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Updated: November 15, 2012 6:17AM

Need tax breaks
for the poor, ill

When I was growing up I paid little attention to politics. I was born in 1941, and President Roosevelt died when I was just 4 years old. I can vaguely remember how upset my mom was. Harry Truman took over and to my family’s delight carried on Roosevelt’s work. He was a crusty little guy, and I used to enjoy some of his speeches; he had guts.

Ike won in 1952, and he was a good president also. After his tenure, some more Democrats, like John Kennedy, took over. After his assassination, things seemed to go sour. More and more our country was divided over things such as the war in Vietnam and the like.

After that, the polarity in politics widened. Being raised in a family of Democrats, I found myself breaking ties with this tradition and trying the other side for a while. Though I never had much money myself, it was different being around people that did. I even got to attend some high-brow parties where the elite would stand around with their champagne glasses, little fingers pointed up, and criticize the poorer class of people and complain about the “do nothings” that were stealing their profits.

And then it hit me; wait a minute, I’m one of those poorer class of people. At least, that’s where my roots were, and that’s how I was raised, to understand the poor man’s dilemma, because I lived it growing up. Now I understood. That’s why my family were Democrats! Boy, did it take a load of bricks to fall on me to wake me up.

And that is why I’m supporting President Obama in his bid for a second term. He may have made some mistakes the first term but needs another four years to undo the damage that’s been done by the elite, the selfish, who only want to line their pockets with more money than they need.

We don’t need more tax breaks for the wealthy; we need breaks for the needy, the aged, and the ill people of this country. Forget about race, he’s a good man. This race is about our country. The wealthy can do with trading in their BMWs and Cadillacs et. al., every 2nd or 3rd year as far as I’m concerned.

Wayne Keding

West Chicago

Star shines brightly
at the Paramount

I have just arrived home after enjoying a fabulous film screening at the Paramount. I have seen a star!

Those of us who are familiar with the Hawks family know how talent flows through their veins, but I had no idea how versatile son, Victor, is.

His talents are vast and true. He wrote and starred and acted and sang, and did them all with a Veteran of Broadway assurance tempered with the humility of a new hometown star.

He is not an overnight success. He has dedicated his life to stage and now screen. Bravo Victor. Bravo Aurora. We are so proud of you!

Carol Jobe


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