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Openline: Alderman are supposed to vote absentee if absent

Updated: September 29, 2011 12:29AM

Aldermen are supposed
to vote absentee if absent

Why is it that when there is an important issue to be voted on, a couple of alderman don’t show up? Can’t they vote absentee? They’re supposed to.

Tom Bolin


What if Americans
were armed on 9/11?

So Osama bin Laden, when shot dead, was not armed. How many Americans on the four airlines, in the Twin Towers, even the Pentagon were armed on 9/11?

Mel Dormer


Where is politician
funding coming from?

I am so tired of the birthers. Why are we not talking about where all the money is coming from to buy our politicians? The Chamber of Commerce members — where are they getting the money from to buy our politicians. We need campaign reform now. If all the money was put toward the deficit, it would greatly reduce it. Wake up and start on the problems we really have, but when you really want to cover your agenda, you just say, “no birth certificate,” and everybody thinks it’s horrible. Then we don’t have to talk about the real problems.

Linda Hartman


How can property taxes
go up if value goes down?

Just got my new tax bill. My house is worth less, the products in the house are worth less, income is down, the value of property is down, but the property taxes have gone up year after year. Somebody needs to write a nice long description of what’s going on with our government to explain why you can have a tax increase when the valuation went down — a very detailed, open letter for the readers of The Beacon-News.

John Bederka


President wrong to say budget would make us impoverished

President Obama stated that the Paul Ryan budget would make the U.S. a third-world country. This is just an outright lie, and very disingenuious for a president to make. There are some people who think our president is a smart man. Maybe he is, but when it comes to common sense, he has none. Time for 2012.

Frank Beckley


It’s ridiculous that knowing Spanish is job requirement

Not very many jobs are available, and I see more and more bilingual jobs in the paper. I don’t understand why we have to know Spanish in our country to have a job. It’s ridiculous that this is going on.

Vicki Stephanson


In agreement with cardinal

Excuse me, but I’m in the same area with the cardinal. He is ordained to rule the church, not the congregation — only in cetain aspects. Respect is all but gone. Everybody wants to be boss — this is not new, as what happened to many pastors leaving a church. It’s sad.

Wilma Hauer


To those not paying taxes:
Well, you’re welcome

Got my tax bill — surprise! It’s better than $400 over last year. Everyone I’ve talked to had a reduction on their tax or it’s about the same. I guess I’m one of the chosen few that get to make up for all those in Aurora not paying their taxes but getting all the benefits. To them I say, hey, you’re welcome.

Dale Nichols


Roosevelt had interesting thoughts on debt

I am reading from a Webster’s quotation dictionary, and it says: “Our national debt after all is an eternal debt owed not only by the nation, but to the nation. If our children have to pay interest on it, they will pay that interest to themselves. An eternal debt will not impoversh our children or put the nation into bankruptcy.” — Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt.

Raymond Lynch


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