Garden Consultant: $2,500 ($3,100 total)
Laura Duda, Chicago, Vp Communications at Exelon Corporation: $500 ($500 total)
Lauren Southward, Chicago, Not Employed: $500 ($500 total)
Kay Schichtel, Chicago, Lawyer at Swanson, Martin & Bell, Llp: $500 ($750 total)
Michel Louvain MD, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($500 total)
Marilyn Longwell, Chicago, Lawyer: $500 ($800 total)
Reeva Shulruff, Chicago, Physician at Pef Clinic Ii: $500 ($500 total)
Michael Meshenberg, Chicago, Consultant: $500 ($1,000 total)
Duane Sigelko, Chicago, Lawyer at Reed Smith Llp: $500 ($1,000 total)
Joann M Lafleur, Chicago, Pharmacist at Walgreen: $500 ($500 total)
Katherine Minarik, Chicago, Attorney at Bartlit Beck: $500 ($500 total)
Ruth W. Levine, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($1,850 total)
Stephen Goldberg, Chicago, Dispute Resolution: $1,500 ($2,500 total)
Christine Williams, Chicago, Community Organizer at Goodman Williams Group: $500 ($615 total)
Daniel Craig, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $500 ($525 total)
Judy Raphael, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($750 total)
Nirav Shah, Chicago, Associate at Sidley Austin Llp: $500 ($500 total)
Nevin M Gewertz, Chicago, Lawyer at Bartlit Beck: $500 ($500 total)
L Rita Fritz, Chicago, Health Care Executive at Systems, Inc.: $500 ($500 total)
Heather Paquette, Chicago, Cpa at Kpmg: $500 ($1,000 total)
Nina Winston, Chicago, Not Employed: $500 ($950 total)
Jane L Stuart, Chicago, Judge at Admin Office Of Ilc: $500 ($500 total)
Kathy Tuite, Chicago, Sales at An Executive Decision: $500 ($500 total)
Andrew Fraerman, Chicago, Attorney at Dla Piper Llp: $500 ($500 total)
Jo Anderson Jr., Chicago, Senior Advisor at Us Government: $500 ($1,200 total)
Aaron Brooks, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $500 ($500 total)
Cappy Silver, Chicago, Psychotherapist: $500 ($2,000 total)
Arthur Paris, Chicago, Grocer at Carnival Finer Foods: $500 ($500 total)
Chris D Landgraff, Chicago, Attorney at Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott: $500 ($500 total)
Charles Helm, Chicago, College Professor: $500 ($600 total)
Kim L Thornton, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($500 total)
Steve P Ott, Chicago, Real Estate Finance at Developers Mortgage Corporation: $500 ($1,405 total)
Patrick Kassen, Chicago, Attorney at Equity International: $500 ($500 total)
Roger L Longtin, Chicago, Lawyer at Dla Piper, Llp: $500 ($500 total)
Alison Renner, Chicago, Insurance Broker: Ceo at Vista Insurance Partners Of Il.: $600 ($2,100 total)
Wiecher H. Van Houten, Chicago, Physician at Not Employed: $500 ($500 total)
Stephen Mico, Chicago, Publishing at Mcgraw-Hill: $500 ($1,000 total)
Adam Likavec, Chicago, Physician at Adventist Health Partners, Inc.: $500 ($500 total)
John W Treece, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $500 ($500 total)
Robert B Lifton, Chicago, Volunteer: $500 ($600 total)
Brian Harrison, Chicago, Doctoral Candidate at Northwestern University: $500 ($2,270 total)
Henry I Thomas, Chicago, Professional at Caa: $500 ($1,000 total)
Ann Kowalsky, Chicago, Retired: $750 ($1,000 total)
Floyd Whellan, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($1,275 total)
Jennifer McDade, Chicago, Homemaker: $500 ($500 total)
Debra Smith, Chicago, Coo at Smith Centers For Foot & Ankle Care: $500 ($500 total)
Connie L. Lindsey, Chicago, Executive Vice President at The Northern Trust: $500 ($1,750 total)
Leandra R Knes, Chicago, Investments at Ppm America: $500 ($500 total)
Kathryn Sowle, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($500 total)
Patrick J. Nash, Chicago, Banker at Jp Morgan: $500 ($500 total)
Mark Westneat, Chicago, Biologist at Field Museum Of Natural History: $500 ($1,000 total)
Kealie Williams, Chicago, Sr. Director Of Major Gifts at Goodman Theatre: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Karen G Anderson, Chicago, Attorney: $500 ($1,950 total)
William Slivovsky, Chicago, Information Requested: $500 ($500 total)
Amanda Fox, Chicago, Attorney at Dla Piper Us Llp: $500 ($500 total)
Candace Staton, Chicago, Cpa: $500 ($500 total)
Penelope Crittendem, Chicago, Psychologist: $500 ($2,250 total)
Grace K. Stanek, Chicago, Information Requested: $500 ($500 total)
Tamara Muller, Chicago, Business Owner / Healthcare at Independence Plus, Inc.: $500 ($500 total)
Jeff Mengel, Chicago, Cpa at Plante Moran, Pllc: $500 ($500 total)
Sharon Baldwin, Chicago, Attorney: $500 ($1,000 total)
Susan Johnson, Chicago, Consultant: $550 ($1,754 total)
Nada Logan Stotland, Chicago, Physician: $500 ($685 total)
Annette C Moore, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $500 ($500 total)
Annette P Daly, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($950 total)
Phyllis B Booth, Chicago, Psychotherapist at Private Practice: $500 ($800 total)
Sarita Warshawsky, Chicago, Homemaker at Not Employed: $0 ($5,000 total)
Daniel O'Neil, Chicago, Executive Director at Smart Chicago Collaborative: $500 ($1,184 total)
David C. Kolata, Chicago, Executive Director at Cub: $500 ($500 total)
Elizabeth L. Wiley, Chicago, Physician at Univ Of Il: $500 ($500 total)
Susan B Weiss, Chicago, Vp, Bsc Operations Group at Exelon Business Services Company: $500 ($500 total)
Richard Vitkus, Chicago, Retired Attorney at Not Employed: $1,500 ($1,500 total)
Jay Lecoque, Chicago, Ceo at Celsis Intl: $500 ($1,500 total)
Larry Greenstein, Chicago, Electrical Engineer at Rutgers University: $500 ($650 total)
Stephen B. Friedman, Chicago, Urban Development Consultant at S. B. Friedman & Company: $500 ($500 total)
Kennette Benedict, Chicago, Publisher at Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists: $500 ($850 total)
Marilyn Fields, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($1,500 total)
Estella Foster, Chicago, Columnist at Suntimes: $500 ($500 total)
Travis M Powers, Chicago, Sr. Executive Partner at Escendent, Llc: $500 ($500 total)
Sharon Johnson, Chicago, Vp Communications at Orthopaedic Research And Education Fou: $500 ($2,000 total)
David Newport, Chicago, Software Engineer at Oracle: $500 ($500 total)
Johnie T Mc Donald, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($1,250 total)
Roxanne M Ward, Chicago, Instit. Government Advisor at Devry Inc.: $500 ($1,000 total)
Lester F Lau, Chicago, Professor at University Of Illinois: $500 ($500 total)
Sheila S Daley, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($1,000 total)
Donald M Stewart, Chicago, Visiting Scholar at Erikson Institute: $250 ($5,000 total)
Jonathan Furr, Chicago, Attorney at Holland & Knight: $500 ($500 total)
Shirley Wesse Young, Chicago, Designer: $500 ($1,650 total)
Meenakshi Geverola, Chicago, Partner at Sidley Austin Llp: $500 ($500 total)
Laura W Werner, Chicago, Homemaker: $500 ($3,000 total)
Marie G. Ebie, Chicago, Not Employed: $500 ($500 total)
Darvin Feldhaus, Chicago, Attorney at Jenner & Block Llp: $1,000 ($1,000 total)
Marci A Eisenstein, Chicago, Attorney at Schiff Hardin Llp: $500 ($500 total)
Kay Finn, Chicago, Former Teacher: $500 ($500 total)
Sam Ciulla, Chicago, Design Consultant at Ciulla Association: $500 ($500 total)
Margaret Krendl, Chicago, Management Consultant at Accenture: $500 ($500 total)
Richard Vance, Chicago, Real Estate: $500 ($900 total)
Brian Swanson, Chicago, Attorney at Bbhps: $500 ($500 total)
Barbara A. Black, Chicago, Independent Sunrider Distributor at Self-Tabbs Health & Wealth: $500 ($500 total)
Jessie Ewing, Chicago, Filmmaker: $500 ($500 total)
Anita Blanchard, Chicago, Md at University Of Chicago: $500 ($500 total)
Agnes Hamos, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($1,500 total)
Ernest Mond, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($500 total)
Judith C. Nelsen, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($1,000 total)
Tacy Flint, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $500 ($500 total)
Jeff Daniel, Chicago, Ceo at Collaborative Research: $500 ($600 total)
Tamar Kelber, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $500 ($1,650 total)
Karen N Berkowitz, Chicago, Homemaker: $500 ($-500 total)
Louise Lee Reid, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($2,500 total)
Jonathan Berman, Chicago, Not Employed: $500 ($500 total)
Stephanie Kelly, Chicago, Lawyer at Littler Mendelson P.C.: $500 ($500 total)
Michael Mullins, Chicago, Attorney at Choate Hall & Stewart Llp: $500 ($500 total)
Shereen Taylor, Chicago, Lawyer: $450 ($450 total)
Donald J. Laackman Jr., Chicago, Educator at City Colleges Of Chicago: $412 ($912 total)
Bevin Seifert, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $400 ($400 total)
Gloria A. McFadden, Chicago, Retired: $400 ($1,450 total)
Pierre Glover, Chicago, Financial Examiner at Examination Solutions, Inc: $400 ($500 total)
Christine Siwik, Chicago, Information Requested: $400 ($400 total)
Donna M Tuke, Chicago, Editor at Albert Publications, Inc.: $650 ($660 total)
Bill D Patterson, Chicago, Lawyer at Sidley Austin Llp: $400 ($400 total)
Robin Robertson, Chicago, Attorney at State Of Illinois Office Of The Appell: $400 ($400 total)
Adam Murad, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $400 ($400 total)
Elaine Boone, Chicago, Information Requested: $400 ($400 total)
John M Corrigan, Chicago, Executive at Edo Interactive: $2,545 ($2,895 total)
Daniel A Cotter, Chicago, Attorney at Korey Cotter Heather & Richardson: $400 ($1,555 total)
Greg Bauske, Chicago, Management at Discover Financial Services: $375 ($975 total)
Clare Ranali, Chicago, Attorney at Holland And Knight: $375 ($625 total)
Mike Daley, Chicago, Swim Coach: $375 ($875 total)
Ralph Loomis, Chicago, Consultant at Grs Solutions, Llc: $375 ($975 total)
Melanie K Berg, Chicago, Homemaker at Not Employed: $375 ($375 total)
Claire F Prussian, Chicago, Artist: $475 ($1,525 total)
Barbara Walsh, Chicago, Not Employed: $375 ($2,300 total)
Susan E Ifergan, Chicago, Student at Refused: $410 ($550 total)
Virginia Watson, Chicago, Retired: $365 ($585 total)
Carla Knorowski, Chicago, Ceo at Abraham: $350 ($350 total)
Claire Stewart, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $425 ($425 total)
Patricia A Barto, Chicago, Retired: $350 ($2,100 total)
Jed Rosenkrantz, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $350 ($550 total)
George M Pearce, Chicago, Attorney at Holland & Knight Llp: $350 ($350 total)
Harry Linton, Chicago, Mechanic at Usps: $312 ($312 total)
Ellen Ruth Stone Belic, Chicago, Retired: $375 ($2,809 total)
Debbie Chizewer, Chicago, Director Of Pre Law Program at University Of Chicago: $2,500 ($2,805 total)
Nancy Stanek, Chicago, Small Business Owner at Toys Et Cetera: $550 ($2,800 total)
Stephen V Burns, Chicago, Artistic Director at Fulcrum Point New Music Project: $300 ($550 total)
Mary L Graham, Chicago, Information Requested: $300 ($500 total)
Barbara Barreno, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $300 ($300 total)
Sandra M. Webb Booker, Chicago, Nursing Educator at Chicago Public Schools: $300 ($300 total)
Lisa Dinwiddie, Chicago, Consultant: $300 ($300 total)
Dave Baron, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $300 ($447 total)
Malinda T. Dunigan, Chicago, Retired: $300 ($500 total)
Milton Henry, Chicago, Real Estate: $300 ($700 total)
Maggie L Wilson, Chicago, Retired Educator at Not Employed: $300 ($300 total)
Anthony Bruck, Chicago, Computer Programmer at Eckhardt Trading Co: $300 ($600 total)
Jennifer Novoselsky, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $300 ($300 total)
Paul J Keenan, Chicago, Information Requested: $300 ($300 total)
Cheryl Sanders, Chicago, Sr. Manager at Pepsico: $300 ($550 total)
Devora Grynspan, Chicago, Academic Administration at Northwestern University: $300 ($1,800 total)
Charles M. Hill Sr., Chicago, Retired: $300 ($600 total)
Joanne Sekulic, Chicago, Not Employed: $300 ($300 total)
Maxine C. Ballard, Chicago, Retired: $300 ($300 total)
Lois Farrell Fisher, Chicago, Retired: $300 ($300 total)
Edna J. Schade, Chicago, Retired: $600 ($1,600 total)
Marcus Paschall, Chicago, Law Graduate at Not Employed: $300 ($300 total)
Nancy M Levner, Chicago, Retired: $294 ($794 total)
Mridu Sekhar, Chicago, Businessman at Sidvim, Inc: $1,200 ($2,990 total)
Anthony L Schumann, Chicago, Attorney at Grant Schumann, Llc.: $2,500 ($2,788 total)
Kirsten Muszynski, Chicago, Accountant at Not Employed: $287 ($287 total)
Joe Ella Williams, Chicago, Retired: $285 ($385 total)
Dianna Grant, Chicago, Physician at Advocate Health Care: $580 ($580 total)
Warren T. Flood, Chicago, Data at Ofa: $275 ($981 total)
Lois Zoller, Chicago, Physician: $735 ($5,000 total)
Gary Beyerl, Chicago, Architect at Burns + Beyerl Architects: $262 ($262 total)
Bernard S. Strauss, Chicago, Retired: $260 ($610 total)
Peter J. Almeroth, Chicago, Retired: $250 ($1,955 total)
Anthony Phillips, Chicago, Professor Emeritus at Art Institiute Of Chicago: $250 ($400 total)
Daniel Greenfield, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin: $650 ($1,494 total)
Jeff Barnes, Chicago, It Consulting at Jcb Enterprises, Ltd.: $250 ($1,400 total)
Daniel Stohr, Chicago, Lawyer: $1,000 ($3,250 total)
Alice Melchor, Chicago, Retired: $250 ($3,850 total)
David Wellbery, Chicago, Professor at University Of Chicago: $250 ($1,600 total)
Kevin Bickel, Chicago, Buyer at Sears Holdings Corporation: $500 ($500 total)
Gretchen Silver, Chicago, Sr. Attorney at U.S. Dept. Of Justice: $250 ($700 total)
Paul Hight, Chicago, Mechanic at Motor Oil Association: $250 ($375 total)
Matthew Martin, Chicago, Architect at Dlr Group: $250 ($500 total)
Randilyn W. Gilliam, Chicago, Retired: $250 ($850 total)
Nancy Kohn, Chicago, Consultant: $250 ($250 total)
Rachel Havrelock, Chicago, Professor at University Of Illinois: $250 ($250 total)
Carole Warshaw, Chicago, Md at Hektoen Institute For Medical Research: $250 ($500 total)
Dean Graves, Chicago, Associate at Sargent & Lundy: $250 ($250 total)
Shira Kapplin, Chicago, Attorney at Rakoczy Molino Mazzochi Siwik Llp: $250 ($270 total)
Anne Wright, Chicago, Psychologist: $250 ($1,250 total)
Linda M Nolan, Chicago, Banker at Northern Trust: $250 ($450 total)
