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Updated: October 23, 2012 10:30PM

Secret donations

Big money has always been a corrupting influence in the election of our politicians on both the national and local level. But since 2010 when the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, we have seen a torrent of secret money (Super PACs) flowing into our elections and to the candidates. The decision by the Supreme Court has exacerbated the volume and secrecy of campaign donations!

Here are some disturbing facts about the extent to which money is corrupting our democracy by buying our politicians and elections in exchange for legislative favors:

1. Big Oil (Oil, Gas, Coal) gets a 5,800% return on every dollar spent on lobbying politicians for favorable legislation. (

2. The percentage of campaign spending coming from groups not disclosing their donors has risen from 1 percent in the 2006 mid-term elections to 47 percent in 2010! (Center for Responsive Politics)

3. 72 percent of political advertising by outside groups in 2010 came from sources prohibited from giving money only four years before! (Committee for Economic Development)

The good news is that Kane County voters will have the opportunity to vote “yes” on a November ballot statement that calls to limit the unlimited and anonymous amounts of money spent by corporations, special interests (unions) and Super PACs for the purpose of influencing our political parties and candidates. Let’s get money out of politics!

Pam Verner

St. Charles

Where is the outrage?

Our embassies and consulates in the Mid-East have been attacked with State Department personnel killed, including Ambassador Stevens. Camp Bastion in Afghanistan that was considered a safe base is attacked, six Marine Harrier Jets that cost $35 million each were destroyed and two others severely damaged. Two Marines were killed, one was the Squadron Commander of Attack Squadron 211.

The Harrier loss of over $210 million is one of the most costly equipment losses since Pearl Harbor and in none of these case was there demonstration of outrage by the president or the State Department. First there was apology for the YouTube video claimed to be the reason for the attacks. The president and State Department initially claimed the attacks were spontaneous demonstrations and not acts of terrorism. Finally after more than week they decided it was terrorism but do not take any action.

Meanwhile the president spends his time on the campaign trail, fundraising and refers to these occurrences as bumps in the road. He rebuffs our most important ally by refusing to meet with Israeli Premier Netanyahu to discuss the threat of Iran’s development of a nuclear capability.

It is also troubling that our country is now more than $16 trillion in debt and continuing to go deeper in debt at the rate of $3.85 billion a day, (, and there is no action to reduce spending. There has not been a federal budget passed in over 44 months because Democratic Sen. Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, will not bring proposed House Budgets to the floor for a vote.

Lee Hoffer


Raising roof for
Jennings Terrace

The Board of Trustees, residents and staff of Jennings Terrace Senior Living and Healthcare Community want to express our gratitude for the tremendous community support we received for the new replacement roof for the Kemmerer Annex Nursing Care facility.

The Kemmerer Annex has a 60-person capacity to serve intermediate/skilled nursing and memory care for our area seniors. The annex was built in 1985 and the original roof exceeded its warranty and stretched the limits of patching and repair.

Our “Raise the Roof” Campaign began in the summer of 2011 with a $15,000 grant commitment from the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley. The Jennings Terrace Auxiliary provided $5,000 from the proceeds of their 2011 Harvest Pancake Breakfast & Bazaar. The roof project was awarded $25,000 from the federally funded City of Aurora Community Development Block Grant Program and $10,000 from the Kane Riverboat Fund Program. The remaining $24,000 to complete the 23,000-square-foot roof project came from Jennings Terrace resident families, friends and businesses.

Jennings Terrace is very thankful that our grant providers, our auxiliary and our generous donors value our services and hope all will continue to support our mission in future facility improvements.

Lynn Akers

President, Jennings Terrace Board of Trustees


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