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Updated: February 23, 2013 6:08AM

Inauguration hope

Since the first election of Barack H. Obama in 2008, I have seen something on my television screen that I just thought I would never see in my lifetime. Something that I knew existed, but was finally shown and has been shown ever since: Black people in droves, absolute scores of black people doing positive things to help America.

From the youngest little tyke spreading words and deeds to help minorities to the oldest, most professional icons giving as an inspiration to do great things for all. It’s not all about rappers and drooping pants, it’s not about degradation and hardship. It’s not about this infamous 47 percent suckling off the government teat. This man Barack Obama and his family has given us that “hopey, changey thing” that Sarah Palin was talking about.

Things have changed, period. We as a community have... hope, a kind of hope I’ve never seen in my lifetime. It’s enough to make the average American of any stripe stand, take notice and be proud to be an American.

May we all take this week of service and celebrate our similarities and differences. To come together, to support our Commander-In-Chief, to give America a fighting chance to become Reagan’s “shining city on a hill”.

Charles Richardson


‘Music Man’ a must

“The Music Man” is a very professional, fast-moving musical at the Paramount. Marvelous music, singing, acting and dancing. Top notch in every way — don’t miss it.

Susan Starrett

North Aurora

Crime correlation

No law can be passed that will prevent a mentally disturbed person from committing a violent act. None. People who respect laws, have values and ethics, don’t need more laws.

That leaves the criminal element: those that have no respect for established law. By definition, they will not respect laws. Thus, creating more laws won’t reduce the crime they commit.

Here are some facts I’ve found:

Per recent FBI statistics, released in the media, more murders are committed in the U.S. using baseball bats than guns. Few hear about that because gun violence is more “media friendly” (sells more papers and gets more viewers/listeners).

Chicago, a city that is the poster child for gun control and has the strictest gun laws in the country (i.e. they prohibit the possession/sale of all guns in the city limits, with a few exceptions), recently concluded a year in which they had a history-making number of murders; more than occurred, if the media are to be believed, during Prohibition when the streets “ran red with blood”.

Aurora has just concluded a year in which there were no murders. Yet they do not have the strict gun laws that Chicago has.

The 1990s had a historically low number of crimes. Some experts say it was because it also had a historically low number of people between the ages of 17 and 24, the prime age of criminals. The reason, according to these experts, is that during the 1970s, when members of this age group were born, Roe v. Wade went into effect, reducing the numbers in that age group.

The main reason Aurora had no murders in 2012 was because our police, along with the FBI and the D.E.A., virtually wiped out the gangs here. Chicago hasn’t.

Eliminate the people that cause crime! That seems to work.

Bill Voda


Licenses not OK

I do not believe we should be giving driver’s license to illegal immigrants. They’re here illegally and this is saying that it’s OK to break the law.

And what authority has decided the “Roads Will Be Safer” (Beacon News 01/09/13) by issuing driver’s licenses to illegals? And who is going to oversee the insurance requirement?

According to records that I can find, in 2004, automobile accidents resulted in about 42,000 deaths and more than 100,000 injuries in the United States. Most of these people involved in these accidents were licensed, insured drivers, so the correlation asserted by advocates is tenuous at best.

Moreover, most illegal aliens have little incentive to spend their wages on car insurance, and even less incentive to wait for the police to arrive after an accident, since contact with law enforcement authorities could result in deportation. And why don’t we have the requirement that illegals learn basic English before they can be issued a driver’s license?

Finally, no one would suggest that we not lock our doors because burglars are going to break in anyway.

P.J. Wells, Aurora

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