Clyde K. El-Amin, Chicago, College President at City Colleges Of Chicago: $500 ($700 total)
Don B Hilliker Esq., Chicago, Lawyer: $300 ($5,000 total)
Angela A Benander, Chicago, Vice President at Culloton Strategies: $250 ($350 total)
Rosalind Bordo, Chicago, Entrepreneur: $250 ($540 total)
Susan Thistlethwaite, Chicago, Professor at Chicago Theological Seminary: $250 ($575 total)
Lillian Nash, Chicago, Retired: $250 ($500 total)
Doris Hambacher, Chicago, Global Records Manager at Accenture: $326 ($826 total)
Greg Kula, Chicago, Attorney at Geico: $250 ($470 total)
Mark Theis, Chicago, Management at Cctb: $250 ($750 total)
Nina Keinberger, Chicago, Not Employed: $250 ($275 total)
Jude Wynn, Chicago, Attorney at Victor Sign Corporation: $250 ($750 total)
Laura E. McAlpine, Chicago, Social Worker at Mcalpine Consulting For Growth: $250 ($250 total)
Kali Evans Raoui, Chicago, Consultant at The Image Studios: $250 ($250 total)
Yao Dinizulu, Chicago, Attorney: $250 ($494 total)
Elizabeth Pancik, Chicago, Project Manager at Ibm: $250 ($350 total)
William Delgado, Chicago, State Senator 2Nd. Dist. at State Of Illinois: $250 ($350 total)
Gerald S. McCarthy, Chicago, Attorney at Law Office Of Gerald S. Mccarthy: $250 ($500 total)
Shelley Gorson, Chicago, Retired: $250 ($250 total)
Troy D Bienash, Chicago, Project Manager at Federal Home Loan Bank Chicago: $250 ($950 total)
Daniel McCurdy, Chicago, Director Program Management at Motorola Mobility: $250 ($250 total)
Lisa Penelton, Chicago, Market Researcher at United Way: $250 ($250 total)
Victor Powell, Chicago, Photographer at Powell Photography, Inc.: $250 ($750 total)
Sandra M Gustafson, Chicago, Professor at University Of Notre Dame: $250 ($500 total)
James Madigan, Chicago, Attorney at Greenberg Traurig: $250 ($694 total)
Jan Goldstein, Chicago, Professor at University Of Chicago: $250 ($450 total)
Terra Winston, Chicago, Consultant at Interract Consulting: $250 ($500 total)
James Hilt, Chicago, Internet Executive at Sears Holdings: $250 ($500 total)
Chad Slaughter, Chicago, Software Engineer at Cashnetusa: $250 ($250 total)
Ann Breen-Greco, Chicago, Administrative Law Judge at Cook County: $250 ($300 total)
Gary Beyerl, Chicago, Architect at Burns + Beyerl Architects: $300 ($550 total)
B Patrick Donnelly, Chicago, Retired: $250 ($350 total)
Julia A Fish, Chicago, Professor, Visual Artist at Uic/University Of Illinois Chicago: $250 ($690 total)
Pamela Bergdall, Chicago, Trainer: $505 ($1,865 total)
Stuart A. Rice, Chicago, Professor at University Of Chicago: $250 ($250 total)
Simon Silver, Chicago, Professor at University Of Illinois: $250 ($450 total)
Andre Brumfield, Chicago, Information Requested: $250 ($250 total)
Judith A Lewis, Chicago, Retired: $455 ($2,134 total)
Hector Escoffier, Chicago, Owner at Design Introspective Inc: $250 ($250 total)
Alice D. Coleman, Chicago, Information Requested: $250 ($250 total)
Stephen Nichols, Chicago, Marketing at Crown Imports: $250 ($250 total)
Allen Shiner, Chicago, Information Req. at Information Requested: $250 ($250 total)
Kerry Frey, Chicago, Ceo at Bioforce Nanosciences: $250 ($550 total)
William L Klatt, Chicago, Retired: $250 ($500 total)
Julia L. Van Vliet, Chicago, Banker at Bridgeview Bank: $250 ($250 total)
Rodney Mann, Chicago, Management Consultant at Fpl Associates: $250 ($250 total)
Dave Marsey, Chicago, Advertising at Digitas: $250 ($500 total)
Thomas Wolf, Chicago, Executive Director, Energy Council at Illinois Chamber Of Commerce: $250 ($290 total)
Rosalyn Clarke, Chicago, Property Management at Leasing & Management Co. Inc.: $450 ($1,250 total)
Don Quincy Lamb Jr., Chicago, Astrophysicist at University Of Chicago: $750 ($2,250 total)
Celeste Jensen, Chicago, Nursing Home Administrator at Grasmere Place, Llc: $250 ($830 total)
Susan H Faraone, Chicago, Fundraising at Illinois Institute Of Technology: $250 ($250 total)
Anne M Lagrippe, Chicago, Retired: $250 ($1,175 total)
Anthony Smith, Chicago, Owner at Ars Industries Inc. Dba Anthony'S Mobi: $550 ($550 total)
Clarence Golden, Chicago, Information Requested: $250 ($250 total)
Jason Frye, Chicago, Attorney at Neal Gerber Eisenberg, Llp: $350 ($500 total)
Devin McLachlan, Chicago, Priest at Not Employed: $250 ($2,035 total)
Sumaira Maghrabi, Chicago, Pharmacist at Cvs Pharmacy: $250 ($250 total)
Yetta G McCullom, Chicago, Dentist at Drs Mccullom Pc: $250 ($1,040 total)
Joan Marks, Chicago, Program Director at National Louis University: $250 ($250 total)
Doris E. Barnes, Chicago, Manager at State Of Illinois: $250 ($250 total)
Paul Strome, Chicago, Finance at Kpmg Llp: $250 ($250 total)
Mike Lehrman, Chicago, Northwestern Law School at Student: $250 ($304 total)
Eileen M. Hughes, Chicago, Executive Assistant at Miami Corporation: $250 ($1,250 total)
Marta Calle, Chicago, Director Of Cb2 at Crate & Barrel: $250 ($800 total)
Richard Peterson, Chicago, Attorney at American Academy Of Orthopaedic Surgeo: $250 ($500 total)
Al Hofeld Jr., Chicago, Lawyer at Law Offices Of Al Hofeld Jr., Llc: $250 ($625 total)
Anne Frenkel, Chicago, Information Requested: $250 ($350 total)
Chad Mendell, Chicago, Engineer at Esd: $250 ($500 total)
Margaret Balsley-Cross, Chicago, Attorney at Exelon Corporation: $350 ($2,050 total)
Sandra Wasson, Chicago, Homemaker: $250 ($1,100 total)
Leslie Tatra, Chicago, Information Requested: $250 ($250 total)
Confesor Ramos, Chicago, Cta Bus Operator: $250 ($250 total)
AC Bueschel, Chicago, Program Director at Spencer Foundation: $250 ($350 total)
Jerry Eichhorst, Chicago, Professional at Transunion: $250 ($275 total)
Wendell H. Gated, Chicago, Hr Pro at University Of Chicago Med Ctr: $250 ($250 total)
Ellen Wheeler, Chicago, Lawyer at Foley & Lardner Llp: $250 ($250 total)
Nilofer Umar, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $250 ($250 total)
Perry Kupietz, Chicago, Attorney-Retired: $250 ($250 total)
Justin W. Daab, Chicago, Marketing at Magnani Continuum Marketing: $250 ($250 total)
Carol C Coletta, Chicago, President And Ceo at Coletta & Company, Inc.: $250 ($2,150 total)
John G. Jacobs Esq, Chicago, Attorney at Jacobs Kolton, Chartered: $250 ($600 total)
Scott Lewis, Chicago, Publications at Acm: $250 ($500 total)
Richard Rodes, Chicago, Commercial Real Estate Finance at Ppm Finance, Inc.: $250 ($1,000 total)
Linda I Evans, Chicago, Retired: $250 ($350 total)
Vito Bianco, Chicago, Executive at American Quality Schools: $250 ($250 total)
Rita Aliese Fry, Chicago, Consultant at Raf Consulting Inc.: $280 ($480 total)
H Woods Bowman, Chicago, Professor at Depaul University: $250 ($250 total)
Karl Matlin, Chicago, Biologist at University Of Chicago: $550 ($1,150 total)
Deborah Patricia Bonner, Chicago, Principal at Chicago Public Schools: $250 ($600 total)
Miriam Drew, Chicago, Retired: $250 ($260 total)
James Valancius, Chicago, Attorney/Cpa: $250 ($250 total)
Kim Ainis, Chicago, Dyslexia And Add Correction at The Reading Center (Self-Employed): $250 ($250 total)
James Friestad, Chicago, Coordinator at Navigant, Inc.: $250 ($250 total)
Evangeline M. Gordon, Chicago, Information Requested: $250 ($250 total)
Hayward Smith, Chicago, Retired: $250 ($950 total)
Colleen Dilenschneider, Chicago, Director at Impacts Research & Development: $250 ($250 total)
Kimberley Pavlock, Chicago, Retired: $500 ($600 total)
Jennifer Noe, Chicago, Volunteer at Not Employed: $250 ($250 total)
Wan Suwandi, Chicago, Finance: $250 ($500 total)
Michael Miselman, Chicago, Attorney at Seyfarth Shaw Llp: $250 ($250 total)
Rhona Hoffman, Chicago, Gallerist at Rhonahoffmangallery: $500 ($1,110 total)
Maysoon Alsadiv, Chicago, Physician: $250 ($250 total)
Vanessa J. Weathersby, Chicago, Senior Operations Risk Manager at Bmo Harris Bank, N.A.: $275 ($275 total)
Amanda Healy Collins, Chicago, Sales Director at Barcodesinc: $250 ($250 total)
Robert E. Grimes Sr., Chicago, Educator: $500 ($700 total)
Peter A Zneimer, Chicago, Lawyer: $250 ($350 total)
Craig Baugh, Chicago, Sr. Manager at Demandtec, An Ibm Company: $301 ($301 total)
Marilyn Pearson, Chicago, Physician at Advocate Medical Group: $250 ($250 total)
Sarah A Anderson, Chicago, Librarian at North Park University: $250 ($250 total)
Linda Petty, Chicago, General Counsel at System Development Integration, Llc: $250 ($250 total)
Scott Goldstein, Chicago, Director/Teacher at Second City: $250 ($1,350 total)
Victoria R. Collado, Chicago, Attorney at Mayer Brown Llp: $250 ($250 total)
Beth Rice, Chicago, Manager, Scientific Affairs at Dairy Management Inc: $500 ($500 total)
Betty Maxey, Chicago, Medical Technologist at Advocate Acl Il Central Labs: $250 ($300 total)
Frances Pace Barnes, Chicago, President And Ceo at Volunteers Of America Of Illinois: $250 ($500 total)
Bridget Stack, Chicago, Media Director at Cramer Krasselt: $250 ($250 total)
H Lee Armstrong, Chicago, Vice President at Interchem Corporation: $250 ($250 total)
David Malone, Chicago, Procurement Leader at Not Employed: $250 ($250 total)
J Harvey Smith, Chicago, Information Requested: $250 ($350 total)
Shannon Elarton, Chicago, Management Consultant at Booz & Company: $250 ($250 total)
Susan Page Page Estes, Chicago, Technology Analyst: $250 ($750 total)
Paul Stephens, Chicago, Attorney at Marshall Gerstein & Borun Llp: $250 ($894 total)
James Di Loreto, Chicago, Management Consultant at The Catayst Group: $250 ($250 total)
Wendy Langrock, Chicago, Graphic Designer: $250 ($250 total)
Carol L Harper, Chicago, Retired: $250 ($866 total)
Elisabeth S. Clemens, Chicago, Faculty at Univ Of Chicago: $250 ($750 total)
Pamela Burdman, Chicago, Education Writer: $250 ($325 total)
George Jordan, Chicago, Area General Manager at Hotel Felix: $250 ($1,000 total)
Megan Helm, Chicago, Graduate Student at Not Employed: $250 ($350 total)
Kathryn Winter, Chicago, Insurance Broker: $500 ($1,100 total)
June Patton, Chicago, Retired: $250 ($350 total)
Steven Loggins, Chicago, Programmer at Not Employed: $250 ($250 total)
Paul M. Dietterich, Chicago, Retired: $275 ($790 total)
Cathie Van Wert, Chicago, Creative Director, Partner at Doubletake Design, Inc.: $240 ($240 total)
Ann M. McCormick, Chicago, Nurse at Erie Health Center: $225 ($450 total)
Marilyn Canning, Chicago, Information Requested: $225 ($375 total)
Henry S McCann Jr., Chicago, Retired: $225 ($225 total)
Kamilah M Jones, Chicago, Marketing Manager at Sun Chemical: $220 ($674 total)
Audrey Sederberg, Chicago, Postdoctoral Researcher at University Of Chicago: $212 ($352 total)
Mary A Brown, Chicago, Rn at Northshore University Healthsystem: $212 ($212 total)
Roger K Oden, Chicago, President at Twcf: $400 ($625 total)
David Kahn, Chicago, Information Requested: $206 ($412 total)
Steve Rogovin, Chicago, Attorney at Meltzer Purtill & Stelle Llc: $205 ($904 total)
George Young, Chicago, Engineer at Not Employed: $203 ($303 total)
Jimmy L Johnson, Chicago, Information Requested: $200 ($400 total)
Dorothy B Mayer, Chicago, Clinical Social Worker at Planned Parenthood Of Illinois And Sel: $200 ($500 total)
Susan Goldin-Meadow, Chicago, Professor at University Of Chicago: $200 ($400 total)
John Rosevelt, Chicago, Commodities Trader: $200 ($300 total)
Jennifer Tio, Chicago, Marketing at Maximum Marketing Services: $200 ($600 total)
Florence O. Townsend, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($300 total)
Mike Robinson, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($500 total)
Bette Sikes, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($250 total)
Ella L Richmond, Chicago, Administrative Assistant at Concord Family Services, Inc.: $200 ($350 total)
Bernard Cherkasov, Chicago, Ceo at Equality Illinois: $200 ($250 total)
John B. Buenz, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($800 total)
Herbert Friedmann, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($800 total)
Shirlee Jensen, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($300 total)
Mckinley H Brister, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($710 total)
Steven Weikert, Chicago, Software Developer at Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Illinois: $220 ($900 total)
Sharon P Miller, Chicago, Examiner at Small Business: $200 ($375 total)
Nora Carney, Chicago, Producer at Optimus: $317 ($617 total)
Larry B. Dixon, Chicago, Physician at University Of Chicago: $200 ($700 total)
Charles Laff, Chicago, Attorney at Michael Best & Friedrich: $2,500 ($2,700 total)
Karen Lehman, Chicago, Program Director at New Venture Fund: $200 ($600 total)
Marilyn Franklin, Chicago, Pharmacy Technician at Walgreens Co.: $200 ($500 total)
Wendy Binder, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($225 total)
Monica L. Young, Chicago, Marketing Director at Kellogg Company: $200 ($750 total)
Shirley C. Saffold, Chicago, Retired: $350 ($1,550 total)
Patricia Stewart, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($312 total)
John M Coruthers Jr., Chicago, Retired: $200 ($400 total)
Laura F Williams, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($550 total)
Steven R Daugherty, Chicago, Professor at Kaplan Medical: $200 ($400 total)
James Kerridge, Chicago, Registered Nurse at Advocate Healthcare: $200 ($400 total)
Michael Berman, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($300 total)
William H. Sewell, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($750 total)
Michael I. Brady, Chicago, Consultant at Pershing Group: $200 ($270 total)
B Ellen Fisher, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($1,138 total)
Virginia Saft, Chicago, Physician: $200 ($400 total)
Beatrice J. Clark, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($1,800 total)
Edward Walbridge, Chicago, Retired: $700 ($1,025 total)
Amber Tester, Chicago, Regional Manager at Onssi: $225 ($815 total)
Linda E. Kimbrough, Chicago, Actress: $400 ($1,500 total)
Ed Miller, Chicago, Marketing Consulting: $290 ($590 total)
William Farrand, Chicago, Executive Director & Ceo at Tpa Network: $200 ($295 total)
Benjamin Webber, Chicago, Management Consultant: $200 ($900 total)
Celestine Jackson, Chicago, Information Requested: $200 ($400 total)
Mark Whetstone, Chicago, Teacher at Chicago Public Schools: $200 ($603 total)
Jewel Barker, Chicago, Homemaker: $200 ($570 total)
