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Updated: March 11, 2013 6:07AM

Move vets monument

Last week I had an opportunity to visit the Sunken Garden at Phillips Park. It has been at least two years since I last visited.

While there I observed the Veterans Memorial, a monument for Aurora’s servicemen who died in World War II. I was astonished to find that three sides of the cement work at the bottom of the monument are in a state of deterioration (crumbling cement).

We have a Veterans Island in the middle of the Fox River at Illinois Avenue which is beautiful. Since extensive work needs to be done at the present site of the monument, this would be the logical time (this spring or summer) to move the monument from the Sunken Garden to the Veterans Park.

This will take the cooperation of the Fox Valley Park District and the city of Aurora. Let’s get the job done.

Robert R. Moga

Big Rock

Playing to emotions

It isn’t the guns! Why is this so difficult to understand? Chicago is the murder capital of the United States, yet they have the strongest gun laws in the country. Nationwide, there are over 9,000 gun laws. If a ban was the answer, Chicago’s south side would be safe for anyone to walk through yet there have been 42 murders and counting in January 2013 alone, with over 500 in 2012.

Place any weapon with non-violent, non-mentally ill, non-criminal regular people and nothing will happen. Place anything that could be used as a weapon with the above mentioned individuals and you’d better hide. Criminals, gang bangers and the mentally unstable will find a way to perform their deeds, with or without a gun. That’s what they do. That’s why they’re called criminals. Fascinating how criminals and gang bangers willfully disobey the law! Note: “assault weapons” are not the weapon of choice for most of these individuals, either.

But politicians circle their wagons around gun control. Why?

Political theater. Photo opps. It shows they “care”; that they’re doing something. It plays to their emotionally charged base.

Thoughtful, rational people know that the real problem is the perpetrator, not the weapon. Guns are only a tool. The real weapon is the person with a “loaded mind.” Here is where the answer lies, so why not address the real problem? Because it’s not politically expedient or correct and doesn’t play well on TV. It isn’t pretty. And if a problem is actually solved, it’s removed from the news cycle. More loss of political face time. Gun regulation plays better.

Thought trumps emotion. Emotional proselytizing is vacant with no results. It’s time for real thought. That is what we owe the victims.

Mark Werthmann


Why no weapons tax?

In all the gun debate articles I have read, not one mention is made of who pays the bills of those who get injured or killed in these well publicized gun massacres. In just the last two, there were over 40 people killed and almost 60 injured. That is a lot of funerals and hospital bills.

Usually, when large groups of people are killed or injured, there are insurance settlements or manufacturers end up paying fines or money awards to victims. This occurs with plane crashes, fires, products like tobacco and pharmaceutical drugs. But not guns?

There are big taxes paid by consumers of cigarettes and alcohol to pay for the long-term damage they cause. But not guns?

The vaccine manufacturers have a huge fund they pay into in the event of damage their products might cause. But not guns?

Who is supporting those injured in the Colorado shooting? Some may never be able to work again. If a gun enthusiast wants to enjoy his or her Second Amendment rights maybe we should ask them to pay for that right with a weapons tax to pay for funerals and long-term hospitalization of victims.

Ed Washak


Giving away licenses

I thought George Ryan went to prison for giving driver’s licenses away. Now our local politicians are giving away again. When do they go to jail.

Randy Olson


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