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Updated: March 1, 2013 6:39AM

Constitutional process

The U.S. Constitution is not a “living document”! As designed by the Founding Fathers, it is an amendable document. A “living document” implies that it can be changed/edited/ignored/selectively enforced based on the transient notions of popular culture.

Each point cited by Mr. Hartman - age 18 voting, popular voting for the U.S. Senate, the income tax, women’s right to vote, etc., were not “living changes” made to the Constitution to satisfy popular political agendas at the time, but amendments to the Constitution passed by process in accordance with the brilliant plan laid out and codified in 1787.

That process was deliberately intended to be difficult so that the very blueprint of our government wouldn’t change so often as to render it unworkable. That process, however difficult, has shown a remarkable ability to incorporate major changes unforeseen in the 18th century. That the Constitution provided the vehicle for all of the amendments cited over the past 226 years shows the genius of its creators.

If Mr. Hartman has issue with the Second Amendment there is a process delineated in the Constitution to accommodate that. Calling the Constitution a “living document” and selectively choosing which amendments in the Bill of Rights have merit and which do not is clearly not what was intended by its creators and is not in keeping with more than 200 years of American history.

Reducing gun violence is of critical importance but please, let’s not “burn down the house in order to roast the pig” by trashing the Constitution in an attempt to achieve a political point. The Constitutional process works — if we give it a chance.

K. Ellis


Wounds don’t heal

It has been said often but cannot be repeated enough until all semi-automatic rifles and all weapons of that ilk are outlawed. No one needs a weapon of this type. Its main purpose is to massacre as many people as quickly as possible.

How can anyone think otherwise after the horrendous deaths of these precious children and their teachers by such instruments. The survivors will live forever with this irredeemable loss.

Only those who have suffered the death of their child can know or feel a parent’s anguish. You do not “just get over it.” A daughter of ours died many years ago.

I believe Rose Kennedy said it best. When asked how she bore the deaths of her children, she replied something like this: With time there is some healing and some scar tissue forms, however, it does not take much to reopen that terrible wound.

I plead, I pray, that those who have the power will pass legislation to prohibit the proliferation of these heinous killing machines

Esther K. Fraser


Return cash
to community

As a second generation born and raised Auroran, I am proud that 2012 was a murder-free year. For years Aurora has gotten a bad rap, so it’s nice to see some positive media coverage about the police department.

But awarding $500 to each police officer is appalling. Yes, the police officers do a great job, and like firefighters and teachers, are certainly not paid enough. I’ll be the first to say give all three job positions a big fat raise.

Now that the City Council has approved this $500 bonus I leave it to the police officers to do the next right thing — put that money right back into the community.

Just because there were no murders in 2012 does not mean that violence has disappeared. I looked on the Fox Valley United Way website and found at least 16 organizations that provide counseling, food, child care, education, and a safe haven for those in need. I learned on the United Way website about a program called SPARK — Aurora Early Childhood Collaboration. This is a program that strengthens school readiness skills — early literacy, social skills and self-control.

My favorite place to donate is Mutual Ground. Recently they asked for humidifiers and an AED. They are always in need of blankets, pillows, gift cards for Walmart, Target and grocery stores.

The best place for each of those $500 checks is with the children and families of Aurora.

Prevent the violence, educate the families, and take care of the children. I applaud the police officers who protect the citizens of Aurora. They do an excellent job. Their award should be our appreciation and admiration which I give 500 percent.

Marilyn Katz


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