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Updated: November 19, 2012 2:17PM

Supports Mike Dabney
for Kendall coroner

I had the opportunity this past summer to meet and talk with Kendall County Coroner candidate Mike Dabney while he was manning his booth at the Kendall County Fair. I was very impressed. A lot of candidates criticize their opponents and spout off vague promises to save money for taxpayers if you just elect them, but Mike was different. He has a concrete plan. He says he can cut spending in the Coroner’s office by at least 20 percent. And here’s the real difference — he has facts and numbers to show how he will reduce salaries, office supplies, clothing allowances, and other costs to save us more than $42,000.

Kendall County has one of the highest real estate tax burdens in the United States. We need tax relief here. Mike Dabney’s savings may seem small compared to the big picture of waste and over-spending, but you have to start somewhere.

I like Mike Dabney. He not only has a grasp of finance, but he has experience in serving the community — six years as a deputy coroner, nine years in local fire departments, and 27 years as an Aurora Police Officer.

If you have a chance to meet Mike Dabney, take the time to ask him questions. I think you too will be impressed with his straightforward, knowledgeable answers.

He would be good for Kendall County and good for us taxpayers. That’s why I’m voting for Mike Dabney for Kendall County Coroner.

Vivian Thanos


Reader favors Vasquez
for Kane County Board

We voters in Kane County Board District 8 have a unique opportunity to choose between two candidates who can proudly point to their contributions to our community. Each candidate rightfully boasts of their individual records of accomplishment. My personal experience with both gentlemen though, prompts me to voice my full-throated support for re-electing our current county board member, Jesse Vazquez.

Jesse brings a valuable ability to collaborate with people from all walks to his work on the board. I don’t refer to the good old-boy go-along-to-get-along atmosphere that has plagued Kane County government for so long.

No, what Jesse brings to the table is his understanding that we’ve elected him to do a job. To do that job, Jesse fully realizes that he has to work alongside others who were elected by their own unique constituencies. He knows that playing partisan gamesmanship would hurt the constituency he was elected to serve.

Jesse eagerly embraces the idea of working with people who have different perspectives to reach common goals. This is a very important quality that Jesse alone among the District 8 candidates possesses.

Terry Bermes


Martinez would be
‘great coroner’

This coming November, the citizens of Kane County have an important decision to make in determining who they want to be their coroner.

The coroner’s position is not to be taken lightly. The coroner needs to be honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable and willing to learn. The coroner also needs to be understanding and compassionate.

I have been a coroner in Kentucky for 20 years, past president of Kentucky Coroner Association, and regional director of Kentucky Mass Incident Response Team.

I have dealt with Tao Martinez on a professional and personal level. I believe he has all the qualities it takes to make your county a great coroner. He has a willingness to learn and a compassion for people that is second to none. I endorse Tao Martinez for Kane County Coroner.

Mitchell Lee

Marshall County Coroner


Candidate would be
a ‘guardian angel’

No family eagerly prepares for the time when the coroner’s office and its services are needed, but when they do, everyone desires to obtain professional assistance. I have personally known Kendall County coroner candidate Mike Dabney for over 30 years as a friend, classmate, co-worker and for awhile as his direct supervisor. Mike has developed through years of numerous intensive and complex crime scene investigations; a forensic skill set that can benefit anyone’s family during their time of need. He will be able to provide sound logic for unanswered questions, combined with compassion during unsettling times.

The highest compliment one can give to a fellow forensic professional is would I have the confidence and trust in them to handle a case of my loved ones? With Mike Dabney as coroner, the answer is a resounding yes. Your support for Mike in this election is the same as asking him to professionally guardian angel over your loved ones.

R. P. (Rusty) Sullivan Jr.

Forensic Investigator/ Retired Police Lieutenant


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