Beverly Clay, Chicago, Teacher at Chicago Public Schools: $200 ($550 total)
Theresa B. Powell, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($700 total)
John P. Oneal, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($400 total)
Theodore Jackson, Chicago, Health Insurance Specialist at Centers For Medicare & Medicaid: $195 ($500 total)
Maggie Kast, Chicago, Instructor at Columbia College: $440 ($990 total)
Jesse Madison, Chicago, Board Member at Illinois Prisoner Review Board: $190 ($690 total)
Cecelia Williams Bryant, Chicago, Episcopal Supervisor at Ame Church: $190 ($440 total)
Albert F. Ettinger, Chicago, Lawyer: $190 ($1,090 total)
Lawrence Villella, Chicago, It Manager at Mckinsey: $190 ($210 total)
James B Swinerton, Chicago, Retired: $208 ($1,058 total)
Rick Saines, Chicago, Lawyer at Baker & Mckenzie Llp: $410 ($1,512 total)
Mary Louise Day, Chicago, Teacher at Univ Of Chicago: $190 ($165 total)
Kristen Adams, Chicago, Buiness Analyst at Grubhub: $162 ($442 total)
Myrna L. Gomez, Chicago, Project Manager at Transunion: $160 ($310 total)
Paul Scavone, Chicago, Musician at Queen Of All Saints Basilica: $250 ($1,350 total)
Albertha May, Chicago, Retired: $250 ($350 total)
Glen A. Lapidus, Chicago, Executive at Ibm: $150 ($2,250 total)
Amanda M. Norman, Chicago, Secretary at Medical: $150 ($400 total)
Linda Boachie-Ansah, Chicago, Information Requested: $150 ($300 total)
Katharine Natan, Chicago, Manager - Change Management at Kraft Foods: $150 ($250 total)
Joseph T Martin, Chicago, School Exhibition Director at Art Institute Of Chicago: $250 ($250 total)
Mary G Finn, Chicago, Adm Asst at Northwestern University School Of Law: $150 ($400 total)
Pasha Golliday, Chicago, Small Business Owner & Ironworker at County Of Cook: $150 ($310 total)
Kimberly Dixon, Chicago, Physician at Stroger/Cook County Hospital: $150 ($850 total)
Sari Mills, Chicago, Social Worker at Chicago Public Schools: $350 ($1,442 total)
Elaine W. Bass, Chicago, Retired: $150 ($300 total)
Artie Cobbins, Chicago, Information Requested: $150 ($350 total)
William J Barrett, Chicago, Lawyer at Barack Ferrazzano: $2,500 ($4,850 total)
Stephanie Pendexter, Chicago, Communications Senior Manager at Deloitte Services Lp: $250 ($250 total)
Margaret O. Frazier, Chicago, Information Requested: $150 ($225 total)
Elizabeth Miller, Chicago, Retired: $150 ($550 total)
Ilise Goldberg, Chicago, Project Manager at Classic Residence By Hyatt: $150 ($250 total)
John C Randall, Chicago, Refused: $150 ($325 total)
Lossie Davies, Chicago, Retired: $150 ($500 total)
Jacob A Brody, Chicago, Md: $150 ($400 total)
Vynessa Alexander, Chicago, Manager at Tradecard, Inc: $150 ($580 total)
Doris R Morgan, Chicago, Information Requested: $150 ($250 total)
Debran Rowland, Chicago, Legal Writer: $150 ($625 total)
Shirley Calahan, Chicago, Information Requested: $150 ($275 total)
Ndidi Okanu, Chicago, Nurse at Cook County: $150 ($250 total)
Alberta M. Johnson, Chicago, Retired: $150 ($300 total)
Michael Gustafson, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $150 ($209 total)
Linda Baum, Chicago, Professor at Rush University Medical Center: $150 ($250 total)
James E Woods, Chicago, Retired: $150 ($500 total)
Julia Harris MD, Chicago, Physician: $150 ($212 total)
Angela Kenyatta, Chicago, Management Consultant: $150 ($300 total)
Kamilah Parker, Chicago, Attorney at Liberty Mutual Group: $150 ($350 total)
Mary Watkins, Chicago, Information Requested: $200 ($1,000 total)
Cheryl Kennedy, Chicago, Director Of Benefits at Cna Financial Corp: $144 ($444 total)
Pam M. Mack, Chicago, Voice Over Talent: $130 ($265 total)
Abraham Talley, Chicago, Retired: $130 ($445 total)
William Brennan, Chicago, General Dentist: $130 ($623 total)
Zetta Dupart, Chicago, Information Requested: $130 ($495 total)
Dan Fraczkowski, Chicago, Registered Nurse at Vanguard Health Chicago: $130 ($240 total)
Michael F Derksen, Chicago, Attorney at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius Llp: $865 ($1,457 total)
Deborah I Lowery, Chicago, Rn at John Stroger Hospital: $170 ($290 total)
Marcus McElroy, Chicago, Director, It Supplier Strategy at Motorola: $120 ($605 total)
Reginald D. Hamilton, Chicago, Information Requested: $115 ($597 total)
Nina H Donnelley, Chicago, Retired: $115 ($732 total)
Marjorie L McCommon, Chicago, Retired: $115 ($580 total)
Balaji Subramanian, Chicago, Business Process Director at Hp: $112 ($223 total)
Barbara Billhardt, Chicago, Hr at Henderson Global Investor: $112 ($212 total)
Beth Blanchard, Chicago, Supervisor Public Relations at Information Requested: $112 ($212 total)
Creamella Haggerty, Chicago, Retired: $212 ($462 total)
Bobbie R Pledger, Chicago, Deposit Manager at Illinois Service Federal Savings: $112 ($237 total)
Lawrence Friedmann, Chicago, Computer Programmer at North Western University: $112 ($224 total)
Fredrick Degerberg, Chicago, Martial Arts Instructor: $112 ($362 total)
Sarah C. Ragland, Chicago, Retired: $112 ($497 total)
Minnie Amerson, Chicago, Retired: $110 ($250 total)
Joseph F Fisher, Chicago, Attorney: $110 ($343 total)
Elysa Wan, Chicago, Lawyer at Greenberg Traurig: $109 ($494 total)
Alberto Manrique, Chicago, Senior Systems Engineer at The Mis Department: $146 ($293 total)
Janet Tabit, Chicago, Guidance Counselor at Information Requested: $1,210 ($1,710 total)
Sue H Trubow, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($300 total)
Daniel Goff, Chicago, Consultant at Wipro Consulting: $100 ($338 total)
Joan Forte, Chicago, Retired: $350 ($750 total)
Leticia Pickens, Chicago, Tax Manager at Deloitte Tax: $151 ($351 total)
Ruth Sharpe, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($500 total)
Janice M. McFadden, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($300 total)
Melody M Heaps, Chicago, Consultant at Mmh & Associates: $100 ($600 total)
Tim Decker, Chicago, Actor: $100 ($300 total)
Lynne Borrell, Chicago, Management Consultant at Bti: $122 ($222 total)
Edith Goodman, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($285 total)
Joan W Winter, Chicago, Performer: $100 ($250 total)
Martha G Upshaw, Chicago, Retired: $135 ($350 total)
Stephen Weil, Chicago, Attorney at Eimer Stahl Llp: $200 ($865 total)
Bob Ellis, Chicago, Retired: $300 ($1,225 total)
Terry Nicola, Chicago, Physician at University Of Illinois: $100 ($300 total)
Rosa Schmiegel, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($600 total)
Asalean Brown, Chicago, Director at Cna: $185 ($260 total)
Sharon Davis, Chicago, Retail Executive at Not Employed: $100 ($400 total)
Curt Behnke, Chicago, Architect at Perkins + Will: $100 ($430 total)
Nancy L Wimberly, Chicago, Retired: $125 ($510 total)
Patricia C. Johnson, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($410 total)
Carol N Yamamoto, Chicago, Professor at Columbia College Chicago: $100 ($300 total)
Nancy Yockel, Chicago, Real Estate at Koenig And Strey: $100 ($250 total)
Alia Tawfik, Chicago, Not Employed: $100 ($3,755 total)
Melissa Shakman, Chicago, Former Teacher: $200 ($475 total)
Brian Ralston, Chicago, Physician at Vanguard Health Chicago: $100 ($600 total)
Linnie A Sims, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($400 total)
John Meany, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($300 total)
Alice Rooks, Chicago, Marketing at Btn-Big Ten Network: $100 ($450 total)
Janine Erb, Chicago, Director Process Management at Oracle Corp: $100 ($213 total)
Joe Zegan, Chicago, Engineer at Ed Miniat, Inc.: $250 ($950 total)
Wilson Allen Jr., Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($410 total)
Jeanne Olson, Chicago, Faculty at Northwestern University: $100 ($290 total)
Rolando Rivero, Chicago, Continuity Manager at Dhs/Fema Region V: $100 ($350 total)
Nicholas Norris, Chicago, Retired: $115 ($400 total)
Karen F Zedek, Chicago, Retired Teacher: $100 ($275 total)
Donald Jones, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($350 total)
Emmett B. Day, Chicago, Retired: $110 ($310 total)
Hollis Wright, Chicago, Attorney: $275 ($839 total)
Patrice Ball-Reed, Chicago, Judge at Circuit Court Of Cook County: $100 ($650 total)
Mickie Flanigan, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($900 total)
Timothy J Northcross, Chicago, Firefighter at City Of Chicago: $100 ($250 total)
Corrinne S Morrissey, Chicago, Lawyer/Professor at John Marshall Law School: $100 ($1,795 total)
Joan Stiles, Chicago, Professor at Ucsd: $100 ($500 total)
Thelma B. Riley, Chicago, Retired: $300 ($680 total)
Dorothy B Zimbrakos, Chicago, Senior Litigation Counsel at Attorney Registration & Disciplinary C: $100 ($210 total)
Linda Gilkerson, Chicago, Professor at Erikson Institute: $100 ($550 total)
Maria McCormick, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($2,100 total)
Jody Lynn Brott, Chicago, Realtor/Writer: $100 ($500 total)
Rita M Novak, Chicago, Judge at State Of Illinois: $100 ($300 total)
Richard K. Richardson, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($225 total)
Dorothy Beglin, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($250 total)
Kathleen Brennan, Chicago, Nurse: $200 ($310 total)
Nicolas Vogel, Chicago, Physician: $100 ($275 total)
Judith C Cory II, Chicago, Broker-Real Estate at Koenig & Strey Real Living: $100 ($450 total)
Gretchen T. Wirtz, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($335 total)
Julius Kirshner, Chicago, Educator at Independent: $100 ($400 total)
Martha J. Brummit, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($400 total)
Janice L. Benson, Chicago, Physician at North Shore Uils: $100 ($300 total)
Roger Rudich, Chicago, Lawyer at Roger D. Rudich Ltd: $100 ($275 total)
Kathryn L. Gill, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($500 total)
Iris L Jeter, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($550 total)
Amy Truelove, Chicago, Civil Rights Investigator at U.S. Government: $100 ($275 total)
William J. Morey, Chicago, Designer: $200 ($1,750 total)
Dawn Steele Halbert, Chicago, Midwest Sales Director at Meredith Corporation: $300 ($665 total)
Patrick Bova, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($400 total)
Alain Falkenburger, Chicago, Owner at French Studio Imports: $175 ($287 total)
Sam Denardo, Chicago, Commodity Trader at Eckhardt Trading Corp: $100 ($550 total)
Sterling Edwards, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($650 total)
Argia Collins, Chicago, Teacher at Chicago Public Schools: $100 ($210 total)
Toni S Smith, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($975 total)
Ross A Slotten M.D., Chicago, Physician: $100 ($275 total)
Fifi Servoss, Chicago, Customized Admin Services: $100 ($1,250 total)
Ramachandran Padmanabhan, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($300 total)
Elva Dawson, Chicago, Clinical Coordinator at Swedish American Hospital: $100 ($350 total)
Nancy Dedakis, Chicago, Corporate Governance Coordinator at Children'S Memorial Hospital: $100 ($395 total)
Richard H Luecke, Chicago, Clergy Man at Refused: $100 ($500 total)
Ginny Sykes, Chicago, Artist: $400 ($400 total)
Angeline Heisler, Chicago, Cfo at The Family Institute: $100 ($355 total)
Mike Berning, Chicago, Advertising at Contextmediaa: $170 ($483 total)
Silvio Anichini, Chicago, Sr. Business Consultant at Softwre Ag: $300 ($850 total)
Sylvia Winston, Chicago, Attorney at Kirkland & Ellis: $150 ($570 total)
Caroline P. Cracraft, Chicago, Retired: $227 ($619 total)
Richard Christiansen, Chicago, Chemist at Ace Paint Division: $100 ($350 total)
Walter Winsor, Chicago, Math Teacher at Chicago Public Schools: $100 ($300 total)
Dorothy Osborn Walton, Chicago, Banker at Northern Trust Bank: $100 ($375 total)
Alexei Khokhlov, Chicago, Professor at The University Of Chicago: $100 ($800 total)
Jeff Angevine, Chicago, Accountant: $200 ($275 total)
Joseph Pierson, Chicago, Customer Service at Whole Foods Market: $100 ($250 total)
Raymond Johnson, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($300 total)
Ruby M. Howard, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($925 total)
Jesse Taylor, Chicago, Federal Employee: $100 ($800 total)
Catherine Hinks, Chicago, Broker/Cust Srvc Mgr at Om Securities, Llc: $200 ($475 total)
Tom J Lunt, Chicago, Producer at The Numero Group, Llc: $125 ($250 total)
Dianne L Thompson, Chicago, Chief Political Organizer at 4Th Ward Democratic Organization Commi: $100 ($800 total)
Timothy Lynch, Chicago, Writer at Jones Lang Lasalle: $100 ($350 total)
Annie Beecham, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($1,625 total)
Maurice Price, Chicago, Firefighter at City Of Chicago: $100 ($251 total)
Richard Goodman, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($300 total)
Carol Cronin, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($400 total)
Shahem Zenni, Chicago, Executive Assistant at Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P.: $100 ($600 total)
Terence Zelenka, Chicago, Director at Upg, Inc.: $100 ($750 total)
Ethel Boone, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($325 total)
Thomas Bethea, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($265 total)
David Benton, Chicago, Recruiter at Dws: $100 ($230 total)
Delphyne Woods, Chicago, Artist at Not Employed: $100 ($315 total)
Colleen M O'Leary, Chicago, Non-Profit Management: $350 ($1,950 total)
William L. Piccony, Chicago, Information Requested: $200 ($300 total)
Lyn Sue Kahng, Chicago, Physician at Dept Of Veterans Affairs: $100 ($250 total)
Susan J Squires, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($225 total)
Cherie Smith, Chicago, Clinical Research Consultant at Clinical Research Consulting Of Chicag: $100 ($300 total)
Anna Lysakowski, Chicago, Professor at Univ. Of Illinois At Chicago: $125 ($1,285 total)
Bill Costa, Chicago, Manager at Information Requested: $100 ($612 total)
Gregory A Fohl, Chicago, Account Manager at At&T: $185 ($1,308 total)
Jennifer O Dillon, Chicago, Department Campaign Manager at Ofa: $100 ($1,737 total)
Mia Valmassei, Chicago, Product Manager at Fidessa Corp: $100 ($412 total)
Meredith Laval, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $100 ($300 total)
