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Updated: February 7, 2013 6:12AM

Moral decline

Our morals as a nation are in “free fall.” Look around you. Check out what is happening, as measured by the Ten Commandments. Spiritual neglect led to spiritual decline, and spiritual decline led to apostasy (unbelief) and now we face worse.

Of the Decalogue, the first four teach us our obligations before God, our Creator. It is in this area, that we first falter and fail. And with failure before God, we then fall into a neglect and abuse of our inter-personal relationships as outlined in the other six.

First, there is regard for the Sabbath, and with no time for God, our downward spiral in morals begins. Secondly, we are to honor mother and father. This means, showing proper deference to our parents in order to have adequate family relationships in the home. We are very much aware of how our culture is affected by so many dysfunctional families. Thirdly, it says, “Thou shalt not kill.” So what do we do? We give “sanction” for the killing of babies in the womb, and that by the millions, since Roe vs. Wade, not to mention Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn.

Fourthly, we read, “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” but we have opened the door to the whole gamut of sexual aberrations in which people may indulge, without censure. Fifthly, it says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness,” but we are lied to every day by politicians, commentators, and reporters, through the various media outlets. And lastly, we read, “Thou shalt not covet,” yet greed and avarice confront us at every turn. Government entities misappropriate (steal) pension funds by the millions, with no redress for the aggrieved.

It must be said, our problems, at the root, are spiritual in nature. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to lay again the foundations laid down for us by our founding fathers.

E.A. Frost

Big Rock

Hand guns not needed

During history, we were talking about gun control laws, and I was thinking how I could extend this topic. As a student of Yorkville Middle School, it concerns me what the people of Yorkville think about the law. Adults should not be allowed to carry a concealed handgun wherever they go, because having a gun on them might cause many more deaths. There should be more gun control laws because the criminals still have guns. The less gun control laws we have, the more deaths will come.

Criminals can’t buy guns legally but they can buy them illegally off the streets. Even in the 1800s the criminals carried guns. Criminals purchased guns for the wrong reason. There are roughly 32,000 firearm deaths per year.

Adults do not need handguns for their own safety; most people do not have handguns for their own safety. Some people are against guns because they don’t think they are safe. Most people do not care for the use of the handgun.

Some people in America say there should be less gun control laws. Actually, there was not enough evidence to determine the effectiveness of any firearm laws. Reduced laws will not lower gun crime rates. How do you know they will not lower gun crime rates? This would help put less deaths in the country.

Scott Stevens

Yorkville Middle School

No concealed carry

I am a student at Yorkville Middle School. I wish for somebody to see my point of view on the idea that states should consider abolishing citizens’ rights to carry a concealed handgun in public.

Although many states enjoy having concealed handguns like Texas or Arizona, there are many reasons why adults should not be allowed to bear arms. To begin, many murders have occurred when people have been shot by criminals carrying a concealed handgun. To carry a gun in public should be illegal altogether. Likewise, I believe that additional gun laws are necessary and limit the ability for criminals to obtain guns.

Finally, if the states take away the idea of carrying a concealed handgun, maybe the law will lower gun violence in all the states.

Some people believe that concealed handguns are useful, and helpful in any situation. The question is why people need to feel the necessity to carry a gun to a public place like McDonalds or a movie theater. You may argue that it is a simple hand gun, and the hand gun cannot really hurt anybody. But really a gun is still a gun and can kill, or harm people. Please take this letter into thought before another person gets injured by a gun.

Sam Badus

Yorkville Middle School

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