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Updated: November 2, 2012 6:04AM

Romney, Ryan

In a turbulent week where presidential hopeful Mitt Romney throws 47 percent of Americans under the political bus a similar story arises about his running mate, Paul Ryan.

In an article published in 2005 by the Jesuit written magazine called America, it seems Paul Ryan has an even more narrowed view of people collecting government help. In his speech, in front of the Ayn Rand Society, he says the people getting Social Security are collectivists. They wait for their welfare checks from a government that assures them that they deserve it.

While both candidates show they have made it in the world based on their own work, they forget they took part in the social safety net they say they will remove. Romney’s mother tells the story of the family collecting welfare in their early years and Ryan took advantage of Social Security survivor benefits after his father’s death. Imagine what America will look like in the future if their philosophy is embraced.

Ed Washak


Kane referendum

I am writing to urge Kane County Voters to vote YES for the advisory question on the Nov. 6 ballot.

The question on the ballot reads: Should the United States Constitution be amended to limit the use of corporate, special interest and private money in any political activity, including influencing the election of any candidate for public office.

For many years states and the federal government have been able to control campaign financing. In 2010, the Supreme Court in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruled that the first amendment prohibited the government from restricting independent political contributions from corporations and unions. As a result of this decision, super PACs can accept unlimited and undisclosed contributions from individuals, corporations and other special interests. Now we have super PACs with no accountability and billionaires footing the bill for candidates. Our elections are awash in money. Estimates by the Center for Responsive Politics are that over $6 billion dollars will be spent in this election cycle on Congressional and Presidential races. This is up from $3 billion in 2000.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent, vote YES for the Nov. 6 advisory question. Let’s take back our vote and tell the billionaires, corporations and other special interests WE decide how much is too much.

Over 14,000 Kane County voters signed petitions to get this advisory question on the ballot. Want to help? Contact:

Barbara Young


Biggert no help
to sick, elderly

I have to respond to the writer who praised Congresswoman Judy Biggert. I have watched her actions in Congress for years and she has done nothing but vote against the interests of people in her district.

She has voted many times to change the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and voted twice for the Ryan Budget plan to destroy guaranteed benefits of Medicare. She voted several times to slash Medicaid which helps elderly people in nursing homes or who need home or hospice care.

Judy Biggert and the other Republicans voted again and again to slash health care to women and to children who are born with birth defect or become disabled by disease or accident.

The writer praised Congresswoman Biggert for protecting religious freedoms in the Affordable Care Act — otherwise known as Obama Care. The decision she was referring to was about insurance companies providing birth control with no co-pay. The same decision had already been made by 28 states prior to the Obama Administrations decision to follow suit. Where was all the religious outrage when the other 28 states passed their laws and changed their regulations?

Paul Ryan along with several other republicans has a bill pending to completely outlaw birth control at the national level. Judy Biggert, Randy Hultgren, Joe Walsh and the other Republicans will vote however the Republican House Majority Leader says to vote regardless of how we constituents feel.

I am fed up with Judy Biggert and Randy Hultgren and this year I have the opportunity to vote for Bill Foster, he is a proven leader who did not lie.

Ande Abbott


Question not asked

I have a very simple question that hasn’t yet been answered. Why didn’t Dan Bridges ask Steve Orland for the name of the girl the janitor found in the storage room? The district has said they didn’t know who the girl was. Why didn’t they ask? Steve Orland knows who was in the closet with him. No one disputes that the incident occurred... why wasn’t the girl interviewed by Dan Bridges if they think that nothing occurred?

Jennifer Ambre


West inaction

The recent incidents regarding Steve Orland’s gross misconduct, as tragic as it is, just further solidifies the inept Mr. Rydland.

I had the opportunity to observe him in “action” two years ago at one of the district’s meeting at West High regarding budget cuts and was somewhat shocked at his inability to manage “his house” and his staff. The “Untouchables” come to mind. However this recent incident concerning the handling of the Steve Orland situation is totally inexcusable.

Denise Crosby’s article Aug. 26 suggests that he has been forced into “damage control” which again is the result of his inability to manage. DCSF themselves even indirectly stated the same thing by indicating based on what was reported to the school district that it should have been reported to the DCSF at the time it was reported to the district.

Now Mr. Rydland may argue that it’s a matter of interpretation but when it comes to the well-being and future of students there is no room for interpretation. Oh yes, he’ll try to blame Mr. Smith but there again, who is in charge? Mr. Smith didn’t take the notes but rather reported the incident.

Mr. Rydland, do the West Side parents a service and step down. Just face the facts that you screwed up. I have five grandchildren going through the West Side school system and I have all the intentions in the world to make sure your inability as a manager as well as the superintendent do not interfere with their lives and that “Grandpa” has their back.

Joe Toma


Shirking responsibility

In the third from last paragraph in his letter to the editor of The Beacon News on Sept. 24, Mr. Hoffer referenced the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack, In the next paragraph, he stated that no terrorist attacks occurred during Bush’s 8 years in office. Lets don’t get carried away here! The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center occurred Sept. 11, 2001. If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Bush took office 8 months prior to that in January 2001. I recall something about a Presidential Daily Briefing that Dr. Rice had in her possession regarding the fact that Bin Laden was determined to attack the United States. Why was that warning ignored? Blaming everything on President Clinton is just a cheap Republican way of shirking responsibility.

Bill Powell


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