Janet G Ahlgren, Chicago, Retired: $300 ($1,060 total)
Barry Rundquist, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($300 total)
Beverly Garcia, Chicago, Retired: $125 ($805 total)
Michael Durr, Chicago, Principal at Chicago Public Schools: $100 ($250 total)
Stanley Peterson, Chicago, Laborer at City Of Chicago: $100 ($300 total)
Paula Dixon, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($250 total)
Sherrie Voyles, Chicago, Attorney at Jacobs, Burns: $100 ($350 total)
Diana C White, Chicago, Attorney/Executive Director at Laf: $100 ($600 total)
Edward Johnson, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($235 total)
Rozann Skozen, Chicago, Fundraiser at Ofa: $130 ($563 total)
Herbert Barker, Chicago, Co-Owner at Barker'S Funeral Home And Cremations: $200 ($300 total)
Gretchen Vannatta, Chicago, Human Resource Executive at Roosevelt University: $100 ($275 total)
Helen Kessler, Chicago, Architect at Hjkessler Associates: $100 ($350 total)
Jette Thomassen, Chicago, Technical Staff at Motorola: $100 ($300 total)
Marilyn Rusnak, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($350 total)
Kristine Johnson, Chicago, Self- Professional Coach at Marketing Prof Services: $200 ($580 total)
Alice Dan, Chicago, Retired Professor Emeritae at University Of Illinois At Chicago: $100 ($600 total)
Amy Hand, Chicago, Homemaker: $100 ($562 total)
Michael Gorman, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($725 total)
Rosa Thomas, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($400 total)
Walter D Miller, Chicago, Psychotherapist at Walter D. Miller, P.C.: $200 ($300 total)
Victor West, Chicago, Retired Teacher at Chicago Board Of Education: $100 ($300 total)
Michael Dalpe, Chicago, Manager at Follett Corp: $100 ($350 total)
Howard C Morgan, Chicago, Volunteer: $100 ($255 total)
Bernard Rands, Chicago, Composer: $200 ($300 total)
Philip Garrison, Chicago, Human Resources at Transunion Llc: $100 ($300 total)
Jeffrey Gourdji, Chicago, Management Consultant at Prophet Brand Strategy: $100 ($200 total)
Mary Palmore M.D., Chicago, Physician: $335 ($335 total)
Sandra Rand, Chicago, Retired: $4,650 ($5,000 total)
Abraham Klein, Chicago, Research at Dnc: $100 ($483 total)
Jan M Farnsworth, Chicago, Admissions Director at Sacred Heart Schools: $100 ($300 total)
Gladys Woods, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($450 total)
Robert W. Tisdale, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($225 total)
Ruby Smith, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($300 total)
Meg Gerken, Chicago, Not Employed: $100 ($350 total)
Helen Mendoza, Chicago, It Manager at Newly Weds Foods, Inc.: $100 ($325 total)
Beulah Bennett, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($600 total)
Matt McCrory, Chicago, Lead Visualization Engineer at Northwestern University: $100 ($800 total)
Lula W. McGhee, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($425 total)
Marlo Del Percio, Chicago, Attorney at Holland & Knight, Llp: $100 ($506 total)
Diane Brentari, Chicago, Professor at University Of Chicago: $100 ($436 total)
Elizabeth Chandler, Chicago, Administrator/Educator at University Of Chicago: $200 ($325 total)
Frederick L. Blount, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($300 total)
Frances Rubio, Chicago, Healthcare at Walgreens: $100 ($360 total)
Howard S. Suskin, Chicago, Attorney at Jenner & Block Llp: $2,500 ($2,600 total)
William Shorey, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($375 total)
Felix Saratovsky, Chicago, Lawyer at Vimpelcom: $100 ($650 total)
Mary Murphy, Chicago, Computer Analyst at University Of Chicago: $100 ($310 total)
Susan Fisher, Chicago, Teacher: $2,500 ($2,600 total)
Nancy L Gajewski, Chicago, Clinical Therapist Iii at City Of Chicago: $100 ($300 total)
Leanet Clay, Chicago, Not Employed: $100 ($250 total)
Lonnie Edwards, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($300 total)
Steven Brubaker, Chicago, Architect: $100 ($1,200 total)
James Troxel, Chicago, Consultant: $100 ($275 total)
Clara Pate, Chicago, Principal,Teacher, Counselor: $100 ($400 total)
Kelmer Perez, Chicago, It Support Analyst at Rocktenn Company: $100 ($300 total)
Dorothy Moore, Chicago, Homemaker at Not Employed: $100 ($455 total)
Louis B. Wetherspoon, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($205 total)
Ron S Blumenthal, Chicago, Educator at Kaplan, Inc: $100 ($230 total)
Caroline Creamer, Chicago, Construction Manager at Westfield Corp: $200 ($300 total)
Debra Stulberg, Chicago, Physician at University Of Chicago: $180 ($365 total)
Jill Wener, Chicago, Physician at Rush Medical Center: $100 ($344 total)
Jacquetta J. Ellinger, Chicago, Public Administration at Il Dept Of Healthcare & Family Svc: $100 ($812 total)
Anne Gomer, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($300 total)
Helen N Baker, Chicago, Attorney at Freeborn & Peters, Llp: $100 ($500 total)
Susan Ferson, Chicago, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Not Employed: $100 ($450 total)
Patricia Carman, Chicago, Not Employed: $100 ($350 total)
Prudence Gourguechon, Chicago, Physician: $100 ($450 total)
Christopher Kriva, Chicago, Attorney at Foley & Lardner Llp: $100 ($870 total)
Karen R. Nash, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($300 total)
Julia Ashenhurst, Chicago, Physician at Wellpoint: $100 ($250 total)
Alice M. Robinson, Chicago, Legal Secretary at Not Employed: $100 ($250 total)
Willie Cade, Chicago, Owner at Pc Rebuilders & Recyclers, Llc: $200 ($375 total)
Eleanor Mertens, Chicago, Legal Secretary at Ira J. Marcus, Chartered: $100 ($430 total)
Grant Macswain, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($305 total)
Isobel H Neal, Chicago, Fine Art Dealer: $0 ($5,000 total)
Jane McIntyre, Chicago, Retired: $125 ($500 total)
Laura E Lambert, Chicago, Licensed Clinical Psychologist: $333 ($1,123 total)
Susan Rabe, Chicago, Professor at North Park University: $175 ($500 total)
Russell Betts, Chicago, Dean Of Science And Physics Professor at Illinois Institute Of Technology: $100 ($300 total)
Willetta Greene Johnson, Chicago, Faculty Physics at Loyola University Chicago: $100 ($535 total)
Benjamin Anyasor, Chicago, Administrator at Beatrice Home Health Inc: $100 ($300 total)
Joan Laser, Chicago, Refused: $100 ($400 total)
Roy Boyd, Chicago, Art Dealer: $200 ($525 total)
Catherine Knotts, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($205 total)
John Schwartz, Chicago, Healthcare Consultant: $100 ($350 total)
Beth Decker, Chicago, Director, Worldview Series at Trinity Christian College: $100 ($300 total)
Frances G. Carroll PhD, Chicago, Retired: $105 ($315 total)
Charles C Evans, Chicago, Information Requested: $400 ($1,300 total)
Bruce Fox, Chicago, Design/Architecture at Wells & Fox Architectural Interiors: $100 ($350 total)
Dimitrios G Demos, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($700 total)
Eula Lewis-Anderson, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($350 total)
Roderick Branch, Chicago, Lawyer at Latham & Watkins Llp: $100 ($300 total)
Joel Raphaelson, Chicago, Writer/Editor: $100 ($210 total)
Linda J Dunn, Chicago, Attorney at Not Employed: $100 ($385 total)
Jeremy Smolik, Chicago, Engineer at Verizon: $100 ($300 total)
Lucy Salenger, Chicago, Retired: $0 ($5,000 total)
Patricia D. Graham, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($300 total)
Oscar Valencia, Chicago, Business Owner at Wedding Bands Co.: $120 ($235 total)
Cindy Garbutt, Chicago, Attorney/Nonprofit Executive Director at Clsma: $100 ($700 total)
Martha Gutierrez, Chicago, Homemaker: $100 ($225 total)
Gloria Stratton, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($360 total)
Lauren Kostas, Chicago, Management Consultant at Gagen Macdonald Llc: $100 ($260 total)
Carol Saller, Chicago, Editor at University Of Chicago Press: $100 ($300 total)
Linda M Nicholas, Chicago, Archaeologist at Not Employed: $100 ($350 total)
David Arms, Chicago, Architect: $125 ($625 total)
Therese Brewer, Chicago, Managing Director at Bluecross Blueshield Assn: $100 ($250 total)
Gene Paquette, Chicago, Bookseller at Powell'S Books: $100 ($300 total)
Claire Hickey, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($850 total)
Elmo W Byer, Chicago, Welder: $100 ($700 total)
Elizabeth Napleton, Chicago, School Founder at Building Excellent Schools: $100 ($340 total)
Evelyn J. Alston, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($300 total)
Jeffrey Loibl, Chicago, Copywriter at Ddb: $130 ($355 total)
Eddie M. Delk, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($300 total)
Jacqueline Ulrich, Chicago, Arts Programmer at Chicago Park District: $100 ($275 total)
Judy Mysza, Chicago, Vice Pres at Gohagan & Co: $100 ($650 total)
Gloria C Jewell, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($250 total)
Amos C Brown, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($610 total)
Janice Lun Lundeen, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($930 total)
Wade Wilson, Chicago, Program Manager at Hewlett-Packard Co.: $100 ($250 total)
Joseph Tamari, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($300 total)
Robert F Donovan Jr., Chicago, Attorney at Il Secretary Of State: $100 ($500 total)
Marjorie Witty, Chicago, Professor at Argosy University: $133 ($233 total)
Jacqueline Williams, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($300 total)
Karen Brazil-Breashears, Chicago, Attorney at Hyde Park Law Office: $100 ($400 total)
Marc Maschino, Chicago, Software Qa Analyst at Sungard: $175 ($825 total)
Peter Haas, Chicago, Chief Research Scientist at Center For Neighborhood Technology: $100 ($1,050 total)
Beatrice Young, Chicago, Diversity & Equity Consultant at Bea Young Associates, Llc: $290 ($490 total)
Dalia Anysas, Chicago, Professor: $100 ($375 total)
Michele Gale, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($500 total)
Sylvia Ortiz, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($350 total)
Myron Parks, Chicago, Software Tester at Health Care Service Corporation: $100 ($230 total)
Louis Francis Ray III, Chicago, Architect at Valerio Dewalt Train: $100 ($300 total)
Bruce Beal, Chicago, Research at Beal Research: $100 ($250 total)
Patricia Vanderbeke, Chicago, Architect: $150 ($650 total)
Jacqueline R Cameron, Chicago, Physician, Professor at Rush University Medical Center: $200 ($1,875 total)
Margaret C Telfer, Chicago, Physician at Cook Co Hosp: $100 ($300 total)
Cheryl H Wright, Chicago, Not Employed: $100 ($800 total)
John Louis Litchfield, Chicago, Attorney at Foley & Lardner Llp: $300 ($808 total)
June Neiburger, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($300 total)
John Hue, Chicago, Sales at Frederick Wildman: $100 ($350 total)
David Feeley, Chicago, Lawyer: $250 ($350 total)
Reginald E. Willis, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($500 total)
Elissa B Weaver, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($525 total)
Ella M. Jackson, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($400 total)
Mary Karbal, Chicago, Accounts Payable Specialist at Jeffery M. Leving: $187 ($302 total)
Marquis Miller, Chicago, Vice President at Nmsdc: $100 ($350 total)
Michael H Holland, Chicago, Trustee/Nurse at Umwa Health And Retirement Funds/Child: $100 ($550 total)
Librada Vazquez, Chicago, Physician at Methodist Hospials: $100 ($410 total)
John Schwab, Chicago, Attorney at Fdic: $100 ($450 total)
Flossie Lambert, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($250 total)
Kathy Higa, Chicago, Tax Vp at Morgan Stanley: $100 ($350 total)
Bonnie Herman, Chicago, Singer/Musician at Bonnie Herman, Inc.: $300 ($750 total)
Gregory Berlowitz, Chicago, Attorney at Foley & Lardner, Llc: $100 ($350 total)
Martha Relford, Chicago, Teacher: $100 ($405 total)
Tim Hyland, Chicago, Retired School Superintendent at Not Employed: $100 ($300 total)
Rob Knight, Chicago, Engineer at Esd: $100 ($540 total)
Thomas Heisler, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin: $500 ($500 total)
Janet Diehl, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($1,256 total)
Fannie Williams, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($300 total)
Eileen Soderstrom, Chicago, Information Technology at Pepsico: $150 ($574 total)
Teri Gidwitz, Chicago, Marketing at Marcel Media: $100 ($803 total)
Michael Parker, Chicago, Programmer at Jones Lang Lasalle: $1,570 ($4,470 total)
Niamh Kelly, Chicago, Vp Strategy at Glanbia: $175 ($375 total)
David Cholst, Chicago, Attorney at Chapman And Cutler Llp: $200 ($300 total)
Joan B Hampton, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($600 total)
Lydia Hill Slaby, Chicago, Ciio at Obama For America: $410 ($2,410 total)
Sylvia Decker, Chicago, Attorney at Northern Trust: $100 ($250 total)
Michael J Hazel, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($300 total)
Margaret Hampleman, Chicago, Cpa at Haran & Associates Ltd: $4,900 ($5,000 total)
Marguerite Griffin, Chicago, Banker at Northern Trust: $100 ($480 total)
Gladys B. Edwards, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($355 total)
Rosemary Deahl, Chicago, Ceo at Big Deahl Productions, Inc.: $600 ($700 total)
William N Davis, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($965 total)
Roosevelt Gallion, Chicago, Registered Nurse: $660 ($1,710 total)
Rachel Dvorken, Chicago, Lawyer at Northwestern Memorial Hospital: $100 ($1,100 total)
Juel J Richardson, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($1,075 total)
Barbara Hardt, Chicago, Rn at Russ Univ Med Center: $120 ($260 total)
Gloria O Hemphill, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($412 total)
Reed Melton, Chicago, Association Management at Bcbsa: $100 ($350 total)
Andrew Clement, Chicago, Manager at Funa Inc.: $100 ($360 total)
Kathleen Kelley, Chicago, Child And Adolescent Psychiatrist at University Of Illinois At Chicago: $100 ($450 total)
Janice Radway, Chicago, Professor at Northwestern University: $100 ($550 total)
Suzanne Shoemaker, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($525 total)
Leota Murray, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($300 total)
