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Updated: February 3, 2013 6:09AM

Gun violence

After the tragic events of 9/11 that killed 3,000 people, our country took many steps to better secure our people. We created the Homeland Security Department and the TSA to better protect the airports. To date we have spent well over a trillion dollars in fighting wars as a result of the events of 9/11.

After the crash of TWA flight 800 that killed 230 people, our country conducted a massive investigation and concluded that most likely the center fuel tanks in the plane caused the explosion that brought the plane down. The NTSB and FAA made many changes to commercial aircraft with respect to center fuel tanks to prevent this from happening again.

When tragic events occur in our country, our government does take action as we spend millions, if not billions of dollars investigating, preventing and educating our various departments and people to prevent such tragedies from happening ever again. By doing so, we say these events are not acceptable and as a great nation we are saying they must not happen again.

Yet when tragic events happen by the use of assault style guns in this country, we hear nothing, we see nothing and nothing significant changes after each tragic event occurs. Per the Brady Center for gun control on their website, in the United States about 100,000 people a year are shot by guns. We have over 30,000 people killed on average per year by guns. The breath taking statistic of all, since 1968 the year Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated by the use of a gun, over 1 million people have been killed by a gun in America.

One can only come up with a simple conclusion of doing nothing after each tragic event in this country that often involves military style weapons allowed to be obtained so easily and used in horrific crimes over and over with no response. We say through our heartbreaking silence that this is acceptable and we are happy with the laws and regulations that are in place today.

David R. Edelman


Wonders of the universe

As most of us have surmised, it appears the world did not end (again) in 2012. Since no one else has predicted the end of the world in 2013, I would like to be the first. That way, if it does end, I’ll be famous!

The world did end for many people, such as the bakers at Hostess, the victims of wars, disease and violent crime, with a new beginning for the survivors. I propose to bring about the end of the world as we know it ... with a new beginning for the survivors.

Starting with what we do know. Anyone who has ever visited a desert may have been blessed by seeing it only 24 hours after a light rain and can attest to the green grass and flowers that have appeared as far as the eyes can see. The desert world has ended if only to be reborn in the next 24 hours by the usual lack of rain.

Thanks to the man who invented the microscope hundreds of years before we were born, billions of us have been blessed with the sight of a drop of water literally filled with life! If we did not have a microscope and never saw the miraculous creatures in the water, they would still be there. In any clump of dirt, that same microscope can detect endless other creatures.

Each of our bodies is made of a trillion cells all working together for the body. Should it be so difficult to imagine that we are cells in a universe of cells, all working for the larger body, meaning, the universe or God?

David Craig


Don’t license illegals

I would be more inclined to agree with the Immigrant Welcoming Congregations of Fox Valley and the various faith-based groups that support this foolishly proposed law if they were willing to be legally and financially responsible for these drivers. It seems these groups are eager to shoot off their mouths about giving people what they haven’t legally earned when it costs them nothing. Dropping required insurance as soon as you get your license is a well-known tactic. What’s to stop these illegals from doing that? Nothing. The state would be hard pressed to even find them because of their constantly changing living arrangements and false/stolen IDs.

I can understand why some of the law enforcement agencies support this: since they have no faith in the federal government to do its job and secure our Southern border, they simply have given up and want other laws followed. But there is nothing to require these illegals to follow our laws. They ignored them to get here — now they demand rights?

If a traffic stop ends up in deportation? Good! If they are deported? Good. There is no need to break up families because the children, as minors, go where their parents/legal guardians go. If the children were “anchor babies” then they can return to the U.S. when they are 18. After all, U.S. citizens do not have full rights until they reach the age of majority. If their parents were so concerned about their families, they would have considered that before they snuck in.

Of course, the roads would be made safer from uninsured illegals if the feds did their job and secured our southern border. The National Guard did that job in Iraq and Afghanistan; they are trained to do it. Why not have them do it here? After all, they are the U.S. National Guard, right?

Bill Voda


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