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Family thinks helpful stranger at Aldi’s was late relative

Updated: September 29, 2011 12:55AM

Editor’s note: Everett Killian’s name has been misprinted in recent editions of Openline. The Beacon-News regrets the error.

Family thinks helpful stranger at Aldi’s
was late relative

The reason I’m calling is regarding the letter to the editor that says thank you to the stranger who helped pay for food at Aldi’s. Well our family agrees. It’s very possible that we know the stranger. My husband, Billy Taylor, died suddenly one week later, April 22. We know of many times he was known to help strangers pay for food, especially at Aldi’s. He was a good, good man.

Juanita Taylor


Officer was compassionate to boy who lost phone

I would like to thank Officer Worchester with the Aurora Police Department for his help last week. He went above and beyond to help my 12-year-old grandson with a lost cell phone issue. Both of my grandchildren were treated with respect and compassion by Officer Worchester. The great impression of police officers that he left with them will remain with them for many years. I was extremely impressed. Thank you again for a great job.

Kathy Moss


Turn headlights on
during rainy days

I don’t know if it’s just me, but on a rainy day, I counted eight out of 10 oncoming cars with wipers at full blast, and no lights on. Isn’t that a law on rainy days? Also, people who make a right turn at the corner with no signal — thank you for the careful ones.

Dorothy Scott


‘Loud music’ was playing for a good cause

To Dale Nichols: The loud music that you heard was to raise money to rebuild Sacred Heart Church. The music that you heard originates from Durango, Mexico, and has been Grammy nominated. I’d like to see what you have to write about regarding the Blues on the Fox. Are you going to cry again?



Catholic Charities is
victim in foster situation

I’m calling in regards to the June 19 Letters to the Editor, from Patricia Garrity of Aurora, “Appalled that Catholic Charities won’t take part in same sex relationships.” I totally agree with what Patricia had to say in this letter, except I am concerned with the title, that “Catholic Charities won’t take part.” I think it should be more titled to the fact that the Illinois legislative body eliminated Catholic Charities from taking part in foster care. This title here alludes to the idea that Catholic Charities is not the victim but more the culprit.

Kevin Pitts


Maybe Joliet’s increasing population will add jobs

So Joliet says they will pass up A-Town in population. I hope they do, and soon. We have new factories here now, a slaughterhouse, and not one advertisement for help. How do they do that? So Joliet, come on, help us out.

Victor Pall


Obese Americans should
be taxed per pound

Why do our health care costs keep going up and up? I think I have the obvious answer. We are becoming a very obese society. I see it in my own family. I am an anti-tax-increasing guy, but this time I have to make an exemption. Based on your age, gender, height and race, you should be taxed for every pound over a certain set weight. Does this qualify me as being obese-ophobia and committing a hate crime? I guess I’m pushing the Second Amendment this time.

Earl Johnson

St. Charles

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