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Updated: September 15, 2012 6:05AM

All the facts needed
in house story

I have read Dave Hipp’s comments both in Letters to the Editor and on local blogs, and have almost always found myself in agreement and have felt he is a man deserving of respect. I don’t live on Downer Place, and don’t know Mr. Hipp, Alderman Rick Lawrence, or Mavis Bates personally. I wasn’t there to witness the activities of the week. The only way I can know what happened is if it is reported in the press.

A homeowner arriving at his home after being gone for a week and finding his belongings gone is obviously going to generate stories in the press and interest in the broader community.

The only way for those stories to give all the facts is if those who were there divulge what they know. While Hipp’s thanks in his first paragraph may be totally appropriate, I find it inappropriate for him to complain about the press publishing stories “without all the facts” when he and his neighbors are the ones who, by his own admission, made a conscious decision to not provide those facts.

Hipp in the past has shown himself to be an intelligent, thoughtful man who is aware of how the public is going to perceive things. If this situation had occurred on another street or in another ward, even he would wonder what had happened that the neighbors wouldn’t talk about. It’s only human nature to wonder if they’re hiding something. Maybe not. But I believe his decision that “nothing could be gained by commenting to the press” was a poor choice. At the very least, don’t complain about the press not publishing facts when you’re the one that denied them those facts.

As for Mavis Bates, maybe “she knows better” as he wrote, but without the facts, how can the community know?

I will say I disagree with her call for Alderman Lawrence’s resignation. Even if he made a mistake in this situation (he himself said entering the home was the wrong decision), he generally serves his ward well and deserves his spot on the council.

Jeff Dooley


Thanks for the help
with storm clean-up

Thanks to Cesar Jaso Family of Aurora. The storm on Saturday destroyed the HCE (Kendall County Association for Home and Community Education) Pie and Ice Cream Booth tent at the Kendall County Fair. After cleaning up, we were able to continue with our booth with the generosity of the Cesar Jaso family, who offered us the use of a tent they had.

The Jaso family, from Aurora, had the Mexican food booth at the fair. Much praise is also due to Val Jensen and Sophie Torres, who were working the booth when the storm warnings came—they were able to quickly secure things as much as possible, and Marge Vollman and her sister Charlotte McCoy (visiting from California) who were next to work in the booth and were there when the storm hit. Thanks also to Beverly and Carl Scott, and Lee McCoy, Charlotte’s husband, who came to the fairgrounds and helped, with the others, to put the booth back together after the storm passed.

We want to thank everyone who bought pies and ice cream during the four-day fair — everything earned by having this fund raiser is given back to the county in community outreach, education, scholarships, and support of 4-H and University of Illinois Extension in Kendall County.

Joan McEachern


Kendall County HCE President

Diversity is needed
on Geneva City Council

At the recent Geneva Council of the Whole meeting, the issue of whether or not a liquor license holder has the right to hold an alderman position was on the agenda. At a time in our country when our governments are slowly taking away and limiting our rights as citizens, I was pleased to see that the Council, by an 8 to 2 vote, reaffirmed that government should be “by the people.” As a member of the Geneva Community, I applaud community and civic engagement and involvement.

To be a government “by the people,” we need more involvement from diverse interest groups such as residents, property owners, and business owners. Career politicians cannot represent Geneva with the best interests of Geneva residents in mind — only a diverse set of Geneva residents can do that.

JoAnn Cregier


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