Christopher Mizera, Chicago, Telephone Interviewer at Norc: $122 ($215 total)
Charles Emmons Jr., Chicago, Retired: $90 ($300 total)
William Udovich, Chicago, Legal at Bank Of America: $90 ($619 total)
Lenora Burnett, Chicago, Retired: $90 ($340 total)
Smilja Jakovcic Rabinowitz, Chicago, Information Requested: $85 ($255 total)
Catherine M Ochoa, Chicago, Billing Manager at Mayer Brown Llp: $120 ($1,154 total)
John Laing, Chicago, Professor at Northwestern University: $180 ($480 total)
Paris Tyler, Chicago, Planner at Chicago Transit Authority: $80 ($222 total)
Sascha Mehlhase, Chicago, Sr. Product Manager at Intercall, Inc.: $165 ($440 total)
Amy Richmond, Chicago, Marketing at U.S. Cellular: $79 ($562 total)
Steven C. Bruehl, Chicago, Teacher at Chicago Public Schools: $274 ($439 total)
Isabela Ferreira, Chicago, Creative Director at Energy Bbdo: $76 ($231 total)
Al Jewer, Chicago, Musician at Laughing Cat Records: $75 ($325 total)
Sharon Heald, Chicago, Retired: $75 ($300 total)
Ruth Aizuss Migdal-Brown, Chicago, Sculptor/Artist at Ruth Migdal-Brown: $75 ($425 total)
Lois M Gueno, Chicago, Retired Educator/Education Consultant: $75 ($232 total)
Jeanne M Vonhof, Chicago, Labor Arbitrator: $75 ($250 total)
Joseph Altepeter, Chicago, Physicist at Northwestern University: $75 ($295 total)
Chuck Jenkins, Chicago, Electrician: $75 ($345 total)
John Boyer, Chicago, Professor at University Of Chicago: $75 ($250 total)
Melanie Vant, Chicago, Midwest Field Director at Ofa: $75 ($245 total)
Brian Dougherty, Chicago, Attorney at University Of Chicago Law School: $75 ($400 total)
Doug Mathews, Chicago, Accountant: $75 ($275 total)
Vjekoslav Hlede, Chicago, Instructional Designer & Lms Specialis at American Society Of Anesthesiologists: $125 ($285 total)
Dorothy Schumacher, Chicago, Customer Service at Refused: $75 ($261 total)
Alon Fishbach, Chicago, Managing Partner at Azure Asset Management Llc: $125 ($435 total)
Paul J Hecht, Chicago, English Professor at Purdue University North Central: $75 ($280 total)
Jeffrey Parfitt, Chicago, Architect at Interactive Design: $75 ($203 total)
Andrew Pakis, Chicago, Social Worker: $300 ($1,250 total)
Karen Vierneisel, Chicago, Retired: $150 ($500 total)
Eva Quateman, Chicago, Interior Designer: $75 ($525 total)
Adrienne J. Lesof, Chicago, Teacher at Chicago Board Of Education: $75 ($225 total)
Roberta Zompanti, Chicago, Office Manager at Park Packing Co., Inc: $305 ($405 total)
Ruth A Green, Chicago, Management Consultant, Writer: $75 ($225 total)
Judith Goldman, Chicago, Retired: $75 ($275 total)
Wilbur Pettitt, Chicago, Dentist: $75 ($375 total)
Debra Pernell, Chicago, Insurance Agent: $100 ($300 total)
Judith N Getzels, Chicago, Retired: $75 ($225 total)
Robert Lehrer, Chicago, Lawyer at Law Offices, Robert E. Lehrer: $125 ($225 total)
Ray Daniels, Chicago, Education at Ray Daniels: $75 ($725 total)
Robert Gustafson, Chicago, Retired: $110 ($355 total)
Monroe Blocker, Chicago, Car Transporter at Hertz Transporting Inc: $75 ($515 total)
Sophia Clay, Chicago, Programmer at Jpmorgan Chase: $75 ($285 total)
Tony Thedford, Chicago, Attorney: $150 ($250 total)
Gail Burnham, Chicago, Homemaker at Not Employed: $150 ($350 total)
Pamela Morris, Chicago, Telecommunications Specialist at At&T: $75 ($244 total)
Kenneth Michaels, Chicago, Attorney at Bauch & Michaels, Llc: $75 ($225 total)
Lucia S. Dunn, Chicago, Retired: $75 ($275 total)
Thomas Boodell, Chicago, Attorney at Boodell & Domanskis, Llc: $175 ($475 total)
Esther Reiter, Chicago, Retired: $418 ($619 total)
Gregory Thompson, Chicago, Educator at Chicago Public Schools: $135 ($300 total)
Sonya I. McBride, Chicago, Information Requested: $235 ($235 total)
Costelloe Michael, Chicago, Executive Vice President at American Society Of Plastic Surgeons: $75 ($325 total)
Margo De Ley, Chicago, Education Administrator at Chicago Public Schools: $75 ($275 total)
Elise Hamilton, Chicago, Director - It Compliance at Cna Insurance: $75 ($485 total)
Heather Schoenfeld, Chicago, Assistant Professor at Ohio State University: $75 ($290 total)
Brett T Hughes, Chicago, Sales Consultant at Carmax: $125 ($260 total)
Michael D Scarpiello, Chicago, Designer at Digitas: $75 ($245 total)
Marian E Kinsella, Chicago, Retired: $75 ($430 total)
Elizabeth Crane, Chicago, Consultant at It'S All Good Here: $160 ($235 total)
Daniel Silevitch, Chicago, Research Scientist at University Of Chicago: $75 ($275 total)
Steve O Cummings, Chicago, Graphic Arts at Abc Graphics Inc.: $75 ($420 total)
Michael Gaiman, Chicago, Software Engineer at Google Inc: $75 ($1,680 total)
Jean Jenkins, Chicago, Consultant at Ibm: $205 ($870 total)
Susan Lefkow Pigott, Chicago, Eeo Investigator at The Boeing Company: $74 ($602 total)
Cynthia Linton, Chicago, Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University: $2,073 ($4,500 total)
Kit Rodolfa, Chicago, Digital Modeling Analyst at Obama For America: $71 ($309 total)
Matthew Saniie, Chicago, Data Manager at Obama For America: $119 ($353 total)
Karine Jean-Pierre, Chicago, Deputy Battleground States at Obama For America: $123 ($343 total)
Elhajamin Young, Chicago, Chief Financial Officer at Sru Electric Inc: $65 ($280 total)
Richard G Gonzales, Chicago, Analyst at Obama For America: $63 ($230 total)
Barbara Ellis, Chicago, Retired: $62 ($262 total)
Joe M. Check, Chicago, Social Worker at Catapultelearning: $62 ($272 total)
Carrie Maher, Chicago, Consultant at Gerson Lehrman Group: $62 ($262 total)
Timothy J Gilfoyle, Chicago, Historian at Loyola University Chicago: $2,560 ($2,560 total)
Margarette F. Ricks, Chicago, Information Requested: $110 ($440 total)
Alice McAlexander, Chicago, Executive Assistant at Ofa: $60 ($338 total)
Cyrilla F. Zarek, Chicago, Rn Nurse Liaison: $60 ($580 total)
Raymond Niwa, Chicago, Information Requested: $60 ($290 total)
David Curry, Chicago, Speechwriter: $60 ($310 total)
Erica Sackin, Chicago, Digital Outreach Lead at Obama For America: $60 ($251 total)
Fulton Nolen, Chicago, Information Requested: $60 ($290 total)
Susan Polachek, Chicago, Social Work: $58 ($308 total)
Theodore W. Dixon Jr., Chicago, Information Requested: $55 ($210 total)
Matthew Greiner, Chicago, Multimedia Clearance Coordinator at Harpo Productions, Inc.: $55 ($230 total)
Doris Gould, Chicago, Retired: $55 ($215 total)
Keriakos Stoykos, Chicago, Information Requested: $55 ($310 total)
Evan Gladstone, Chicago, Real Estate at Nrc Realty & Capital Advisors: $130 ($230 total)
Avra W Stackpole, Chicago, Advance Desk at Ofa: $93 ($278 total)
Wasiu Akande, Chicago, Security Officer at Industrial Patrol Services Corp: $85 ($400 total)
Jewel Anderson, Chicago, Information Requested: $50 ($232 total)
Kevin Chears, Chicago, Project Manager at J P Morgan: $190 ($440 total)
Nina Barreiro, Chicago, Consulting Manager at Daugherty Business Solutions: $50 ($298 total)
Lance Cohn, Chicago, Teacher: $50 ($335 total)
Levi Stahl, Chicago, Publishing at University Of Chicago: $50 ($340 total)
Katherine A Erwin, Chicago, Attorney at University Of Chicago: $50 ($290 total)
Ellen L. Partridge, Chicago, Analyst at Uw: $50 ($575 total)
Joann Carney, Chicago, Photographer: $125 ($625 total)
David A. Hansen, Chicago, Architect at Perkins+Will: $50 ($350 total)
Sara Levinson, Chicago, Freelance Photographer: $50 ($565 total)
Lorna Straus, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($450 total)
Ronald Gibbs, Chicago, Police Officer at City Of Chicago: $50 ($600 total)
Courtney Ard, Chicago, Sprinkler Fitter Fire Protection Spec. at Local 281 Sprinkler Fitters: $259 ($401 total)
Lori Sass, Chicago, Assistant Director at Northwestern University: $50 ($255 total)
Ann Ziolkowski, Chicago, Director Of Marketing at Northbrook Park District: $150 ($466 total)
Ophelia E Goodrum, Chicago, Retired: $75 ($225 total)
Barbara J England, Chicago, Retired Federal Employee at Not Employed: $100 ($410 total)
Michelle Bradley, Chicago, Professional Actress/Homemaker: $90 ($505 total)
John Bellamy Jr., Chicago, Green Technology: $50 ($363 total)
Katie Evans-Bartley, Chicago, Teacher: $100 ($420 total)
Mike Kruglik, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($340 total)
Mike Bell, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($360 total)
Leon Epstein, Chicago, Physician at Children'S Memorial Hospital: $50 ($950 total)
Anna Johnson, Chicago, Administrator at Aama: $50 ($415 total)
Mark Thomas Cappello, Chicago, Nurse Anesthetist at Tricounty Anesthesia Assoc: $50 ($700 total)
Noemi Kopp-Tanaka, Chicago, Librarian at Lycee Francais De Chicago: $50 ($250 total)
Geoffrey Rugege, Chicago, Professor: $50 ($400 total)
Rachel Lomasz, Chicago, Associate Creative Director at Abelson Taylor: $50 ($450 total)
Laura Moore, Chicago, Accounting at Rexam: $100 ($230 total)
John McMartin, Chicago, Consultant at Accenture: $50 ($325 total)
Kathy Byrne, Chicago, Lawyer at Cooney And Conway: $50 ($604 total)
Jonathan Davis-Sanders, Chicago, Counselor/Teacher at Chicago Board Of Education - Retired: $50 ($390 total)
Scott Ross, Chicago, Not Employed: $171 ($1,144 total)
Jeanne Laduke, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($250 total)
Mattie L Murphy, Chicago, Information Requested: $50 ($750 total)
Benjamin Bohlman, Chicago, Pilot at Pinnacle Airlines: $85 ($285 total)
Mark Rankins, Chicago, Help Desk Agent at Jp Morgan Chase: $50 ($230 total)
Jeannette Collins Molden, Chicago, Training Specialist at City Colleges Of Chicago: $200 ($250 total)
Peter Hales, Chicago, Professor at University Of Illinois: $100 ($250 total)
Jennifer C Cizner, Chicago, Director Of International Relations at City Of Chicago: $85 ($250 total)
Natalie Santiago, Chicago, Pediatrician at Kidcare Doctors: $100 ($1,020 total)
Constance Dugan, Chicago, Speech Therapist: $50 ($400 total)
Steven A Bloomberg, Chicago, Information Requested: $50 ($300 total)
Nicholas Mader, Chicago, Education Research at University Of Chicago: $50 ($293 total)
Emma McGee, Chicago, Admin Asst at Cook County: $50 ($275 total)
Robert Dickau, Chicago, Technical Writer at Flexera Software: $150 ($600 total)
David Bernardo, Chicago, Software Engineer at Belvedere Trading: $150 ($250 total)
Stephane Essama, Chicago, Trader at Drw Trading Group: $50 ($225 total)
Esther Wilburn, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($383 total)
Silvana Benzoni, Chicago, Editor at Encyclopedia - Britannica: $85 ($635 total)
Jon Schaudies, Chicago, Operations Director at Snk America: $50 ($425 total)
Judy Jashinsky, Chicago, Visual Artist: $70 ($467 total)
Stephanie Prather, Chicago, President/Owner at Professional Development Plus: $60 ($265 total)
Lydia Nantwi, Chicago, Educator at Chicago Board Of Education: $50 ($475 total)
Clarence Fraher, Chicago, M.E.P./B.I.M. Coordinator at Cadworks: $150 ($350 total)
Paul A. Bowyer, Chicago, Programmer Analyst at Tru-Value Coor.: $50 ($250 total)
Clay H Collier, Chicago, Not Employed: $50 ($315 total)
Steven Stallard, Chicago, Marketing Research at C+R Research: $50 ($250 total)
Michael Barry, Chicago, Market Strategist at Caherciveen Partners, Llc: $250 ($250 total)
Mary Spellman, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($800 total)
Edward Noonan, Chicago, Former Real Estate Assessor: $75 ($497 total)
Sarah Dunn, Chicago, Associate Professor at University Of Illinois: $50 ($250 total)
Linda S Buyer, Chicago, Professor Of Psychology at Governors State University: $50 ($455 total)
Anita Pollock, Chicago, Business Analyst at Jpmorgan Chase: $50 ($387 total)
Donald F Fitzgerald, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($825 total)
Patrick F. Murray, Chicago, Attorney at Winston & Strawn: $50 ($1,050 total)
Fanny Clonch, Chicago, French Teacher at Chicago Public Schools: $75 ($250 total)
Carlos E Arana, Chicago, Court Interpreter at Cook County Illinois: $50 ($505 total)
Pamela Pifer, Chicago, Administrator at Catherine Cook School: $50 ($310 total)
Amalia Levy, Chicago, Biochemist: $85 ($600 total)
Tom Fromelt, Chicago, Manager at Ims: $50 ($205 total)
Bill Brickey, Chicago, Musician: $85 ($210 total)
Ali Emadi, Chicago, Professor at Mcmaster University: $50 ($250 total)
John Kokontis, Chicago, Research Scientist at University Of Chicago: $50 ($300 total)
Gerald McLaughlin, Chicago, It at Questel-Edital: $100 ($685 total)
Barbara L Meyer, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($500 total)
Lizbeth Mino, Chicago, Scientist at Cameron Health: $135 ($593 total)
Perry Bax, Chicago, Music Podcast Producer/Host: $110 ($790 total)
Lynn Huber, Chicago, Registered Nurse at Rush University Medical Center: $50 ($250 total)
George H Gibson, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($500 total)
Rob Martin, Chicago, Owner at Cho: $200 ($650 total)
Blanche P Gaston, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($560 total)
Charley Johnson Jr., Chicago, Retired: $50 ($290 total)
Jan Lisa L Huttner, Chicago, Freelance Writer/Editor/Blogger at Films For Two: $50 ($700 total)
Anita President, Chicago, Teacher at Board Of Education: $50 ($275 total)
David Miller, Chicago, Administrator at University Of Chicago: $50 ($400 total)
Fotis Theodore, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($350 total)
Marion Lindsey, Chicago, Retired: $125 ($275 total)
Marc Schoonover, Chicago, Actuarial Analyst at Towers Watson: $50 ($450 total)
Teresa Morales, Chicago, Business Clerk at Cps: $175 ($260 total)
Salvador Flores, Chicago, Information Requested: $100 ($250 total)
Barbara Guillory, Chicago, Administrator at University Of Illinois At Chicago: $135 ($280 total)
Gail L Purkey, Chicago, Pr: $50 ($770 total)
Patricia B Smith, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($335 total)
Julius Farrell, Chicago, Event And Security at Chicago Cubs: $145 ($320 total)
Grant E. Campbell, Chicago, Director Of Advance at Obama For America: $91 ($330 total)
Beverly Letcher, Chicago, Faculty at Chicago State University: $50 ($685 total)
Sallie Stiens, Chicago, Manager Global Client Service at Grant Thornton Llp: $50 ($425 total)
Hannah Aitchison, Chicago, Artist: $50 ($250 total)
Jeanne Marie Marie Schultz, Chicago, Public Relations at Pr & P: $50 ($450 total)
William Henry, Chicago, Band Director/Music Teacher at Chicago Public Schools: $50 ($290 total)
