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Updated: October 17, 2012 6:14AM

Nation’s woes can’t
be solved by getting
rid of government

In a recent Time magazine has an article headline “Nation Subsidized: How big government underwrites your life” by Michael Grunwald.

The article takes us through the day and life of an American family of just how deeply the government of the United States is involved with our daily lives in so many interesting ways.

I found the article fascinating and timely as this upcoming election seems to be so much about how people supposedly dislike the involvement of our government in our daily lives.

Impossible it seems to eliminate government as more people wish to do so, yet the article clearly demonstrates that if we did just that, it would be ironically against our own self-interests in many, many ways.

The article give us a sobering and objective reminder just how involved the government is in our daily lives with the most basic subsidized services in water, electricity, food, our mortgages and roads that we all take for granted more and more it seems today.

It also clearly demonstrates that most of our money that we spend as a nation doesn’t go to other countries or wasteful programs as many think it does today.

Plain and simple, the Pentagon and the elderly win by a million miles ahead of everything else and both are not going to go away or be forgotten about any time soon no matter who wins in the next election.

Without question there is a large gap as the article points out very clearly, we take in $2.5 trillion and we spend $3.8 trillion dollars as a nation today. Corporate income taxes make up a much smaller number at $237 billion as opposed to what the rest of us pay at $1.2 trillion in income taxes.

Hard to believe that people think companies pay such a large share and they think they should still pay even less as we expect more from our government?

Hopefully all the yelling, screaming and crazy talk of these socialist take overs will stop after this November election.

We have a major problem indeed with our country’s finances, but if we truly think getting rid of government is the only solution, we will undoubtedly be saying that we truly wish to pay free market prices that are much higher for all the basic services and programs that we all take for granted today.

Knowing that no one wants higher taxes may be an unrealistic “want” by many in America, but the reality of the “need” of what our government provides today would truly be realized in a very painful way if we did get rid of it all today without question.

A very interesting and fascinating article that I find very well done and I encourage you to read about if you are interested in taxes, public policy, role of the government and of course the upcoming election and what the potential ramifications that may or may not occur after it is over.

David R. Edelman


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