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Updated: March 21, 2013 6:13AM

Don’t plow trail

I am writing in response to Stefanie Fitzsimons’ letter of gratitude to the man who shoveled the trail. I am not so grateful.

It has been a disappointing winter to those of us who cross country ski. We live in an area with a wonderful trail system for that purpose. You can only imagine my delight a few weeks ago when we actually had enough snow to ski. I put on my skis and set tracks in the snow along the trail. It was glorious to enjoy the wonder of nature.

The next day I couldn’t wait to get home from work to ski again. I strapped on my skis and headed to the trail and almost cried. Someone had shoveled the tracks I had put down. I tried to ski along side the trail but with numerous obstacles I eventually fell and broke one of my skis. I am almost 60-years-old and have been doing this for over 30 some years. I never fall. It was a very disappointing day. I took off my skis and walked home carrying my skis and poles.

A few years back someone had suggested that the park district plow the trail for walkers/runners. Someone spoke up for those of us who ski and it was decided that the trails would be left as is for skiers. My husband as a runner/skier believes with hidden patches of ice it is too dangerous to run outside at those times anyway and others agreed.

I understand the shoveling man has good intentions and who can fault someone for that. I was just not as happy as Stephanie about it and know I am not the only one.

Jo Rickert


Parr pro-business

Your vote counts and you could help to change the economic lull that Oswego currently is in. As our surrounding communities rebound from the economic downturn, Oswego is being left behind.

On April 9, you have the opportunity to vote for Pam Parr who will be pro-business for Oswego. Pam Parr has been an advocate of this community for many years. She has served Oswego as a volunteer, a business owner, and an elected official. She was involved in the promotion of the downtown business district for many of those years and understands the importance of business to the success of a community.

On the Kendall County Board, she was a noted fiscal conservative who always reinforced looking to the future. She supported infrastructure projects as well as new construction.

I have known Pam for over 10 years and am proud to support her for the Oswego Village Board. She is well-read, well-versed, and outspoken — exactly what we need.

Anita Patel


A broken system

I’ve lived on Chatham Place in Boulder Hill for 20 years. It’s a quaint neighborhood — full of families in different stages of life. We all take pride in keeping our neighborhood in good repair to be a safe place to raise our children and grandchildren.

In the last couple years, Chatham Place has been plagued with water main problems. We have had 16 water main breaks patched since the last time the street was paved. Last summer, one of the breaks pushed up the asphalt so severely we could not safely drive down the street. The main broke in another spot farther down three days later. The main broke Christmas Eve and again in another spot after the New Year.

I’ve seen the articles about the project to replace and repair sections of water main in Boulder Hill including several neighboring streets. Chatham Place is not on the list.

I understand there’s a lot of work to be done on this project without an unlimited budget. I also understand there are to be subsequent projects over time. What I don’t understand is how the criteria for the prioritization of the first wave of replacements were developed. I don’t understand how Chatham Place could not have met the criteria, because the amount of patches on Chatham Place for water main repairs exceeds the amount of regular asphalt.

I’m sure you’re thinking “16 water main breaks in a system that’s 40-plus years old isn’t all that bad.” It really wouldn’t be too bad if that was the number of breaks for all of the area. Sixteen breaks are bad because Chatham Place is only one block long.

Jane Schenk

Boulder Hill

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