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Updated: November 27, 2012 10:48AM

Encourages election
of Corinne Pierog

I am writing to encourage people in the Illinois Senate District 25 to vote for Corinne Pierog. Corinne is a resident of St. Charles and on the St. Charles School Board. She also is a local businesswoman — the founder and president of a consulting company that advises nonprofits and government agencies on fundraising, management, economic development and executive transitioning.

As a school board member, Corinne is an advocate for our schools, but as a businesswoman, she also knows what it’s like to start up a business. She understands the problems facing our economy. Her main reason for running is to put people back to work. Some of her solutions include providing tax incentives for small businesses and providing help to schools, colleges and training facilities so they can better educate our residents for existing jobs and those of the future. She want to bring manufacturing plants back to Illinois and encourage research and development institutions to locate here.

Corinne is not a politician. She is a local businesswoman who wants to work to fix the problems in Springfield. She cares. That’s why I am giving her my vote.

Chuck Sutcliff, Yorkville

Foster would help
save middle class

Bill Foster voted against fast-tracking the job killing Columbian Trade Agreement. Instead, he supported a job creation bill (H.R. 3045) that also closed corporate tax loopholes. Judy Biggert, on the other hand, voted for unfair, job killing trade agreements (H.R, 3078) with Colombia, Panama and South Korea that could cost the United States hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Foster supports the Buffett Rule because he believes that CEOs should not pay a lower tax rate than middle class Americans. Foster wants to restore fairness to our tax system. Biggert voted against extending tax relief for middle class families, but did vote to extend tax breaks for the richest two percent of Americans. (H.R. 8)

Foster supports investing in education and voted to keep hundreds of thousands of teachers on the job. (H.R. 4899) Biggert voted to gut these programs that protect middle class families — like education and health care (H.R.471)

Please vote for Bill Foster and help save the middle class!

Mark Guethle , North Aurora

Bill Foster doesn’t
deserve another term

When the Affordable Care Act was being debated in Congress, I attempted to contact my then Congressman Bill Foster, on several occasions by both telephone and e-mail to ask questions and share my concerns about the bill. I’m still waiting for a returned phone call or e-mail from him. I never even received a courtesy response from his staff. Bill Foster voted along Democratic lines and approved it.

A few months ago, a local newspaper quoted Foster as saying “People know what they’re going to get with me …” Yes Bill, we know exactly and that’s why you don’t deserve another term in Congress.

When my family lived in Naperville, we were represented in Congress by Judy Biggert, a thoughtful, respected and responsive representative. When we moved to Yorkville we were represented by Bill Foster, so I have had the unique experience of being represented by both of these candidates.

Please don’t forget what the voters in the 14th District said by their voice. Bill Foster did not deserve another term as their Congressman. He doesn’t deserve to be yours either.

John F. Philipchuck, Yorkville

Pension amendment
clear, straightforward

This a rebuttal to a letter regarding the proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution regarding public pensions.

Point 1. The amendment seemed pretty clear and straightforward to me.

Point 2. The way I read it, it allows the reversal or overriding of a previous decision only if that decision has resulted in an increase in the amount of pension benefits received by a specific person or that allows for a person to become eligible to receive a pension who would not otherwise be eligible. I find nothing that says anything about changing established contracts.

Point 3. The amendment requires a two-thirds vote to override a veto or accept a governor’s proposed changes to a rewrite of pension increase legislation. A two-thirds vote is greater than a simple majority and definitely not a minority vote.

Point 4. A higher vote will provide a savings to taxpayers in the long run by preventing further burdens on the public retirement system which is under funded.

Margaret Colella, Aurora

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