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Updated: March 25, 2013 6:09AM

Thanks for benefit

I would like to thank everyone who participated in helping with the benefit for Lori Arend. I appreciate all the donations, the food, the time and effort put into this.

The benefit was a great success. I wish I could thank each person who helped and contributed, but that is not possible. Please keep praying.

Lori Arend


Distorting marriage

I guess “gay marriage” as a social issue is just not going to go away. But how did it ever come about? We grant that lesbians and gays are a part of modern culture, and we do allow them to intermingle and relate, as they may be pleased so to do. But “gay marriage” leaves me nonplussed.

Marriage has its roots in our Creator’s own ideas as to the basic importance, of the male and female gender distinctions, and how they relate to the propagation of the human race. What else? So the concept of marriage originated with God, and was ordained to provide for family life with a husband and a wife in a life commitment, and with children as family members, living in solidarity as the most basic unit of human society. That all makes sense.

But now we are supposed to apply the term “marriage” to identify two women, or again, two men, who “live together” as friends. But why distort the concept of “marriage” to describe their personal relationship as “friends” in their emotional attachment? Of course, we are supposed to recognize the “discriminating differences” between a man and his wife, and two women or two men, in some sort of emotional attachment that commits them to exclusive friendship.

But hey, let the “discriminatory differences” be recognized. Who says the two social arrangements have to be parallel and equal? Please do not confuse the terminology or seek that two separate “social” arrangements be made to be “equals” and both to be called marriage!

E.A. Frost

Big Rock

One source of guns

In the Feb. 5 Beacon, there are two items that are strongly correlated.

The first is in the Police Report. Six guns, including three semi-automatic rifles, were stolen in Aurora from a burglarized residence.

The second is the latest “I Love Guns” letter from Rick Coleman in North Aurora. He is one of these gun lovers who believe that everyone should be going around armed to the teeth with every type of gun that they can get their hands on. He believes that an assault rifle was not used in the Connecticut killings. Does it make any difference what type of “Legal NRA Endorsed” gun was used?

These 26 people, including 20 school children, are still dead.

Let’s go back to the burglarized residence where the arsenal of guns was stolen. Presumably, the owner of these six guns is a fine, upstanding citizen who legally purchased these guns and has a FOID card. Well, Mr. Coleman, it must have been, in your terms, a “bad person” who did the stealing, not a respectable person like yourself. Hmmm, just where do the “bad persons” get their guns? And how many people are going to be killed with these six guns? Are they going to be sold in Chicago?

Hopefully, you have your arsenal locked up really good, because these “bad persons” now know where to get more guns — your residence. Did you ever wonder how many “bad persons” were “good persons” until having an easily accessible gun made them a killer?

Finally Mr. Coleman, in May 2006, my daughter was shot in an armed robbery attempt. Thank you for helping to make that possible.

Jim Davidson

North Aurora

SWAT Team advice

Recently, teachers from Beta Theta chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma held a very informative meeting with two members of the Kane County SWAT team. They shared their role in protecting our community.

As teachers, the conversation naturally went to how we can protect our students from a violent intrusion. Should we carry guns? If so, where would we conceal them? And would they be where they were needed at a point of confrontation? The officers made an excellent point. If a person is going to buy a gun, they have to ask themselves, Could I really kill a person? Most of us would probably say no. These officers then advised us to not make the purchase. That weapon could easily be taken and used against us.

So what can teachers do? Everything that can delay the intruder. Lock the classroom door. Hide children. Could schools go back to using glass windows that have steel mesh in them? It is good that all of our schools lock their outside doors and many main doors have a double entry.

We were appalled when told that the officers had to buy much of their own equipment. The county’s budget is approximately $5,000 for the SWAT team. That isn’t even enough money to purchase their ammunition. Yes, the department can keep most of the money they confiscate in drug raids, but they have to hold fundraisers to buy bullets. There is something very wrong with that. These men are very passionate about what they do, and they deserve more from us.

Donna Oleson


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