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Updated: July 29, 2013 10:01AM

Just not neighborly

Have we reached the point of no return?

Let me tell you a story of two neighbors. I’ll call one “A” and the “B.” They were very fond of each other, had cookouts together and even vacationed together.

One day they had a small argument that escalated over time. Neighbor “A” bought a gun for hunting purposes. Because of their differences, neighbor “B” thought he should have one, too.

Neighbor “B” stopped speaking to neighbor “A.” Neighbor “A” put a high fence around his property. Neighbor “B” did the same thing to his property. Neighbor “A” got suspicious of neighbor “B” and bought an automatic assault gun and neighbor “B” found out and bought one, too.

Because neighbor “A” was such a good citizen, he joined the gun lobby because he wanted to make sure he had his rights under the 2nd Amendment. Neighbor “B” wanted to be a good American so he joined the lobby, too.

So my question would be, is there a way to get back trust in my neighbor? The only way out is to put our faith and trust in God and not guns.

George Clark


Change not always easy

During the two-plus years that I have served on the East Aurora School Board, we have, under the leadership of Annette Johnson, the current board president, made many changes. These changes have been welcomed by some and denounced by others.

Change is never easy. It’s more comfortable and easier to keep doing things the same old way. However, if we don’t change, we don’t grow, and I think that I speak for the majority of the board when I say we are committed to working for quality education for our students and that involves changing the way we do things.

Here are some accomplishments of the current School Board:

We have an A-Plus financial rating from the State of Illinois.

Purchased the new Early Childhood Learning Center on Reckinger Road.

Established the Magnet Academy and purchased the Root Street property which is currently being rehabbed. When it opens in the fall of 2013, it will alleviate overcrowding in many of our schools and offer state of the art facilities for our students. The focus on math, science and technology will better prepare our students for college.

Hired 200 new teachers.

Negotiated new insurance contracts that resulted in millions in savings.

Established on-line courses for students’ convenience and enrichment resulting in a virtual classroom.

In process of implementing a new accounting system.

Test scores have increased.

Reduced the East Aurora school tax levy for 2012.

I hope this clarifies to some extent the work the current school board is doing, And, we’re still working, looking at how we can make our schools better. Yes, we have made some mistakes along the way, but we have learned from those mistakes and are moving forward, looking to prepare our students to live, work and be productive members of society.

Mary Anne Turza

East Aurora District 131 Board Member

Not assault rifle

Nobody but law enforcement or military personal should have the right to possess an assault-style weapon.

That being said... let’s get the facts straight. An assault rifle was not used in the Connecticut shootings of students and teachers as reported by the media. The facts are, four handguns each with normal 10 round clips were used. The very first news reports of an assault rifle found in the assailants car in the parking lot ignited the news media.

From that point on, the media started reporting that an assault rifle was used. The facts are this person did not own or obtain this weapon. He killed his own mother to take it from her. The subsequent media frenzy against these weapons and every other firearm are totally unfounded. For example, Chicago has the most strict firearm laws in the nation. Yet still has the most murders per month of any other city in the country.

Changing the laws will not work! The criminals don’t care. The only way to stop a bad deranged person with a gun is a good person with a gun, be it police, military or the law-biding citizen. I would hope government does not become the bad person.

Rick Coleman

North Aurora

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