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Updated: January 14, 2013 7:02AM

Hate group out of place

I am a member of the East Aurora School District 131 Ad Hoc Committee appointed to address issues relating to transgender students. This is an open letter about the meeting on Nov. 29.

Never have I seen so many people gathered in one place so determined to display their own ignorance, bigotry, and mean-spiritedness. I should not have been surprised because the protest was organized by the Illinois Family Institute, which has been certified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Beacon News had a photograph of David Norck of the Illinois Family Institute assisting the protestors. It would be like having the Ku Klux Klan come to a meeting of a committee whose work was to craft a policy for racial integration. We had speakers tell us that transgender people have “twisted minds” and are “gender confused”.

My favorite part of the evening was when a speaker, who for some reason was allowed to stand behind my chair for the entire meeting in an intimidating posture, pointed his pen at me, and told the assembled throng that I was there to “push my lifestyle” on the children of East Aurora. This same person had never met me before that evening; doesn’t know anything about my “lifestyle”; doesn’t know if I spend my free time with my children, in the library, out clubbing, or at church; and knows nothing about me other than the fact that I am transgender.

It is no different from making assumptions about a person’s “lifestyle” because they are black or Hispanic.

We cannot let a certified hate group prevent the Ad Hoc Committee from having its dialogue, proposing policy, and taking a vote. We don’t have mob rule; we have a democracy.

Joanie Rae Wimmer

Downers Grove

Pay bills first

Would someone please explain why the Illinois government is giving the Aurora Library $10.8 million. They cannot just print money like the federal government can. Wouldn’t it be better to pay the current bills already owed by the Illinois government.

George Reynolds


Some dogs should
be put down

I am writing in response to the horrible events that happened in Big Rock with the dog owner and her death from the dog attack. The sister had asked her to take the dog for fear it would be put down.

Someone (Aurora and Kane County Animal Control) needs to be politically incorrect and state that some dogs, through no fault of their own, are not able to be pets and must humanely be euthanized, and not make the owners feel bad for appreciating the dog’s difficult behavior and feel human safety still has to count more than anything else. These poor creatures are scared, frustrated, angry, confused and incorrectly trained or conditioned and will react to situations with dire consequences.

Our family, in trying to ease to overcrowding of adoptable dogs in shelters and not wanting to support the puppy mill business, found ourselves in a similar situation – twice! We adopted two different dogs that had no business being allowed to enter a home.

Both dogs showed overt aggression that we tried to professionally and personally “train” them out of. Both times “experts” assured us we could “love” and “train” the dogs so that they might not ever bite… again. Each dog had bit someone whom we welcomed into our home and did no kind of aggression toward our property or us or to the dog. We were told the first dog was neglected and had to fight other dogs for every morsel of food given to him. The next dog, we found out, was rescued from a kill shelter.

Does anyone around here have the power or the guts to test and determine lack of adoptability and thereby ease these dogs’ suffering rather than either forcing them to languish in a shelter because no one wants them (nor should take them home) or put them into scary or deadly situations in a home?

Michelle Sak


Mooseheart doesn’t recruit

After reading the article about the allegations from the basketball coach from Hinckley-Big Rock, I am really surprised. Mooseheart is not a school that would even think of recruiting kids for any sports. That’s not what they are there for.

Now there are other area schools that have been “recruiting” for years. Just last year I was in Chili’s watching a head football coach and another from a well-publicized private school from Aurora openly recruiting a boy’s parents to send their son there to play football.

Mike Golich


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