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Updated: November 17, 2012 6:07AM

Food pantry thankful
for food and cash

The Batavia Inter-faith Food Pantry wants to thank our local Jewel and Berkley’s food stores, all of the over 100 volunteers that worked the weekend of the Fall Food Pantry “Food Sharing Days” and especially all of the patrons who donated food products or made a cash donation.

In total for the three-day weekend the food pantry received 5 1/2 tons of food and paper products and $1,713 in cash donations. Again, we want to thank everyone that helped that weekend.

Marshall Crane

Peggy Hawse


Republicans reason
for labor unions

The purpose of teachers unions is to help teachers maintain a living wage and protect their healthcare along with their pensions. The union is also there to protect them from anti-union Republican politicians who would prefer to have them at their mercy when it comes to the Republican view on how and what they should teach and how much they ought to be paid, which in most cases is much less than they are worth.

One of the main reasons for a trade union, along with a decent wage and up to date benefits, is to help skilled tradesmen stand up to Republicans who are against all forms of workman’s compensation. The real reason for this is of course that all Republican politicians and shop owners know in their heart of heart that most tradesmen are really hurt at home and are just trying to stick the poor small businessman with the bill.

The real reason for a truckers union is so they have someone in their corner to help them get an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work, for after all Republicans don’t even believe that American workers deserve the government established minimum wage.

However, after all is said and done, the most honest reason for unions is, well, Republicans.

John Koutsky

Somonauk schools
need a tax hike

When you vote in November, if you live in the Somonauk School district you will see a question on the ballot about Somonauk Schools wanting to increase the maximum allowed tax rate for the education fund. Somonauk Schools are in the unique situation of being split between two counties, DeKalb and LaSalle.

With the majority of the tax revenue coming from LaSalle County residents, the district must abide by LaSalle County tax law which is called “non-tax-capped.” The schools will receive the percentage allocated times your property’s EAV (Equalized Assessed Value).

When housing prices are on the increase, the schools receive more funds. When housing prices are falling, the schools receive less. The schools cannot increase the taxation percentage without asking you, the voter for a referendum.

In reviewing two income areas, education fund revenue and funding from the state of Illinois, the revenue that Somonauk Schools has to work with is down. And revenues are expected to decline again next year. Reducing expenditures any more will require cuts to critical student programs.

The Somonauk School Board will be asking taxpayers in the Somonauk district to approve an education fund tax rate increase when they vote in the November election. It is important to note that even with a yes vote for this tax rate increase, the average homeowner will still be paying less in taxes to support Somonauk Schools than they did back in 2009.

Somonauk schools continue to be the pride of our community. They are committed to our children and preparing them for their future.

Karen Bonn


Oswego Young Life
holds fund-raiser

Over 200 people came out Sunday, Sept. 30, to support Young Life and Oswego students at Emerson Creek Pottery & Tea Room for Young Life’s 4th annual fund-raising event which was themed “Join The Fun!”

The evening was intended to showcase Oswego Young Life and the students who are involved, as well as a way to invite people from the community to get more involved. The banquet is also the major fund-raiser for Oswego Young Life and this year’s banquet raised $27,000, or close to one-third of the Oswego Young Life 2013 budget. Young Life Leaders, Committee, and Students would like to express their thanks to the Oswego community. This organization could not exist without the support of the members of the community who choose to dedicate their time and efforts to the activities of Young Life.

For more information, contact Young Life at

Jon Leisten

Committee Volunteer

Oswego Young Life

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