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Updated: August 27, 2012 4:59PM

Cemetery worker
checked condition
of grave marker

It isn’t often that you run across the kind of prompt, compassionate and caring service that I recently received, so I felt I needed to share it with your readers.

I had several concerns regarding the condition of the military grave marker of my only brother, who was killed in Vietnam more than 40 years ago.

As I no longer live in the area, it is hard for me to get back to Lincoln Memorial Park in Aurora. But after calling and explaining my situation and concerns to Perry Walker, who works for the cemetery, he made it a point to look into my concerns and got back to me within a few days.

What a relief for me! Perry showed great respect for this fallen soldier, a young man who although a German national gave his life for the adopted country he so loved.

And in turn, I wanted to say what the integrity of this cemetery, and Perry’s kindness and attention, meant to me personally.

Pam Brunner-Pierson

Princeton, Ill.

Wants Medicare for
his kids, grandkids

Medicare is a program that I am enrolled in and have used. It is a great program, and President Obama has done nothing but strengthen Medicare.

The lie is that President Obama “stole” $716 billion from Medicare to pay for the Affordable Care Act. The $716 billion was a shift in subsidies payments to the private sector insurance companies that insure people under Medicare.

That money was instead used to pay to plug the “doughnut hole” for certain seniors’ prescription drugs and to pay for annual wellness exams, breast cancer screening and pap smears to seniors. Not one penny of the $716 billion went to anything but health care for seniors. It did not reduce benefits to seniors. Every Republican has repeated this lie over and over again.

Paul Ryan, Randy Hultgren, Joe Walsh and Judy Biggert have voted for the Ryan budget twice to change Medicare to a voucher system while taking the $716 billion to give tax breaks to the wealthy.

Instead of simply covering medical costs under current Medicare, you will be given a voucher for about $6,000 to go out on the market and buy health care from the private sector. The GOP’s promise to repeal the ACA would leave senior citizens to the whims of the private insurance industry. Under the ACA, you cannot be denied health care because of a pre-existing condition, your premiums cannot be higher because you are female, and children will be allowed to remain on the health care program if they are 26 or younger.

Repealing the ACA will allow the insurance companies to go back to setting maximum limits and to cancel a person’s policy for any reason. Under Ryan’s plan, every senior will pay about $6,400 more annually.

Every independent source has confirmed that Romney, Walsh, Ryan, Hultgren and Biggert are not telling people the truth. Why then would we elect them? All the GOP is receiving piles of money from the insurance companies, the Koch brothers and the billionaire super PACS.

I have used Medicare, and it is great. I want my children and grandchildren to have the same care I have when they reach old age.

Ande Abbott


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