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Updated: April 1, 2013 6:47AM

People are the problem

Mr. Davidson, in his letter in the Feb. 24 Beacon-News, asked a question that deserves an answer. He asked: “ Did you ever wonder how many “bad person’s” were “good person’s” until having an easily accessible gun made them a killer?”.

Anyone who had an ethics course can answer that in one word: NONE. Opportunity does not change one’s true character, it reveals it. It’s called integrity — doing what is right even though no one is around to see you. It is why some people alone in a store don’t steal; but others do.

It’s the lack of it that shows why, if recent studies are to be believed, more people of the current generation have cheated on tests — and condone it — if the result is acceptance into college or getting a good job.

If we get rid of people in our community that misuse tools/weapons the problems those people cause would decline. If the person who attacked Mr. Davidson’s daughter (and it wasn’t gunowner Mr. Coleman) wasn’t around, she could have stood in a room full of guns covered in hundred dollar bills and be safe. Want proof? Mr. Davidson should just take note of what happened Aurora and Chicago. Aurora got rid of the problem people with outstanding results. Chicago followed Mr. Davidson’s (and others’) idea and piled on the gun restriction laws — with results that were (and continue to be) an absolute failure!

Bill Voda


Jacksons at home in Illinois

We the people of Illinois are treated again to yet another profile of our electoral panache and civic probity. We are nothing if not consistent in our witless pluck and determination to snatch from the bottom of the barrel in our choice of leaders.

This time the scourge du jour is the Jackson Two, Jesse Jr. and wife Sandi. The former is a former U.S. Rep and anointed demigod-offspring of civil rights demagogue/carnival- barker Jesse Sr. The spousal latter is a former Chicago alderman and exemplar of the vicissitudes of marrying well. (Hillary has at least one acolyte.)

Their shabby morals and ethics, sham virtuosness, and gamesmanship at family-connection politics mark them as our own: proud Illinois/Chicago son and daughter. Fortunately, their disgrace arrives just in time to rescue us from our ennui in the boring, dullish denouement from the rock ‘em, sock ‘em excitement of Rod Blagojevich’s fall from grace.

William Beavers, Derrick Smith and not-so-sober Judge Cynthia Brim have been entertaining but only as lounge acts. But the Big Show demands more marquee names.

We don’t yet know where, or even if, Jr. and Sandi will serve their time. Maybe they’ll join Rod on the same cell block. Too bad that Rod’s co-conspiring wife, Potty-Mouth Patty, escaped the snare. Otherwise, the four of them could hook up for bridge or a spirited game of Illinois political redistricting. That would assure the nation’s prison system of a regular flow of business from Illinois. Now that’s real Stimulus! Somewhere Lincoln must be regretting that he left Kentucky.

Les Lopinot


Civil unions vs. marriage

If it is wrong to legislate morality, why is it OK to legislate immorality? Is the answer to that question in the Constitution or catechism?

Marriage is a sacrament witnessed and blessed by an ordained clergyman. No priest, minister, rabbi or imam can sanctify a sinful act, be it adultery, fornication or any of the other deadly acts which pervert and diminish mankind.

Civil unions are performed every day, everywhere in the world. Facts be known it is a growing trend even among people living sacramental lives. The purpose being to protect and legalize personal property. This can be done without a government document, just a good lawyer will do.

Those promoting civil union legislation to acknowledge homosexuality know the law better than the common man. They want bragging rights and power. Those globalists who are funding the movement want control of society starting with population growth. Hence the denigration of the pro-life movement and homeschooling.

When we speak of a culture war what is really at stake in our democracy is what faction of society will rule — and who will pay? Will atheistic, secular cults triumph over Christianity? I hope not! “ Love Ins” require no obedience, sacrifices nor permanency. While appearing to momentarily profit far above virtues of chastity, self denial, and permanency it is not a stable or enriching way of life for a nation.

The politicians, and we know who they are, that are undecided on morals and principles when voting on the civil union bill, should step aside. All laws are wedded to morality, for better or worse. Former state Sen. John Nimrod said in a speech on choosing a candidate, “look to the man who is faithful to his religion.” Don’t be a hypocrite, let your conscience and reason apply, not on a pretty face.

Joan Solms


Scenes from sequester

I’m going to enjoy this sequester thing. I’ve been told for these last few years by my friends on the right that our national debt is bad. Deficits are bad. We need to cut, cut, cut. Well, it’s here.

It will be like Christmas morning. The gift of less government spending will bring us lower unemployment, more government efficiency and everyone will be happy. Who needs teachers, cops and TSA agents anyway. We can do more with less. My taxes should go down, right? My food should be safer since those meddling inspectors won’t be bothering the manufacturers and growers.

I actually enjoy waiting on the phone, listening to music, waiting to talk to someone about my declining government benefits. I’m sure those leaches who suck up government aid for food and housing can find huge philanthropic groups to help them now that we don’t have to support them. Yes, I’m going to like this sequester thing. Can I please have some more gruel sir?

Ed Washak


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