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Updated: February 8, 2013 6:08AM

‘Mormon’ out of line

“Book of Mormon” appears to be the latest road apple from the orchard of “South Park” scatology. Coast-to-coast, critics and audiences love this play. It is, so far, a raging commercial and critical success.

I haven’t seen it. I don’t wish to inflame the sensibilities of those who believe that experience must precede criticism (good or bad).

I have, though, read a few coast-to-coast reviews. It seems, from the review of the reviews, that “Mormon” is one long carpet-bombing sortie which uses the F-word as its principal explosive. Too, it specifically targets God/god for secular annihilation. It also milks humor from such genial subjects as genital mutilation while making Christians, Christian missionaries or theists of any ilk look stupid. It is, after all, the “South Park” way.

Critics often skirt judgments about the play’s crass substance and tout such things as “production values” and humor. It’s glitzy, funny, well-staged and well-performed. Evidently, in their world, a dirty, offensive joke, if told well and with proper lighting, could win a Tony (or an Oscar when the inevitable movie is made). Some even label the play’s tone as “sweet,” even innocent.

Not since the serpent tempted Eve has effrontery to God/god (and long-deceased standards of decency) seemed so succulent. The dirty joke and language of the junior-high-school boys locker room is now haute culture (a “South Park” specialty). Who knows? Maybe even kitchen-faucet sipping might become “haute” something.

Of course, there’s always that inevitable critic rejoinder (offered as redemption) about anything offensive/controversial: “it makes you think.” But, then, what the family pooch leaves lying around the backyard also makes you think: don’t step in it or mistake it for pâté.

Les Lopinot


Macho, macho men

We need more macho men to protect us from big macho government.

Remember what happened to all the Jews in Germany when macho Hitler took away all of their guns?

Earl Johnson

St. Charles

TV shares blame

When we talk about the insane killing children at schools and people at theaters, etc., the main problem is television. Each day we see murder, rape, and all kinds of crimes on television. You can see the women’s breasts, wearing short dresses, and actors speaking dirty words that were not allowed several years ago. People say they are opposed to such movies, but the truth is, most people love to see them.

These movies bear on the minds of young people, and they start thinking, “We can shoot, murder, and get away with it.”

One way to fight crime when the law-breaker is found guilty is to make sure the punishment fits the crime. Another way is to clean up television and we will eliminate most crimes across the country.

Now, for that young man who killed 27 lovely children and adults, I’m sure they’re in Heaven with God and God will send him to Hell, as there is no forgiveness for what he did. You can’t blame his actions on mental disease, but on hatred, which often causes him to attack, and television keeping it on his mind.

Raymond Pippin


Good deed for Christmas

I recently found myself  engaged in some hectic running around on Christmas Eve day. I had to make it to  stops at several stores and found myself at Walmart in Plano by mid-afternoon. I had been on the phone straightening something out, and was somewhat preoccupied trying to remember several items and not forget anything (had forgotten my list), when a young lad approached me followed by an adult that I guessed was his dad, or perhaps,  his Grandpa.

He reached up and handed me a small envelope and said “Merry Christmas.” I replied  with an enthusiastic “Thank you,” but was so preoccupied I didn’t fully  realize the act of kindness and take the time to chat a moment or even see what was in the envelope.

I did notice the boy had several other envelopes and it was crowded so I just put the envelope in my pocket and moved on to finish my shopping. Only the day after Christmas, while doing laundry, I pulled the envelope from the pocket it had been in since that day. I discovered it was a gift card to Walmart.  

I regretted not spending a little more time praising the young man for an unsolicited act of kindness, and I also realized that perhaps he had 26 gift cards that day. It was touching and will cause me to try to perpetuate kindness  and generosity in the coming year. I only wish that someone who knows the young chap and his accomplice from that day would tell them of my real gratitude... Thank You!!

Dave Cotton


Aurora Festival of Lights

On behalf of the Aurora Rotary Club, I wish to thank the community for its tremendous support during this year’s (sixth annual) Festival of Lights at Phillips Park. Voluntary contributions made by visiting motorists shattered all records as the expanded and improved displays attracted thousands. In fact, the number of vehicles visiting the festival this year grew by over 25 percent from our previous record and the donations increased by 30 percent over the previous record. These increases reflect the generosity of our community and the appeal of such a family friendly atmosphere at the f estival.

Since our Rotary Club takes no administrative expenses from those donations, area charities and social services will directly benefit from every penny collected. Of course such an ambitious project could not come together without the many teams of volunteers that promote, maintain, transport, set-up, greet visitors, and finally take down and store the light displays.

We are especially indebted to our generous sponsors whose loyalty and substantial financial support is the lifeline to the whole project. Regrettably, there is not room here to name them all. Also, a special thank you to Mayor Tom Weisner and his administration that really provided so much help and public promotion. The partnership we’ve forged with the city of Aurora has helped to assure a safe, orderly, and enjoyable experience for all of our visitors.

Phillips Park is quite a showcase for the displays with or without snow!

Dr. Tom Guzzardi

President, Aurora Rotary Club

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