Stanley J. Rymas, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($800 total)
Maxine L. Burney, Chicago, Retired: $150 ($400 total)
Joel Fenchel, Chicago, Lawyer at Fischel & Kahn, Ltd.: $50 ($335 total)
Brian Fischer, Chicago, Catholic Priest at Archdiocese Of Chicago: $50 ($455 total)
Dedrea A Gray, Chicago, Homemaker/Activist at Not Employed: $50 ($5,000 total)
Sue Elster, Chicago, Professor at Niu: $50 ($252 total)
Jerry Smith, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($290 total)
Matthew Haddock, Chicago, Computer Programmer at Orbitz Worldwide: $50 ($260 total)
Nicole Loftus, Chicago, Ceo at Zorch: $150 ($650 total)
Stacy L Wilson, Chicago, Information Requested: $50 ($350 total)
Ryan Miller, Chicago, Engineer at Navistar: $125 ($215 total)
Kathleen Gallo, Chicago, Retired: $150 ($363 total)
Jennifer Henry, Chicago, Project Manager at Nrdc: $50 ($238 total)
Annie Hill, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($375 total)
Victor McGuire, Chicago, Electrician at Uop: $50 ($360 total)
Natalie Scruton, Chicago, Attorney at Dla Piper: $50 ($280 total)
Barb Head, Chicago, Broker Real Estate at Prudential Rubloff: $157 ($292 total)
Mary Sue Glosser, Chicago, Art Administrator at Art Institute Of Chicago: $50 ($350 total)
Robert Jensen, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($625 total)
David Teplica, Chicago, Plastic Surgeon: $50 ($530 total)
Catherine Johnson, Chicago, Information Requested: $50 ($250 total)
Monica Schrager, Chicago, Product Manager at Micros-Retail, Fry, Inc.: $50 ($275 total)
Beverley Gilmore, Chicago, Owner at Us Glulam: $50 ($400 total)
Billy Lawless, Chicago, Restaurateur: $50 ($330 total)
Marie Snyder, Chicago, Refused at Alternative Schools Network: $50 ($345 total)
Virginia Helm, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($304 total)
Brad Lohmeyer, Chicago, Data Consultant at Fti Consulting, Inc.: $90 ($230 total)
Thomas Hall, Chicago, Singer: $60 ($335 total)
Mark Mulka, Chicago, Technical at Arjohuntleigh: $50 ($250 total)
Miriam Gonzalzles, Chicago, Director at Cook County: $162 ($682 total)
Gene M Miller, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($250 total)
Leslie Jellinek, Chicago, Budget Director at Rehabilitation Institute Of Chicago: $100 ($450 total)
Christopher Whitaker, Chicago, Program Representative at State Of Illinois: $60 ($215 total)
Jerome Sacks, Chicago, Retired: $185 ($310 total)
Kathleen Schillo, Chicago, It Consultant: $50 ($612 total)
Bradley Lynch, Chicago, Architect at Brininstool + Lynch, Ltd.: $50 ($350 total)
Daisy Lynn Mertzel, Chicago, Director Community Relations at Howard Brown Health Center: $50 ($220 total)
Michael Halberstam, Chicago, Artistic Director at Writers' Theatre: $50 ($240 total)
Julie Fedeli, Chicago, Homemaker: $50 ($1,439 total)
Audrey L. Griggs, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($260 total)
Elsbeth Meuth, Chicago, Director at Tantra Nova Institute: $50 ($235 total)
Alice C Perry, Chicago, Physical Therapist at Swedish Covenant Hospital: $390 ($1,555 total)
Lorraine Forte, Chicago, Editor at Community Renewal Society: $50 ($250 total)
Katrin Schnabl, Chicago, Professor at School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago: $275 ($925 total)
Sally Havlis, Chicago, Teacher: $50 ($250 total)
Cheryl Arata, Chicago, Psychotherapist/ Private Practice: $50 ($450 total)
Diane Percival, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($350 total)
Maria Scala, Chicago, Adult Educator at Truman College: $50 ($285 total)
Rudy McCalebb, Chicago, Sales Rep at Quintell Corp: $112 ($242 total)
June Clayborne, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($305 total)
Jacqueline Britton, Chicago, Hr at Usg: $150 ($220 total)
Richard Pincus, Chicago, Lawyer: $75 ($250 total)
Barbara J Wielgosz, Chicago, Owner/Travel Agent at Josi Sea Cruises, Inc.: $50 ($240 total)
Milda Saunders, Chicago, Physician at University Of Chicago Medical Center: $50 ($245 total)
Kimberly W White, Chicago, Attorney at Johnson Controls, Inc.: $150 ($300 total)
Douglas K. Hamilton, Chicago, Insurance Exec at Chartis Insurance: $50 ($285 total)
Cherilyn Heramb, Chicago, Transportation Planner at Aecom: $50 ($480 total)
William Hammett, Chicago, Retired: $85 ($220 total)
Lynn Straus, Chicago, Writer: $150 ($650 total)
Josephine Moore, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($400 total)
Carol Martin, Chicago, Lawyer: $175 ($675 total)
Michelle Dinnen-White, Chicago, Teacher- Early Childhood & Parent Educ at De La Salle'S Tolton Center: $50 ($315 total)
Michael Husby, Chicago, Medical Science Liaison at Medtronic: $50 ($300 total)
Joan Toth, Chicago, President And Ceo at Network Of Executive Women: $50 ($275 total)
Kenner Estes, Chicago, Homemaker: $60 ($285 total)
Daniel Litchfield, Chicago, Wind Energy Developer at Iberdrola Renewables: $50 ($250 total)
David Savage, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($650 total)
Valerie Wells, Chicago, Attorney at Smithsonian Institution: $50 ($400 total)
Michelle Peltier, Chicago, Owner at The Jademier Group: $50 ($338 total)
Basel Al-Aswad, Chicago, Orthopedic Surgeon at Evergreen Orthopedics: $50 ($500 total)
Susan Holliday, Chicago, Lawyer: $600 ($725 total)
Denise Darko, Chicago, Pharmacy Technician at Univ Of Chgo Hosptals: $100 ($528 total)
Alice Harper-Jones, Chicago, Ordained Associate Pastor at Kenwood United Church Of Christ: $175 ($250 total)
Jeffrey Rosen, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($285 total)
Marlene Szymanski, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($485 total)
Linda Hackett-Bradley, Chicago, Director Of Administration at City Of Chicago Department Of Health: $50 ($250 total)
Henry Taylor, Chicago, Vacuum Cleaner Salesman: $100 ($400 total)
Ron Gary, Chicago, Retired: $75 ($290 total)
Ching-Ru Wu, Chicago, Market Research at Bcbsa: $100 ($375 total)
Caryn Greiman, Chicago, Retired: $225 ($1,030 total)
Les Everett, Chicago, Telecom Manager at Wolters Kluwer: $50 ($500 total)
Philip Fox, Chicago, Chef at Protein Bar: $75 ($225 total)
Henry R Palmer, Chicago, Physician at Advocate Healthcare: $50 ($250 total)
Mary Funnye, Chicago, Teacher at Chicago Public Schools: $100 ($785 total)
Chanda Davis, Chicago, President at The Frances Group: $100 ($400 total)
Guy Anthony Rowley, Chicago, Physician at Sage Medical Group: $50 ($550 total)
Adam Finkle, Chicago, Executive at Affirmative Insurance Holdings: $50 ($250 total)
John Faulkenberry, Chicago, Consultant at Netra Technologies: $50 ($210 total)
Kerry Reid, Chicago, Writer: $50 ($400 total)
Stephen Albert, Chicago, Arts Manager at University Of Chicago: $50 ($250 total)
Bernie Santarsiero, Chicago, Biochemist at University Of Illinois: $195 ($320 total)
Jane Ann Thomas, Chicago, Retired: $85 ($535 total)
Oligon B. Bradbury, Chicago, Information Requested: $50 ($550 total)
Brenda Bracy, Chicago, Clerk at Tlc Management Co: $50 ($505 total)
Brian Peterson, Chicago, Director Of Engineering at Highwinds Technology Management: $50 ($310 total)
Mario Orrico, Chicago, Engineer at Itw Switches: $50 ($360 total)
Willie Winters, Chicago, Director at Cook County Sheriff'S Office: $100 ($405 total)
Alean Smith, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($225 total)
Eloise Lawson, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($1,675 total)
Joyce R Cohen, Chicago, Retired: $55 ($215 total)
Keith Erskine, Chicago, Senior Data Analyst at Democratic National Committee: $50 ($225 total)
Beverly Ann Martin, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($343 total)
Jay Mulberry, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($250 total)
Jack Murchie, Chicago, Architect at Smng-A Architects, Ltd.: $50 ($850 total)
Charles B Glasby, Chicago, Information Requested: $50 ($455 total)
Jeanne Sowa, Chicago, Management at Easter Seals: $100 ($213 total)
Eric Plattner, Chicago, Professor at Depaul University: $50 ($500 total)
Sally Schwartz, Chicago, Retired: $200 ($450 total)
Geri Byrd, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($400 total)
Margie M. Britten, Chicago, Retired: $100 ($300 total)
Beye Fyfe, Chicago, Secretary at Cornfield And Feldman: $47 ($235 total)
Cristina M Bonuso, Chicago, Budget Analyst at Obama For America: $97 ($501 total)
John V Williams, Chicago, Retired: $45 ($405 total)
Lorrie Donnell, Chicago, Homemaker at Sam: $45 ($460 total)
Scott Speegle, Chicago, Telecom Desk at Ofa: $45 ($401 total)
Pearline Thigpen, Chicago, Information Requested: $45 ($209 total)
Damon R Porter, Chicago, Researcher at Obama For America: $45 ($356 total)
Monica A. Roth, Chicago, Not Employed: $41 ($3,865 total)
Marc Falkenberg, Chicago, High School Teacher at Chicago Public Schools: $53 ($482 total)
Marie E Harf, Chicago, Associate Policy Director at Ofa: $224 ($807 total)
Sarah E Gerstenberger, Chicago, Accounting at Information Requested: $63 ($368 total)
Eddie Brewer, Chicago, Retired: $40 ($245 total)
Z Henry Frazer, Chicago, Project Manager at Teksystems: $40 ($205 total)
Jacqueline Mitchell, Chicago, Educator: $40 ($555 total)
Casarine Chong, Chicago, Attorney at Abbott Laboratories: $2,500 ($2,540 total)
Mary Gonzalez, Chicago, Mortgage Underwriter at Wells Fargo: $140 ($280 total)
Sarah Wannemacher, Chicago, Field Organizer at Organizing For America: $40 ($294 total)
Dorothy M. Press, Chicago, Retired: $40 ($1,040 total)
Monique Deshields, Chicago, Truck Driver at Heins Etp: $57 ($247 total)
Joan S French, Chicago, Volunteer: $35 ($240 total)
Hattie Johnson, Chicago, Information Requested: $35 ($225 total)
Donald Kruse, Chicago, Restaurateur at Meet & Potatoes, Inc: $120 ($395 total)
Jacquelyn Haynes, Chicago, Attorney at Borovsky & Ehrlich: $80 ($300 total)
R Anderson, Chicago, Teacher: $165 ($225 total)
Randall Dunn, Chicago, Headmaster at Latin School Of Chicago: $60 ($285 total)
Michael Silverstein, Chicago, Professor at University Of Chicago: $65 ($320 total)
Claude King, Chicago, Minister at First United Methodist Church-Chicago: $135 ($475 total)
John Crosby, Chicago, Attorney at Aoa: $35 ($1,035 total)
Laura Rose, Chicago, Chief Executive Officer at Center For Cultural Interchange - Chic: $35 ($1,140 total)
Clare Ardizzone, Chicago, Sr. Interior Designer at Loebl Schlossman &Hackl: $35 ($235 total)
Nila Barnes, Chicago, Data Warehouse Director at Chapin Hall At The University Of Chica: $35 ($545 total)
Donna M Godee, Chicago, Administrative Assistant at Bank Of America: $35 ($265 total)
Matthew Goulish, Chicago, Teacher at School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago: $35 ($220 total)
Stanley Majka, Chicago, Attorney at Brigitte Schmidt Bell, P. C.: $70 ($305 total)
Florence S Estes, Chicago, Union Staff Representative at Afscme: $140 ($215 total)
Richard Berlint, Chicago, Developer at Getco, Llc.: $35 ($650 total)
Sheldon Walcher, Chicago, Teacher at Roosevelt University: $160 ($345 total)
Michael Griffin, Chicago, Fireman at City Of Chicago: $70 ($344 total)
Evelyn M Johnstone, Chicago, Not Employed: $60 ($210 total)
Murali Bobba, Chicago, General Manager at Gt Inc.: $145 ($650 total)
Mike Wilborn, Chicago, Retired: $135 ($290 total)
Greg Gressle, Chicago, Tv Engineer at Wgn-Tv: $110 ($440 total)
Leasha Overturf, Chicago, Producer & Photographer at Paul Elledge Photography: $195 ($1,145 total)
Altan Arsan, Chicago, Retired: $70 ($305 total)
Sheila McNary, Chicago, President/Ceo at Advanced Care Services, Inc: $135 ($335 total)
Regina Johnston, Chicago, Human Resources at Us Cellular: $35 ($280 total)
Cheryl Weissman, Chicago, Attorney at Markel: $245 ($1,217 total)
Raymond Bolton, Chicago, Retired: $35 ($310 total)
Daphne Racker, Chicago, Homemaker: $45 ($220 total)
Mary Chmielewicz, Chicago, Retired: $35 ($660 total)
Megan Osberger, Chicago, Business Development at Kirkland & Ellis Llp: $35 ($210 total)
Khortni Rodgers, Chicago, Speech Language Pathologist at Sos Therapy, Inc.: $35 ($240 total)
Victoria Rooks, Chicago, Educator at City Colleges: $35 ($260 total)
Colette Gordon, Chicago, Physician: $170 ($373 total)
Joseph Pulvirenti, Chicago, Physician at Provident Hospital Of Cook County: $35 ($935 total)
Chip Ferguson, Chicago, Scientist/Educator at University Of Chicago: $95 ($305 total)
Colin Rohlfing, Chicago, Sustainable Director at Hok: $35 ($255 total)
Nancy Powell, Chicago, Market Research/Public Relations at Not Employed: $60 ($335 total)
Gloria Davis, Chicago, Retired/Ed Consultant at Chicago Public Schools: $160 ($315 total)
Danielle Dunlap-Lavia, Chicago, Retired: $35 ($290 total)
Sandra Mangurian, Chicago, Educational Publishing: $35 ($240 total)
David S. Painter, Chicago, Retired: $60 ($320 total)
Mark Facen, Chicago, Bartender at Sidetrack: $85 ($305 total)
Carol H Pierce, Chicago, Administrator, Fund Raiser: $35 ($270 total)
Lynette Dupree, Chicago, Telecommunications Specialist at Faa: $35 ($220 total)
Melissa Bacon, Chicago, Program Manager at University Of Chicago Med Ctr: $35 ($235 total)
Michael Roman, Chicago, Lawyer at Roman & Associates: $35 ($215 total)
Allan G Russ, Chicago, Human Resources at Iri: $150 ($450 total)
Dustin Mitchell, Chicago, Software Developer at Zmanda, Inc.: $65 ($498 total)
Steve Kagan, Chicago, Photographer: $85 ($360 total)
Kathleen F. Taylor, Chicago, Waiter at Park Grill: $65 ($210 total)
Robert E Riley, Chicago, Retired: $35 ($452 total)
Jason Pacheco, Chicago, Sales at Ch Robinson Worldwide: $35 ($295 total)
Grace Allen Newton, Chicago, Attorney: $0 ($5,000 total)
Daniel Webb, Chicago, Tuckpointer: $35 ($210 total)
Earnest Jackson, Chicago, Tax Auditor at Illinois Department Of Employment: $70 ($250 total)
Jeff McCarter, Chicago, Non-Profit Youth Media Educator: $35 ($235 total)
Heather Johnson, Chicago, Associate at Katten Muchin Rosenman Llp: $105 ($362 total)
Bruce Scheff, Chicago, Dentist: $35 ($230 total)
Deborah Himmel, Chicago, Office Manager at Scott Himmel Architect: $120 ($469 total)
Chalice Coleman, Chicago, Dentist: $35 ($420 total)
Matt Mazzaroli, Chicago, Sales at American Gaming And Electronics: $60 ($680 total)
Sharon Fleming, Chicago, Police Officer at Retired Chicago Police Officer: $35 ($355 total)
