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Updated: March 1, 2013 7:40PM

Seniors and chili

We want to thank everyone who attended our 2nd annual Chili Cook-off at the Oswego Senior Center. There were many delicious dishes but the top winners were John Shramuk, Susan Malacina and Millard Fruits.

We especially want to thank our judges who got to experiment all the dishes: Dwight Baird, Oswego chief of police; Hector Justiz, Oswego Village Hall; and John Cornish, Oswego Fire Protection District.

Lorraine Schleitwiler

Oswego Senior Center

Good cheer at SC East

Congratulations to the St. Charles East High School varsity cheerleaders 2013 conference champions. The squad fought hard Jan. 15 at Larkin High School in Elgin to earn the win. The JV squad placed 2nd place in their division as well. Coached by Tawny Powers, Johnny Buckley and Jonathan Kitt.

Shari Hovious

Office of Learning & Teaching

Community Unit School
District 303

Hultgren ‘no’ no help

On Jan. 1 of this year the House of Representatives under duress finally passed a small portion of the so-called “fiscal cliff budget” allowing no tax increase for the middle class excluding a 2 percent increase on Social Security payroll tax.

I was really disappointed that our representative cast a “nay” vote versus supporting this small bill because he pledged not to raise taxes which includes the top 2 percent.

Well, Mr. Hultgren, there are times to compromise even though it falls short of all you wanted. Your constituents are predominantly middle class, and sticking it to them because of your ego or not getting your way is sad.

Congress as a whole is a total mess regardless of party. Personally, I believe 90 percent are nothing more than self-serving individuals who, if put in the real world, couldn’t make it unless they got another government position or became a lobbyist.

Michael T. Svanovick


Stealing from taxpayers

I turned the news on this morning and guess what? Our fearless leader is threatening senior citizens again.

According to the President, it’s our fault the country is broke.

Mr. President, what don’t you understand? My Social Security check is not an endowment.

You see, an endowment is something you get as a gift. It doesn’t cost you anything.

For the 50-plus years I worked I paid into Social Security out of every single pay check.

So don’t even think of stealing any more money from it as that is why it’s low on funds.

Congress and the White House have been stealing from their employers pension money for years. That’s why my pension plan is broke.

It’s time for everyone who has and those still paying into Social Security to demand that Congress pay back every single penny they stole.

If we could get into their pension plans and help ourselves to their money they would be on TV screaming and demanding we pay it back.

And if it takes a huge rally and march on Washington to get it back, so be it.

Barbara Seidelman


2nd Amendment history

The gun lovers continually quote the Second Amendment. Why do they never mention the first part, which reads, “In order to have a well regulated militia...”

The way I read it, only members of a government controlled militia are guaranteed the right to own a gun.

The writers of the Constitution feared Britain might come back to try to take our new country away from us. They wanted all the farmers to own guns to form a quick army in case of a British attack.

The guns then were one-shot muzzle loaders. Getting ready for another shot took a half-minute or more.

Guns that can kill a dozen or more a minute were unknown.

Gun lovers say everyone should have a gun “for protection.” The more guns there are, the more people will be shot.

David L. Ruhl


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