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Updated: October 5, 2012 6:03AM

Pay attention to
what’s happening
in District 131

I enjoy reading the columns on leadership by Tom Berliner, a professor at Judson University, in the Beacon-News. A general theme that I interpret from his articles is that leadership is serving the people for whom you are responsible. The guiding principle of the servant leader is to work with (collaboration) to assist and provide the resources for employees or team members to succeed.

Presently, in District 131 a different model of leadership is tearing the district apart, tearing the morale apart, inflicting fear and uncertainty. Certain school board members, I feel, lead by the “my way or the highway” theory of leadership. It results in bullying and intimidation.

The administrative teams circle their wagons to protect themselves, much like Congress in Washington, D.C. Neither the administrators nor teachers know when they will be harassed or removed for raising questions, having a different perspective or making a correctable mistake. Voters, start paying attention to what is really happening in District 131.

Cliff Pensyl


Editor’s note: Cliff Pensyl is a retired teacher and athletic director at East Aurora High School.

Elburn Chamber
thanks supporters

The Elburn Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the Elburn Lions Club for hosting yet another great Elburn Days event. The weather held out in our favor for the three-day event, so the Flea Market and Sidewalk Sale vendors were able to set up on time. We are very thankful for the great turn out of downtown vendors as well as the crafters located at the park. We had a number of booths, which filled our capacity, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful weekend.

On Sunday, we had our annual Elburn Herald and Elburn Chamber Mud Volleyball tournament. We reached our maximum of 48 teams — more than 360 players. The winning team this year was the “Dirty Ball Slappers,” and we congratulate them on their win and invite them back next year to defend their title.

The Elburn Chamber had a fantastic turnout at each event and would like to thank everyone who participated; all of our vendors, our volleyball players and our volunteers. Without the support of our members and the community, none of this would have been possible. We as a Chamber are very grateful for each and everyone who participated in every way, and we thank the Elburn Lions Club for putting on such a wonderful yearly event that gives us these great opportunities.

Visit the Elburn Chamber at or “like” us on Facebook to keep updated with our local events. You may also contact Chamber administrator Jamie Jump at 630-365-2295 or email at

Jamie Jump


Elburn Chamber of Commerce

Anti-Obama movie
not a ‘bash fest’

Saturday night I saw the new movie “2016, Obama’s America.” Being a conservative and being familiar with Dinesh D’Souza’s other works, I figured it would be 90 minutes of Obama bashing.

The movie is definitely not pro-Obama, but it really isn’t a bash fest either. It is a good history of how Obama was raised and who his parents, mentors and associations were.

Much of it is through Obama’s own words and books. The movie also gives an explanation of colonialism/anti-colonialism and how it has influenced him. I came away thinking everyone — Republican, Democrat or independent — would view Obama a little differently after seeing the movie and should go see it before they vote in November.

Mark Morey

Sugar Grove

Random drug testing
disrespectful to kids

I totally agree with Jeff Ward’s recent column, where he says that random drug testing in schools is a big mistake.

It tells students that those in authority distrust them and always suspect them of wrongdoing, no matter what, and they’re always guilty until they can prove their innocence.

If someone distrusts you for no valid reason, it makes you distrust and even dislike them.

This program shows great disrespect for students.

It comes across as a flexing of power and control muscles, just to show those kids who’s the boss. While this may be a good ego trip for school administrators, it doesn’t help the students at all.

I don’t care what the glorious end-goal of this program is. End drugs? Punish users? Whatever it is, this is not the right way to achieve it.

Hal B. Lowe


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