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Updated: November 24, 2012 6:05AM

Supports Pierog
for State Senate

Corinne Pierog is running for the Illinois State Senate, District 25. Corinne is a small business owner and an educator with experience in several areas, who has raised a family in the Fox Valley area. She understands the issues facing families, schools, and small business owners in our area.

Corinne is an open-minded moderate Democrat who believes in a balanced approach to solving our problems. She appreciates the contributions of the free enterprise system to our economy while remembering the need to honor commitments to working people who have fulfilled their end of the bargain in the workplace. She is very calm, organized, and encouraging to everyone around her.

I have seen Corinne show the ability to acknowledge the validity of the other side of an argument while gently voicing her own concerns. It is this spirit of reasoned compromise which is so much needed in our legislature right now. I strongly recommend her for the position of Illinois State Senator, District 25.

Janet Massey


Libertarian seen as
lesser of three evils

Both the Republicans and the Democrats for cowardice. They certainly conspired together to exclude all other parties from participation in the televised debates. This is a reality. The media are cooperating in this injustice by their silence. God forbid the public should hear real challenges to the preplanned limits of discussion being allowed. Romney and Obama are just puppets conducting the business of the ruling moneyed class. “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t allow us to do it” wrote Mark Twain.

This election, since the Ron Paul challenge was effectively derailed by the GOP, I am voting for the lesser of the three evils. Gary Johnson, Libertarian, while not pro-life, at least believes we need to restore the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land, is against more wars in the Middle East, is for bringing our troops home and downsizing government. He wants to End the Fed and eliminate our national debt. He represents what our country needs, a genuine two-party system.

Joan Solms


Proposed amendment
hard to understand

The Secretary of State just spent millions of taxpayer dollars to print and mail the Proposed Amendment to the Illinois Constitution. The proposed amendment will be voted on in the Nov. 6 election.

Wanting to be an informed voter I read the document and found myself immersed in legal jargon that defied clarity. Even the explanation section seemed confusing and deliberately vague. After carefully reading the amendment it would seem to do away with the traditional simple majority rule for passage of legislation on matters of grave importance.

These are the reasons to vote no to this constitutional amendment.

1. CA 49 is ambiguous, confusing, difficult to understand and complex.

2. CA 49 would grant unprecedented power to state and local government to make change to established contracts, pensions and existing laws past and future.

3. CA 49 will allow the minority vote to determine decisions at every governmental level.

4. CA 49 will not result in savings to taxpayers.

5. CA 49 will do nothing to address the State’s financial crisis.

If you don’t trust Springfield then vote no on the amendment.

Ron Gilkerson


D129 School officials
should quit or be fired

What are we missing here? It should be perfectly clear what course of action the West Aurora School Board should take. It is alleged that the superintendent, assistant superintendent of personnel and former principal did not perform to the letter of the law by not reporting an incident which later resulted in a teacher being convicted.

Over a year passed before any action took place. When you begin your employment in an Illinois public school one of the first documents you sign is a mandated reporter form. You have to report an event and every year all who are employed in our schools are reminded of this important responsibility. Manuals, training documents, training, school policy all reflect the process one is to take.

Report and then investigate, not investigate and then maybe report. The school board should not spend one dime of tax dollars to defend these officials.

As we have seen at the college level (Penn State) and high school level (Hinsdale Central) high ranking school officials who did not take action by removing a popular school employee were either asked to resign or were removed. The school officials under investigation should offer their resignation and if not then be removed by their respective school boards.

Dan Hoefler


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