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Updated: January 17, 2013 6:18AM

A home for veterans

Congratulations to Jeff Gilbert and his staff for providing the veteran’s housing at the specially built and dedicated facility. As a member of American Legion Post 84 and a WWII vet, I appreciate this being available to veterans in the Aurora area. I’m pleased to see that our Legion Post and members were, in part, able to help financially support this endeavor.

Arthur Sheridan


Talk to kids about cars

I would like to offer some first hand advice to parents out there whose kids may take their car for a joy ride in the future. I myself did many joy rides in my youth before I had a license. I would tell parents to advise their kids with the dangers of not understanding the capabilities of some automobiles.

First , most cars are not meant to drive at such high speeds and don’t have the capability to handle such speeds.

Explain how the tires on most cars are not rated for maneuvers at high speeds and the body and speed rating are never meant to be put to that type of stress. Example: most accidents with kids come from not knowing a simple thing like speed rating on a tire. You see a Corvette could take a 60 mph turn and not flip over 20 times, but the family sedan will.

After this recent death in Stonebridge I took my nephew outside to explain the difference between different autos, just in case he ever does a dumb thing like take my sister’s car.

Please show your kids the difference between a sports car and a minivan and if you own a Corvette, etc., keep keys locked up. Most deaths come from kids just not knowing that beyond some speeds it’s not you driving it, it’s the car driving you. Because it says 140 on the dash does not mean it can handle at such speeds.

Evan Morris


What’s cost of Medicare?

Cut Medicare spending. Sounds simple and cost effective. But what are the true costs? In the Forum for Health Economics and Policy it was reported that seniors saw a 13 percent increase in survival since Medicare’s inception. In another report it said that Medicare spends about 32 percent of all costs on chronically ill seniors in the last two years of life.

Over 10 years that amounts to about $2.5 trillion spent on treatment. Pushing out the age requirement will undoubtably increase the number of missed early treatments, thus increasing costs to Medicare.

Lastly, people feel Medicare pays for most of seniors’ care when in reality an average senior pays in excess of $4,000 a year in costs.

One solution is letting Medicare negotiate costs on medicines similar to what the V.A. is allowed. The other solution is a greater emphasis on prevention rather than treatment. It’s unfortunate that we watch Congress banter about Medicare and Social Security when the fact is they are not participants and will not be effected by whatever decisions they make.

Ed Washak


Dissolve East committee

Two things are important in the discussion of the Ad Hoc committee set up by the East Aurora Board of Education to discuss “bullying” at the high school, facts and truth.

There is bullying by students, but not limited to cross dressers, in fact, there are no transvestites at the school. The best the pushers of this issues could produce at the last meeting was “two maybes”. Maybe is not evidence in court.

The solution, as was suggested last week at the board meeting, was dissolve the committee. Aurora East “is” in compliance with state law. It needs no further policy amendments. What it needs is a report on who are the bullies and what to do about it. I say the parents are ultimately the blame and need to be held responsible.

The transgenders, as they want to be known now, presented emotional speeches to the committee, but not facts on their lifestyle. They opened the door with their accusations that none of us know them, even asking for a show of hands. I responded at the board meeting with opening my background to the board and requesting that those pushing for change do likewise. I have quite a few questions I would like to ask them. Their lifestyle is one of choice, not nature. Given that fact, where do we stop?

East Aurora H.S. should be concentrating on academics. They are by their own admission below state standards. Time and money are being wasted on people who have an agenda to push. They view Aurora as an easy mark, making us first in the nation to endorse their moral depravity. Their safety was not threatened at the meeting. What scared them was facing all the men, fathers, who came out to protect their children from being victimized by outsiders. I loved it.

Joan Solms


Motivating by fear

It’s too bad that protesters against the East Aurora School District transgender policy haven’t taken this opportunity to learn what transgendered means. Their reactionary comments, cited in The Beacon-News article of Nov. 30, illustrate how ignorant they are about this issue and how their religious leaders are needlessly working them into a frenzy over a policy that endangers exactly no one and threatens no one’s privacy — unless you think using a public bathroom violates your privacy.

Fear is a powerful motivator, and The Beacon article suggests that parents and pastors are passing their baseless fears along to the point that students are nervous about using school bathrooms. Instead of fear-mongering, these adults should be modeling thoughtful, informed engagement with the issue.

The “value of this city” and any city lies in the ability of its citizens to coexist with people along the entire human continuum. Transgendered people, while a very small percentage of the population, exist within the range of normal human experience, and their identity harms no one.

Fear-mongering — which includes encouraging people to define themselves as normal based on the exclusion of others — endangers us all.

Heidi Bell


Lauzen ready for challenge

“Many of us here today are brand new, and we have a lot to learn.” This from newly elected Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen.

It’s been a bunch of years since Chris Lauzen was first elected to the Illinois Senate. I don’t have any quotes from him from back then, but it wouldn’t surprise me if one could be found in which he said basically the same thing. His background, after all, was in business, not politics.

Based on how he literally cruised to re-election after re-election, it appears that a great many folks, including myself, saw that he wasted no time in learning the ropes of the job, and that we had elected somebody who was willing to immediately pick up the ball and run with it for all he’s worth in support of his constituents.

A lot to learn? You bet, but that didn’t slow Chris down in the Senate, and it certainly won’t hinder him now in his new post as Kane County Board chairman. Just watch.

John Babush

Big Rock

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