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Updated: February 2, 2013 6:08AM

No guns on premises

A letter writer is praising the fact that Illinois is the last state to ban conceal and carry. This will make the streets a safer place, he says. Metra will need to add extra trains with all the suburban people more secure in walking the deadly streets of Chicago while being well armed.

But one problem may be that private businesses may not welcome these people. Imagine you go to a place to eat or a movie and you are packing because you never know when that gun-toting assassin may show up and start blasting away. The ownership says no guns on the premises. What do you do? What if the person taking your ticket asks to pat you down. Will there be lockers? A gun check room maybe.

Also I’m sure employers won’t let you carry your weapon to work. They may be fearful of people who are armed, especially those with multiple weapons and lots of ammo. Maybe an interview question. Do you have a conceal and carry permit?

Lastly what about insurance companies? Do they have a right to ban weapons like they might ban attack type dogs or trampolines in the house to reduce their chance of getting sued by victims? Legislation might not be a gun owners biggest problem.

Ed Washak


‘People’ have right to arms

So, our nation’s framers could not even imagine the weapons we see around us every day, huh? True enough, but what some people just don’t seem to understand is that the colonialists, largely made up farmers, shop owners, just everyday type folks, had virtually the same “firepower” as the military, i.e., the British army. That they were cumbersome doesn’t change the fact that everyday Americans (if I may call them that) were equipped with virtually the same arms as the professional soldiers of the day.

You know, when I quote the Constitution, I try to do so accurately. For those who apparently don’t know, this document contains no mention whatsoever of a “well ordered” militia. It is a “well-regulated militia,” and for what it’s worth, it is not the militia that is guaranteed the right to bear arms, but “the people.” Read that Second Amendment sometime; that’s what it actually says. If one insists on saying well-ordered, please exclude the quotation marks.

And who, precisely, is the militia? Ask Tench Coxe or George Mason: both were delegates to the Constitutional Convention, and both are in agreement that it (the militia) is made up of we, the people. Says Coxe: “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves?” And this from Mason: “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few public officials.”

Lastly, any American interested in what our Founders truly “could not imagine” ought to consider things such as removing anything related to God from government and/or the public arena while simultaneously protecting porn as we know it today as a form of free speech, a “constitutional right” to abortion, state-sponsored “gay marriage,” legalization of recreational drugs, etc., etc. This list could go on for pages, but that oughta do for now.

John Babush

Big Rock

Charge legislators

In all the talk about the pension issue, I haven’t heard one thing about holding the state legislature, especially those long -time members, accountable for their actions.

I am surprised that no one has brought charges of misappropriation of funds and malfeasance against the legislature and its members; or against those in charge of the pension funds. Why not? Isn’t it against the respective laws to use money for a purpose not specified in the law allowing its collection?

We need to get rid of legislators who believe it is OK to do this. File the charges!! If you don’t, they will simply do it again.

Get rid of the crooks first; then you can correct the situation. The same applies to our federal congressmen.

Bill Voda


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