HOMER GLEN — Some residents are hoping to have a meeting with the Will County Forest Preserve District to have their concerns addressed before next month’s planned deer kill.

For the second time in two weeks, residents asked the Homer Glen Village Board for its help to stop the county’s upcoming deer culling program.

At the request of residents, the board two weeks ago sent a letter to the forest preserve in hopes that the preserve will reconsider its deer culling near the Messenger Woods and Messenger Marsh nature preserves in the village.

Now, residents, some trustees and Will County board member Kathleen Konicki (R-Homer Glen) hope to meet with the forest preserve representatives to get their concerns noted.

“Time is of the essence,” Trustee George Yukich said.

Last year, the forest preserve, with approval from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, authorized the use of sharpshooting to control the deer population at five forest preserves, but the district opted to cull at three of the five preserves.

From February through March, 134 white-tailed deer from Messenger Woods, McKinley Woods in Channahon and Lockport Prairie Nature Preserve were killed, one less than the permitted number by the state.

The forest preserve said more culling is needed this winter at eight preserves, and 250 deer will be killed likely by the end of January. The preserves selected feature populations of rare, threatened or endangered plant species that are highly vulnerable to excessive deer browse, according to the forest preserve. The preserve’s goal is to have 20 deer per square mile.

Residents opposed to it say that the animal population already has decreased as new homes and businesses are built. Killing the deer is against the village’s motto to live in harmony with nature, they said.

Village resident Greg Grimm said many people moved to the area to be near wildlife and enjoy the natural beauty.

“This whole thing has become disgusting,” Grimm said. “It’s impalpable. … These are our deer. They come onto our property.”

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