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Updated: October 23, 2012 10:30PM

House value down,
but taxes go up

I received recently a “Notice of Revised Assessment” from the Kane County Assessment Office. As usual, what the county says my property is worth and what it could be sold for are far apart.

Many people ask, as I do, how can the value of my property drop but my tax bill stays the same, or goes up? Well, there is a bill which passed the Illinois House many months ago (SB 2073) that would make it difficult for taxing bodies to raise tax rates if property values drop.

Sounds reasonable to me but my representative, Linda Chapa LaVia, voted against it. I asked her back in May why she would vote, in effect, to raise my (and your) property taxes but she didn’t give me the courtesy of a reply. Perhaps if you call her office (630-264-6855) she would give an answer.

School District 129 certainly doesn’t care if my property value keeps dropping. No, they raised their tax rate. Perhaps those of you residing in Dist. 129 should call the district at 630-301-5000 and get an idea how much higher they intend to raise taxes for taxes payable next year. In short, look at what the county says your property is worth and what it is actually worth and do something about it.

James Jensen


Appreciates Biggert’s
health care stance

I would like to take a moment and thank Congresswoman Judy Biggert for her commitment to religious freedom in health care. As a Christian Scientist, I feel that ensuring that individuals have access to effective health care is an important issue, and so is continuing to respect the religious freedom and diversity that, among other things, helped set this country apart.

Congresswoman Biggert has made great efforts to be certain that the original religious exemption in the recent health care legislation is fair and equitable. The Congresswoman’s responsiveness to her constituents and her willingness to “reach across the aisle” to address their concerns are a breath of fresh air in today’s political landscape. Her peers in the House would do well to follow her example!

I, for one, am grateful to be represented by Congresswoman Biggert, who I believe is truly representing me and my fellow citizens of District 13 in supporting such important liberties as religious freedom in health care.

M. Joy


Voters should watch
School District 131

I agree we need to watch what’s happening in District 131. I have been made aware of issues in the district that seems to address harassment, and bullying towards administrators, teachers, as well as other school board members in district 131. It appears the current leadership model IS tearing the district apart, destroying moral and inflecting fear and uncertainty among administrators and teachers. The district needs to be mindful of getting into a position were District 131 may face possible law suits or strikes from our unions.

The leadership by the board is to move the district forward with students as our number one concern; not to address administrators, teachers and other staff members one-on-one with personal concerns of job performance.

The board has the responsibility of providing quality education by hiring and keeping teachers and administrators that will provide a positive leadership direction, and not to address personal goals of destruction. Personal destruction is evident when the goals and success of the board/district become “I” achievements.

School board conventions and workshops are designed to teach and guide board members on how to be successful school board members and team players. My belief is that not attending school board workshops has assisted in allowing the possibility of bullying to grow due to not having models or directions on how a school board should operate. We are saving money by not attending school board workshops and conventions however, we are losing ground in the district with low moral which filters down to low student success and lower graduation rates which equals to lack of support for the district by the community and additional loss of funding.

Voters in district 131 need to be watchful of the present school board and vote for positive direction in 2013 that will offer a positive and productive working environment for our teachers and administrators.

Juanita T. Wells


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