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Wass leaving a loss: We lost a good commissioner with Leonard Wass leaving the Oswegoland Park Board. He won the position because voters agreed with him and still do. We have to continue to vote in the future elections to bring change by those who …

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Bad parenting: What is needed in this country rather than abortion is mass sterilization. If many young children today did not have grandparents, they would not get raised. Most young adult parents are totally self-centered. They do not want to be tied down with their …

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Help Hesed House: I am still fuming over The Beacon-News article about Hesed House and Alderman (Rick) Lawrence thinking that $1,500 is worth more than a little kid’s life. Get real, Mr. Lawrence. This is a real society today. There are people who are mentally …

Openline: Still wondering what happened to Caylee Anthony

I know everyone who has watched the Casey Anthony Trial thinks she’s guilty, but she’s free. There was enough proof of what happened. I know the jury was tired, but weren’t we all? I don’t know what happened, but I hope the jury stops and thinks about this verdict. Is Casey going to get another tattoo and party? What happened to Caylee? Does she care?

Openline: Thanks to all who helped after fall

Thank you to everyone who helped me when I fell outside the Pop’s restaurant. The young woman who was parked by my car and went to get help, the owner of the restaurant, the couple who was eating there, waitress, and EMTs. Your kindness, thoughtfulness and concern was and still is appreciated. God bless each of you.

Openling: Good music doesn’t justify loud volume

To G.R., whoever you are: You need to look at home plate instead of finding fault with Dale Nichols. Why is it OK to blast music that can be heard miles away just because it’s Grammy-nominated or for a church. Of all things, you’d think any public function, especially for a church, would have more respect or consideration for their neighbors. Dale’s message was for the community — yours seems to be for selfish concerns. Also, sign your name. Dale did.

Openline: Weiner’s actions were stupid, but not illegal

My response to Frank Beckley in Sunday’s Openline about honesty and integrity — he’s absolutely right. But Weiner did something stupid, not illegal. David Vitter, Republican senator from Louisiana, was re-elected after he did something not only stupid but illegal, because he was on the DC madam’s list. So when Mr. Beckley says, “What’s wrong with these people?,” he shouldn’t have so much of a double standard.

Family thinks helpful stranger at Aldi’s was late relative

The reason I’m calling is regarding the letter to the editor that says thank you to the stranger who helped pay for food at Aldi’s. Well our family agrees. It’s very possible that we know the stranger. My husband, Billy Taylor, died suddenly one week later, April 22. We know of many times he was known to help strangers pay for food, especially at Aldi’s. He was a good, good man.

Openline: Mauricio deserved harsher sentence

My comments concern Hector Mauricio. First I offer my condolence for the loss of Word War II veteran Victor Eby. In 2007, the death penalty was still in use. A firing squad (in this case) would have been good.

Stop sign needed at Randall and Voss

I’ve called North Aurora and Aurora city offices and neither of them tell me that the Randall and Voss intersection is in their district. You need a stop sign very badly at that intersection. Please put a stop sign up before there is a terrible accident at that intersection. It is very easy to come down Voss and hit Randall Road without even realizing that you’re on Randall Road. Please put a stop sign up before somebody gets killed.

Jericho Lake visitors must keep dogs on leash

The weather is warmer, and more people insist on taking their dogs to Jericho Lake unleashed. The park police do have other places to be. Maybe the signs should be made bigger so that people will start abiding by the “all dogs need to be leashed” law.

Let’s pray band’s situation turns out positive for all

Friday’s Viewpoint article about the West Aurora band program was very well written and I’m sure echoes the thoughts of many. I’m a former band parent and now a band grandparent. The band program is second to none, and I’m so thankful my children and grandchildren were and are are a part of it. Let’s all hope and pray this adverse situation turns out for the positive for all concerned.

Keep it real — East Side is way too crowded

I’d like to comment about the students living in homes on the West Side. I would just like to suggest that they come over on the East Side where there are four to five families living in two-bedroom homes. They talk in the street and we can’t get through. Let’s keep it real.

If overcrowding a problem on East Side, team up with neighbors

Regarding the Aurora University area overcrowded housing versus the East Side overcrowding, a neighborhood is only as good as its commmunity allows it to be. Those on the East Side should band together and work together just as those on the West Side are, and we should work together, instead of complaining or saying that others should quit complaining. Work together to work on your communities. Change your neighborhood and don’t tolerate it. If you tolerate it, a neighborhood is only as good as you let it be.

Butcher shop, in reality, is a slaughter house

I was quite amused as I read Jeff Ward’s column on May 6 called, “Anyone afraid of butcher shop is a chicken.” As I read his article I realized that the City Council will vote again. Now I have a minute to give my opinion. The so-called butcher shop needing just one vote is in all reality a slaughter house. It seems to me that Mr. Ward can hardly wait for the carnage to start. In fact, I’m sure most serial killers will want to watch the slaughter be done. And yes, Mr. Ward, animal control does have to euthenize