Sarah J Cooney, Chicago, Retired: $85 ($320 total)
Judith Quittner Seizys, Chicago, Graphic Designer at Main Royal Design: $35 ($485 total)
Mary Edna Davidson, Chicago, Professor/Dean: $35 ($210 total)
Kyle Cheek, Chicago, Vp at Emdeon: $60 ($280 total)
Franklin Omene, Chicago, Accountant at Uic: $35 ($370 total)
Gregory Daniels, Chicago, Teacher at Evanston/Skokie District 65: $135 ($235 total)
Marilyn Montgomery, Chicago, Nurse at Hines Veterans Hospital: $35 ($350 total)
Don Curtis, Chicago, Retired: $35 ($610 total)
Chris Peterson, Chicago, Writer at Straight North: $45 ($288 total)
Donna Gaines, Chicago, Self-Employed: $35 ($285 total)
Kerstin Nicholson, Chicago, Business Consultant: $35 ($380 total)
Barbara Kaplinsky, Chicago, Senior Fundraising Executive at United Way Of Metro Chicago: $35 ($202 total)
Arnold O Velez, Chicago, It Professional at Working! Hurray!: $85 ($360 total)
Michele Garcia, Chicago, Archivist at Not Employed: $35 ($310 total)
Angela Green, Chicago, Child Welfare Regional Mgr at Us Dept Of Hhs: $35 ($240 total)
Joyce Jordan, Chicago, Registered Nurse at St. Bernard Hospital: $35 ($270 total)
Delois Young, Chicago, Flight Attendant at American Airlines: $35 ($285 total)
Hillary Tulley, Chicago, Teacher at Niles North High School: $60 ($225 total)
Stephen Johnson, Chicago, Appeals Nurse Associate at Aetna Inc.: $230 ($255 total)
Mark Segrist, Chicago, Lawyer at Sander, Travis & Rosenberg, Pa: $35 ($475 total)
Ralph Rivas, Chicago, Computer Consultant at Magenic Inc.: $70 ($215 total)
Katharine Tully, Chicago, Marketing Research at The Nielsen Company: $35 ($240 total)
Eileen Paul, Chicago, Maintenance Administrator at At&T: $45 ($255 total)
Margaret A Wander, Chicago, Sr Supplier Diversity Manager at Fortune 500 Company: $35 ($470 total)
Bryce Sears, Chicago, Software Stuff at Austin Digital, Inc: $70 ($410 total)
Susan Rakstang, Chicago, Architect/Assoc.Vp Facilities (Ret.): $35 ($206 total)
Jean M. Unsworth, Chicago, Retired: $135 ($765 total)
Richard Q Holloway, Chicago, Program Director at Colorado Technical University: $70 ($215 total)
Christine B Grosch, Chicago, Library Staff at Library: $85 ($210 total)
Charles Hamilton, Chicago, Professor Emeritus at Columbia University - Retired: $85 ($460 total)
Joan Barrios, Chicago, Archivist at The Cenacle Retreat House: $60 ($245 total)
Cornelia Farmer, Chicago, Retired: $55 ($1,923 total)
Claire McCombs, Chicago, Executive Assistant at Obama For America: $30 ($277 total)
Henry L Gill, Chicago, Information Requested: $70 ($225 total)
Elizabeth Gracie, Chicago, Attorney at O'Keefe Lyons & Hynes: $30 ($1,055 total)
Richard J. Stuckey, Chicago, Retired: $30 ($344 total)
Constance Speake, Chicago, Retired: $30 ($255 total)
Marvin A. Roelofs, Chicago, President/Ceo at Health Resource Service Mgmt Inc: $30 ($305 total)
William F Conlon, Chicago, Attorney at Sidley Austin Llp: $2,530 ($2,530 total)
Thomas Elson, Chicago, Manager at Ofa: $30 ($270 total)
Rosalinda Canchola, Chicago, Disabled at Social Security: $30 ($250 total)
Mary Beth Beth Schulz, Chicago, Cfo at Obama For America: $30 ($334 total)
Christina Nowinski, Chicago, Fundraiser at Nkc Llc: $30 ($250 total)
Dan Greenblatt, Chicago, Graduate Student at Syracuse University: $30 ($2,865 total)
Cheryl Baylor, Chicago, Communications Liason at Deutsch Levy & Engel: $182 ($242 total)
Brenda V.H. Friedman, Chicago, Art Teacher: $30 ($255 total)
Geraldine J. Parker, Chicago, Retired: $30 ($365 total)
Deborah Stein, Chicago, Freelance Writer: $60 ($390 total)
Kip Wainscott, Chicago, Attorney at Obama For America: $30 ($417 total)
Jon Van Dusseldorp, Chicago, Freelance Science Writer at Semi-Retired: $30 ($300 total)
June C Campbell, Chicago, Consultant For Early Childhood Program at Retired Head Start Administrator: $28 ($446 total)
Karen Patyk, Chicago, Program Mgr at Aarp Foundation: $27 ($273 total)
Jared Jodrey, Chicago, Attorney at Social Security Administration: $27 ($247 total)
Ben Van Couvering, Chicago, Project Manager at Obama For America: $26 ($364 total)
James Slattery, Chicago, Lawyer at Obama For America: $26 ($26 total)
Roderick Hawkins, Chicago, Vice President Of Communications at Chicago Urban League: $25 ($265 total)
Sheetal Parikh, Chicago, Attorney at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Llc: $125 ($425 total)
Angela Poole, Chicago, Manager at Csu: $25 ($600 total)
Tom Fleming, Chicago, Auditor For The Irs: $75 ($300 total)
Adam Hammond, Chicago, Lecturer at The University Of Chicago: $25 ($682 total)
Kyle Rush, Chicago, Web Developer at Obama For America: $12 ($212 total)
Raminder Kumar, Chicago, Physician: $2,056 ($4,897 total)
Catherine Bracy, Chicago, Product Manager at Ofa: $182 ($663 total)
Gloria Moore, Chicago, Clerk at Canadian National Railroad: $25 ($225 total)
Rachel M Ruiz, Chicago, Documentary Producer at Obama For America: $100 ($265 total)
Sasha G Fornari, Chicago, Motion Graphic Artist at Obama For America: $170 ($575 total)
Kathy McConnell, Chicago, Dir. Of Programming at University Professionals Of Illinois: $25 ($255 total)
Phil Stebbings, Chicago, Director, Applications Development at Clarity Partners, Llp: $25 ($250 total)
Gail Porter, Chicago, Attorney at The Empire Firm: $25 ($275 total)
Phillip Gant, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($330 total)
Virginia K Orlina, Chicago, Retired Registered Nurse: $130 ($405 total)
Patris Shirrells, Chicago, Retired: $150 ($834 total)
Tim R Brynda, Chicago, Software Engineering Analyst at Ace Hardware Corporation: $50 ($378 total)
Patricia Myers, Chicago, Retired: $95 ($514 total)
Janet Jenkins, Chicago, Editor: $45 ($240 total)
Linda Sue Collins, Chicago, Teacher/Librarian at Chicago Public Schools: $65 ($290 total)
Mildred Lovelace, Chicago, Retired: $45 ($265 total)
Diane Bell, Chicago, Teacher at Chicago Public Schools: $25 ($270 total)
Leslie Grant, Chicago, Teacher at Chicago Public Schools: $60 ($330 total)
Ron L Fritz, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($659 total)
Linda Bressler, Chicago, Refused: $25 ($330 total)
Charlie Klecha, Chicago, Graduate Student at School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago: $60 ($235 total)
Debra Paulson, Chicago, Legal Assistant at Barack Ferrazzano Et Al: $25 ($280 total)
Malcolm Morris, Chicago, Architect at Mdm Development Architecture, Corp.: $25 ($275 total)
Tony Bagdy, Chicago, Director Of Strategy at Feeding America: $25 ($220 total)
Nicholas A Gowen, Chicago, Attorney at Schopf & Weiss Llp: $25 ($402 total)
Anedra Kerr, Chicago, Vp at Advocate Health Care: $25 ($585 total)
Pamela Lambert, Chicago, Principal at Ziv Investment Co.: $25 ($305 total)
Marc Boxerman, Chicago, Attorney at Social Security Administration: $50 ($225 total)
Carolyn Williams Meza, Chicago, Administrator at State Of Il-Dept Of Hfs: $85 ($490 total)
Heather Major, Chicago, Ceo at Plan2Grow: $175 ($774 total)
Katharine Fenton Hathaway, Chicago, Writer: $25 ($250 total)
Vincent Kinehan, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($475 total)
John Burchfield, Chicago, Sales at Material Consolidators, Llc: $50 ($450 total)
Julie Blackwell, Chicago, Educare Advisor at Ounce Of Prevention Fund: $65 ($215 total)
Marsha O. Davis, Chicago, Research Programmer at University Of Illinois: $75 ($350 total)
Ronald L Verbaker, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($325 total)
Carlton Daniels, Chicago, Banker at Citigroup: $75 ($203 total)
Ida Watanabe, Chicago, Retired: $75 ($250 total)
Charlotte A. Blackman, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($515 total)
Linda Bradley, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($354 total)
Christine Demos, Chicago, Not Employed at Graduate Student: $75 ($439 total)
Eldora Silverman, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($275 total)
Thomas Bowen, Chicago, Executive Director at New Chicago Committee: $25 ($219 total)
Arlena Williams, Chicago, Administrative Assistant at United Airlines: $100 ($310 total)
Christine Giannoni, Chicago, Librarian at Field Museum: $25 ($325 total)
Ina Houck, Chicago, Presbyterian Pastor: $25 ($450 total)
Lauren S Verdich, Chicago, Realtor at @Properties: $2,570 ($2,620 total)
Florence Denton, Chicago, School Administrator: $25 ($250 total)
Meredith Dytch, Chicago, Retired: $70 ($345 total)
Dawn Perry, Chicago, Inventory Planning Manager at Kraft Foods, Inc.: $25 ($375 total)
Jeri Webb, Chicago, Director at The Field Museum: $115 ($428 total)
Pamela L Gennusa, Chicago, Vp, Knowledge Management at Urban Innovations: $125 ($650 total)
Patricia L. O'Neal, Chicago, Teacher: $25 ($300 total)
Diane Montiel, Chicago, Publisher: $75 ($210 total)
Charles Craft, Chicago, Consultant: $25 ($310 total)
Herbert Meltzer, Chicago, Professor at Northwestern University School Of Med: $25 ($275 total)
Margaret Muster, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($260 total)
Kyle Romaneck, Chicago, Freelance Motion Graphics Artist at Daily Planet Ltd.: $70 ($265 total)
Carolyn Anderson, Chicago, Not Employed: $25 ($300 total)
Michael Fralin, Chicago, Investment Banker - Attorney at Couzens Hall Advisors, Llc: $275 ($525 total)
Catherine A Foster, Chicago, Editor at H.H. Backer Associates: $25 ($852 total)
Marie J Ewald, Chicago, Digital at Ofa: $254 ($567 total)
William Walsh, Chicago, Attorney at Winston & Strawn Llp: $25 ($335 total)
John Spitzig, Chicago, Lawyer at Lion Resources, Inc: $50 ($225 total)
Arnetta May-Williams, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($398 total)
Amy S Kasper, Chicago, Social Work at Information Requested: $25 ($225 total)
Jeanne Petrick, Chicago, Pilates Instructor: $75 ($325 total)
Linda Smogor, Chicago, General Manager at Doubletree Hotel: $25 ($225 total)
Valissa Munoz, Chicago, Customer Service Assist. at Chicago Transit Auth.: $25 ($210 total)
Carolyn Williams, Chicago, Owner at Treasured Offspring Childcare: $25 ($275 total)
Mary H Prekop, Chicago, Property Manager at New Door Llc: $25 ($250 total)
Ellen Hughes, Chicago, Grant Writer at Family Focus, Inc.: $155 ($495 total)
Steve Grossman, Chicago, Teacher at Niles West High School: $75 ($325 total)
Matthew Fischler, Chicago, Policy Associate at City Of Chicago: $50 ($369 total)
Claudia Coleman, Chicago, Store Owner at Outpost: $115 ($325 total)
William Armstrong, Chicago, Maintenance at Woodlawn East Community And Neighbor: $75 ($345 total)
Lavern Bailey, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($235 total)
Derek Fawcett, Chicago, Musician Music Teacher at Columbia College: $25 ($230 total)
Richard L Dees, Chicago, Lawyer at Mcdermott Will & Emery: $3,025 ($4,400 total)
Martha Brown, Chicago, Hsc at Dhs: $175 ($1,330 total)
Sandra R Thomas, Chicago, At&T at Online Sales: $30 ($255 total)
Nettie C Bullock, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($290 total)
Edward J. Eckenfels, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($300 total)
Laurence Burd, Chicago, Information Requested: $25 ($250 total)
Jacqueline Wernz, Chicago, Attorney at Franczek Radelet: $95 ($470 total)
Octavia R Nelson, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($350 total)
Shirley A Hayes, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($225 total)
Paul Johnson, Chicago, Attorney: $70 ($220 total)
Judy Marth, Chicago, Risk Management at The Private Bank: $25 ($350 total)
Theodore Lowitz, Chicago, Artist at Lowitz & Company: $25 ($590 total)
Alex Thaler, Chicago, Software Engineer at Orbitz Worldwide: $25 ($280 total)
Veneia Dunbar, Chicago, Payroll Manager at Nuveen Investments, Inc.: $25 ($210 total)
Taylor St John, Chicago, Clinical Liaison at Kindred Hospital: $25 ($215 total)
James Hargrove, Chicago, Truck Driver at U.S. Logistic: $25 ($230 total)
Steve McFarland, Chicago, Copywriter at Creatice Circle: $25 ($280 total)
Pam Conway, Chicago, Retired: $37 ($87 total)
Laureen Lenoir, Chicago, Accountant at Donlen Corporation: $25 ($250 total)
Sheila McFarland, Chicago, Tax Analyst at Invenergy Llc: $25 ($320 total)
Paola Lucarni, Chicago, Sales at Hermes Of Paris: $25 ($395 total)
Lauren Bell, Chicago, Lawyer at Meltzer, Purtill & Stelle Llc: $25 ($325 total)
Lynn A Werner, Chicago, Teacher: $300 ($955 total)
Norma Deshields Brown, Chicago, Consultant at Deshields Entertainment: $25 ($425 total)
Lucy Hannah, Chicago, Teacher at Chicago Public Schools: $45 ($405 total)
Linda Lindsey, Chicago, Clerk at Unitedstates Postal Off: $25 ($290 total)
Linda S. Greene, Chicago, Retired Librarian: $25 ($262 total)
Maureen Amos, Chicago, Financial Aid Director at Northeastern Illinois University: $25 ($204 total)
Catherine Cain, Chicago, Mortgage Banking at Guaranteed Rate, Inc.: $25 ($250 total)
Geneva Mosley, Chicago, Information Requested: $50 ($205 total)
Joyce M. Ewell, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($255 total)
Kathleen Maloney, Chicago, Office Manager at Juniper Advisory: $25 ($230 total)
Diane A Richmond, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($1,210 total)
Nellie Donovan, Chicago, Marketer at Institute Of Real Estate Management: $25 ($215 total)
Mary Zavett, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($225 total)
Faig Aliev, Chicago, Consultant: $25 ($375 total)
Autry V Arbor, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($205 total)
Carol Albright, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($240 total)
Eve C Webster, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($245 total)
Peter Maxfield, Chicago, Inventory Coordinator at Container Store: $25 ($395 total)
Patricia Shymanski, Chicago, Attorney: $50 ($325 total)
Anthony J Newton, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($250 total)
Marla Kruglik, Chicago, Writer/Editor: $310 ($530 total)
Tim Alan Glanton, Chicago, Voip Application Specialist at University Of Chicago: $25 ($330 total)
Mary J. Dougherty, Chicago, Therapist: $120 ($475 total)
Andrew Newport, Chicago, Analyst: $50 ($250 total)
Elaine Johnson, Chicago, Teacher: $75 ($605 total)
Katharine Yang, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($235 total)
John Kowalkowski, Chicago, Principal Consultant at Sandpoint Consulting, Inc.: $25 ($275 total)
Delia C Coleman, Chicago, Dir., Public Policy at Donors Forum: $25 ($300 total)
Michelle D Carnes, Chicago, Librarian at Harold Washington Co: $25 ($251 total)
Kimberly A Smith, Chicago, Insurance Broker at Marsh Usa Inc.: $50 ($1,480 total)
John A. Middleton, Chicago, Software Engineer at Ibm: $50 ($225 total)
Maxwell Westerman, Chicago, Semi-Retired Physician at Mount Sinai Hospital, Chicago: $25 ($250 total)
Paul Jagunich, Chicago, Consultant at Deloitte Consulting: $55 ($220 total)
Aaron M. Chenoweth, Chicago, It Director at Polysystems, Inc.: $25 ($675 total)
Burton Natarus, Chicago, Lawyer: $225 ($225 total)
Tiasha Stevenson, Chicago, Public Relations Practitioner at Weber Shandwick: $25 ($300 total)
Ron Whitley, Chicago, Employee Relations Manager at Cbre: $75 ($335 total)
Bessie P Anderson, Chicago, Information Requested: $75 ($410 total)
Bobbie Wilson, Chicago, Information Requested: $25 ($205 total)
Bobbie Steele, Chicago, Retired: $25 ($663 total)
John Fogarty, Chicago, Administrator at State University Of Ny Stony Brook: $25 ($660 total)
Raymond Jones, Chicago, Retired: $50 ($325 total)
Vickie Holt, Chicago, Flight Attendant at American Airlines: $105 ($350 total)
Ellen Hardy, Chicago, Information Requested: $25 ($225 total)
Ferrante Hickerson, Chicago, Songwriter/Music Producer: $129 ($304 total)
Laraine Spector, Chicago, Marketing And Business Strategy Analys: $137 ($287 total)
Arthur W Thurner, Chicago, Refused: $25 ($275 total)
Barbara Townsend, Chicago, Vice President at Mercy Hospital: $25 ($245 total)
Aaron Buchner, Chicago, Dnc: $52 ($260 total)
Taylor O'Brien, Chicago, Ops at Obama For America: $112 ($254 total)
Rebecca Pompano, Chicago, Postdoctorate at Univ Of Chicago: $22 ($234 total)
Tara Corrigan, Chicago, Asst. To The Campaign Manager at Obama For America: $22 ($241 total)
Joshua A Kanipe, Chicago, Editor at Ofa: $22 ($312 total)
Kara N Carscaden, Chicago, Communications at Ofa: $52 ($224 total)
Leora J Cooper, Chicago, Home Care Aid at Dreda: $47 ($246 total)
David Gomez, Chicago, Researcher at Obama For America: $22 ($440 total)
Susan Noel, Chicago, Retired: $22 ($472 total)
Claire C Olszewski, Chicago, Midwest Finance Assistant at Ofa: $22 ($202 total)
Francois G Gilet, Chicago, Bartender at Hyatt Regency Chicago: $20 ($280 total)
Maud Ellmann, Chicago, Professor at University Of Chicago: $70 ($255 total)
Sonya I McBride, Chicago, Certified Human Service Caseworker at State Of Illinois: $20 ($385 total)
Alice Tippit, Chicago, Library Assistant at Northwestern University: $75 ($345 total)
Susan Linton, Chicago, Clerk Iv at City Of Chicago: $79 ($239 total)
Rogene T. Kirkegaard, Chicago, Acoustics at Kirkegaard Associates: $20 ($215 total)
Milton Smith, Chicago, Quality Assurance Lead at Chevron: $20 ($260 total)
Sean Tomlins, Chicago, Financial Analyst at The Privatebank: $20 ($275 total)
Eric Revels, Chicago, Advertising at Null: $40 ($305 total)
Andi Lamoreaux, Chicago, Radio Programmer at Wwci: $20 ($340 total)
Arthur L. Davis, Chicago, Retired: $20 ($300 total)
John Paul Rollert, Chicago, Student: $20 ($272 total)
Robert Perks, Chicago, Engineer at Baxter Healthcare Corp.: $20 ($265 total)
Isaac Baker, Chicago, Media at Obama For America: $20 ($312 total)
Theresa Simeoni, Chicago, Parish Staff Member at St. Francis Xavier Parish: $90 ($390 total)
Maureen Collins, Chicago, Program Coordinator at White Crane Wellness Center: $45 ($205 total)
Jason Mankowski, Chicago, Qa Specialist at Corn Products International: $95 ($270 total)
Daniel Menitoff, Chicago, Architect/Builder at Eighty Eight Inc.: $145 ($295 total)
Ellen O Middendorf, Chicago, Councellor at St. Ignatios College: $20 ($210 total)
Barbara Bouie-Scott, Chicago, Retired: $20 ($285 total)
Joseph Dipiazza, Chicago, Real Estate Broker at Realm Realty Company, Inc.: $20 ($265 total)
John Evans, Chicago, Physician at Resurrection Health Care: $40 ($480 total)
Lisa J Kohnke, Chicago, Scheduling/Advance at Obama For America: $74 ($985 total)
Dorothy Garner, Chicago, Caregiver at Chicago Commons: $30 ($270 total)
Therese Nelson, Chicago, Senior Dir., Client Services at University Of Chicago: $365 ($365 total)
Mudah Amusah, Chicago, Cab Operator: $15 ($220 total)
Laith Hodi, Chicago, Sales Manager at Vse International Corp.: $64 ($236 total)
Pamela Greanias, Chicago, Auditor: $75 ($210 total)
John Robbins, Chicago, Caregiver: $30 ($260 total)
Sam Raskin, Chicago, Student at Harvard: $40 ($255 total)
Isabel Bichao, Chicago, Homemaker: $165 ($765 total)
Edward E Hanson, Chicago, Firefighter at City Of Elgin, Il: $15 ($345 total)
Sandra Barnett-White, Chicago, Consultant at Curious Communication, Inc.: $65 ($430 total)
Susan Taylor, Chicago, Banking Officer: $75 ($735 total)
Beth Meyer, Chicago, Vp Global Marketing at Powermat: $125 ($225 total)
Francean Orloff, Chicago, President at Ian'S, Inc.: $30 ($250 total)
Barbara Aubin, Chicago, Retired: $15 ($215 total)
Matthew Stymiest, Chicago, Architect at Murphy Jahn Architects: $85 ($210 total)
Yohance Trice, Chicago, Library Clerk at Chicago Public Library: $110 ($321 total)
Fred Shapiro, Chicago, Real Estate Investments at Amli Residential: $2,515 ($2,515 total)
Matthew T McGregor, Chicago, Digital Communications at Obama For America: $215 ($655 total)
Chris A Layton, Chicago, Teacher at Chicago Public Schools: $15 ($215 total)
Michael L Smith, Chicago, Carpenter/Steward at Freeman Decorating Services: $95 ($1,819 total)
Cynthia M Minta, Chicago, Retired: $12 ($262 total)
David Duberstein, Chicago, Research Associate at Obama For America: $11 ($327 total)
Emily M Samsel, Chicago, Digital Organizer at Obama For America: $11 ($285 total)
Jerry Cattell, Chicago, Software Developer at Pulse Energy: $35 ($348 total)
Kevin Evanski, Chicago, Advocate at Brotherhood Of Maintenance Of Way Empl: $10 ($427 total)
Richard Davis, Chicago, Musician: $20 ($220 total)
Eduardo Cisneros, Chicago, Student at University Of Chicago: $54 ($246 total)
Hannah Debra Levin, Chicago, Attorney at Seyfarth Shaw Llp: $2,500 ($2,510 total)
Sarah Lecroy, Chicago, Graphic Designer at Designkitchen: $62 ($249 total)
Jann Reardon, Chicago, Homemaker at Not Employed: $128 ($663 total)
Pete T. Blatchford, Chicago, Dog Walker: $120 ($345 total)
Terry Golden, Chicago, Retired: $150 ($315 total)
Laura Ha, Chicago, Student at Walden University: $55 ($203 total)
Gurpreet Singh, Chicago, Tsg Supervisor at Ups: $193 ($449 total)
Marcus Salone, Chicago, Judge at State Of Illinois: $10 ($260 total)
Madrid B Kaufmann, Chicago, Senior Account Executive at Williams Lea: $10 ($285 total)
Martha Jennings, Chicago, Information Requested: $10 ($285 total)
Julie Montague, Chicago, Aldermanic Aide at City Of Chicago: $10 ($265 total)
John Tamayo, Chicago, Director, Human Resources at Service Is Us, Inc.: $35 ($285 total)
John Katsoudas, Chicago, Physicist at Illinois Institute Of Technology: $70 ($240 total)
Bertha L. Howell, Chicago, Homemaker: $10 ($297 total)
Moira Espinoza, Chicago, Freelance Journalist: $10 ($259 total)
Regina D Lacava, Chicago, Teacher at Chicago Public Schools: $83 ($308 total)
Mary Silver, Chicago, Residential Real Estate: $2,510 ($4,660 total)
Julie Sudak, Chicago, Flight Attendant at Gojet Airlines: $10 ($235 total)
Joseph Von Meier, Chicago, Attorney at Burke, Warren, Mackay & Serritella: $110 ($428 total)
Roxann Ruiz, Chicago, Accountant: $10 ($235 total)
Camille Mitchell, Chicago, It Project Manager at Mayer Brown: $165 ($432 total)
Laura Olin, Chicago, Writer at Ofa: $10 ($563 total)
Linda Usher, Chicago, Training Consultant: $35 ($445 total)
John Schow, Chicago, Not Employed: $55 ($330 total)
John Jeziorski, Chicago, Electrician: $72 ($242 total)
Caroline Brennan, Chicago, International Relief Organization at Catholic Relief Services: $95 ($335 total)
Mary R Hough, Chicago, Senior Site Content Manager at Obama For America: $60 ($202 total)
Teddy Goff, Chicago, Digital at Obama For America: $88 ($1,009 total)
Laura Deon, Chicago, Physician at Rush University Medical Center: $10 ($325 total)
Sara Zweig, Chicago, Law Student at Loyola University Chicago Law Student: $64 ($294 total)
Manya Pleva, Chicago, Retired: $110 ($260 total)
Joann Riley, Chicago, Retired Teacher at Board Of Education: $10 ($210 total)
Eliza Comer, Chicago, Production Manager at Ofa: $62 ($362 total)
Ben Counts, Chicago, Creative Consultant: $10 ($250 total)
Janet Roderick, Chicago, Real Estate Broker: $10 ($348 total)
Edward J Schlicksup, Chicago, Salesforce Lead at Obama For America: $32 ($203 total)
Chris Ellyn Johanson, Chicago, Professor: $60 ($270 total)
Michael Bertorelli, Chicago, Contractor at Bertorelli Construction: $100 ($235 total)
Corky Siegel, Chicago, Musician/Composer: $10 ($357 total)
Mark L. Sherkow, Chicago, Office Support at Northeastern Illinois University: $35 ($255 total)
Elmerre Goggins, Chicago, Not Employed: $215 ($240 total)
Cheryl McKinley, Chicago, Clinical Psychologist at Davken Assoc: $390 ($390 total)
Celia S Katz, Chicago, Retired: $135 ($330 total)
Gloria Hardy-Evans, Chicago, Social Services: $20 ($375 total)
Patrice A Stearley, Chicago, Librarian: $2,500 ($2,510 total)
Michael J Ingrasci, Chicago, Assistant Editor at Ofa: $10 ($1,515 total)
Constance D White, Chicago, Teacher at The School Of The Art Institute Of Chi: $110 ($920 total)
Scott Vandenplas, Chicago, Dev Ops Lead at Obama For America: $100 ($312 total)
Mark Swanson, Chicago, Music Librarian at Chicago Symphony Orchestra: $10 ($325 total)
Laura Schlegel, Chicago, Manager at Mario'S Mondo Cafe: $10 ($245 total)
Farhat Jensen, Chicago, Grants & Contracts Manager at The University Of Chicago: $10 ($235 total)
Irene O'Neill, Chicago, Mental Health Professional at Dupage County Health Department: $45 ($242 total)
Dean Corrin, Chicago, Associate Professor at Depaul University: $110 ($569 total)
Faith Dukor-Chaplick, Chicago, Quilt Instructor: $108 ($208 total)
Lauren Peterson, Chicago, Writer at Obama For America: $60 ($647 total)
Jason Aberle, Chicago, Graphic Designer at Centiv Services: $40 ($640 total)
Gloria E Leboyer, Chicago, Retired: $7 ($242 total)
Peter Newell, Chicago, Political at Obama For America: $37 ($1,290 total)
Timothy W Jacobs, Chicago, Faculty Assistant at Northwestern University: $7 ($277 total)
Edana Walker, Chicago, Fundraiser at Obama For America: $5 ($373 total)
Christopher Hass, Chicago, Senior Digital Program Manager at Obama For America: $7 ($223 total)
Erica Myles, Chicago, Circulation Assistant at University Of Chicago: $5 ($905 total)
Christopher Rose, Chicago, Sales Manager at Maro Carton, Inc.: $30 ($165 total)
Iosu T.C., Chicago, Retired: $15 ($275 total)
David Levy, Chicago, Sales/Marketing at Lps: $20 ($731 total)
Keith Harrison, Chicago, Head Of Hotel Sales at Travelport: $25 ($245 total)
Liz Morrison, Chicago, Video Producer at Obama For America: $38 ($270 total)
Robin Schmidt, Chicago, Veterinary Technician at Radiocat Llc: $173 ($201 total)
Tara Goff Kamradt, Chicago, Attorney at Baker Hostetler Llp: $5 ($1,205 total)
William St. Clair, Chicago, Software Engineer at Obama For America: $29 ($472 total)
Cathy Herman PhD, Chicago, Psychologist: $5 ($515 total)
Noel McKinnney, Chicago, Database Engineer at Obama For America: $10 ($491 total)
Daphne A Karagianis, Chicago, Designer at Obama For America: $26 ($443 total)
Robert R. Williams, Chicago, Retired: $5 ($705 total)
Michael J Slaby, Chicago, Ciio at Obama For America: $10 ($3,111 total)
June Collins, Chicago, Retired: $5 ($390 total)
Ellen M Babbitt, Chicago, Lawyer at Franczek Radelet: $2,505 ($3,005 total)
Devin K Brady, Chicago, Data Analyst at Obama For America: $35 ($272 total)
Dana Gossett, Chicago, Physician at Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundatio: $55 ($208 total)
Ana Rocca, Chicago, Analyst at Ofa: $24 ($403 total)
Andrew Robert Hill, Chicago, Financial Engineer at Chopper Trading: $40 ($596 total)
Matthew Wagner, Chicago, Flight Attendant at Southwest Airlines: $10 ($225 total)
Mioke Ohara, Chicago, Controller at Micron Metal: $5 ($305 total)
Yolanda Magallanes, Chicago, Grassroots Fundraising Mgr. at Ofa: $21 ($303 total)
Julia M Prieto, Chicago, Digital at Ofa: $44 ($267 total)
Christopher C Choi, Chicago, Digital Advertising Strategist at Obama For America: $46 ($527 total)
Harper Reed, Chicago, Cto at Obama For America: $30 ($743 total)
Katie M. O'Leary, Chicago, Intern at Obama For America: $25 ($228 total)
Alicia Maule, Chicago, Project Manager at Ofa: $104 ($661 total)
Eric Reif, Chicago, Digital Ads at Obama For America: $79 ($510 total)
Caitlin Mitchell, Chicago, Writer at Ofa: $15 ($255 total)
Clint Ecker, Chicago, Engineer at Obama For America: $27 ($205 total)
Jessi Langsen, Chicago, Social Media Content Manager at Obama For America: $8 ($350 total)
Kyle T Hertzberg, Chicago, Fec Reporting Analyst at Obama For America: $55 ($319 total)
Jason Rico, Chicago, Traffic Manager at Obama For America: $224 ($234 total)
Mika L Rothman, Chicago, Project Manager at Obama For America: $84 ($785 total)
Danielle Butterfield, Chicago, Digital at Obama For America: $71 ($400 total)
Toby Fallsgraff, Chicago, Senior Writer at Obama For America: $108 ($824 total)
Daniel W Carson, Chicago, Interactive Designer at Obama For America: $66 ($414 total)
Aaron U Salmon, Chicago, Ux/Ui Developer at Obama For America: $27 ($292 total)
Lisa Swanson, Chicago, Consultant at Gartner: $39 ($306 total)
Jesse P. Stinebring, Chicago, Analyst at Ofa: $3 ($331 total)
Zane M Shelby, Chicago, Web Developer at Obama For America: $3 ($237 total)
Sarah Driscoll, Chicago, Writer at Obama For America: $57 ($408 total)
Benjamin P Hagen, Chicago, Engineer at Ofa: $4 ($373 total)
Jay L. Davis, Chicago, Writer at Obama For America: $0 ($231 total)
Michael J Sweeney, Chicago, : $-15
Sylvia E. Furner, Chicago, : $-80
Daniel Vosburgh, Chicago, Rn at Rehabilitation Institute Of Chicago: $-352 ($376 total)
Tonette Chatman, Chicago, Marketing at Tlc Enterprise: $-250
Deborah Sims, Chicago, Commissioner at Cook County: $-250 ($45 total)
Joel Nickson, Chicago, : $-500
Jo Ann Nathan, Chicago, Retired: $-5,000 ($5,000 total)

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